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Thursday, July 17, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge .. B is for BDSM ....

Eyes watch,
Two fingers rise,
That firmly touch the firmness of his lips,
His signal for my silence

Silence  my voice will be tonight,
Silent my will, will become,
Silent will be my thoughts

He stands before me,
His presence tower over my presence,
While my body knell before him, with the nakedness of my body humbling him,
Welcoming him,
Welcoming his will,
Welcoming his Alfa Dominance of me, 
In silence

His collar grace my neck,
His chain swing from its center,
The sub in me instantly unfold, 
In silence 

Tug on chain, 
My body follow,
His direction,
Without hesitation

Collar chain falls to floor,
My body becomes still,

In the silence of the room,
He quietly stalks me from behind me
As I await his favor

Flogger tails are felt tenderly easing between my butt cheeks,
The texture of the smooth leather tails, floats across my back,
My flesh tingle as they slowly eased down the curvature of my spine,
As the tails ease tenderly over my folds, my folds gather moisture between them,
Without hesitation, the silence of the room was no more

Swoosh, swack!
Swoosh, swack!
The sting of the flogger tails,
Smack across my derriere,
Its sharp shearing sting make my body tense,
My mind to focus,
The next slap came across my back,
Then my shoulder,
My throat swallowed a quiet moan, as the flogger again came down on the roundness
of my backside,
I could feel the heat, the redness of my flesh,
Rising to the top

Again and again, the flogger come down on my body exposed flesh,
Again and again, my voice remained obedient in silence,
When the flogger whipped down hard on the back of my thighs,
The stinging pain brought tears to my eyes,
But my voice remained silent

Flogger swats abruptly become silent,
The sting left behind becomes dormant in pain,
Shearing in pleasure

His will now stands in front of me,
His fingers unzip his pants,
Agile hands struggle to release his harden manhood, from his pants captive,
Once in the open, his throbbing beast is eased next to my lips,
My eyes look into his, 
Waiting for his order, in silence,
To tell me what is his will

His eyes widen,
My mouth obeys and open,
My tongue lick his tip with affection,
My ears listen to his soft purring moans of pleasure, as 
my tongue swirl on his swollen dick head,
When my eyes see his eyes become narrow,
My lips open wide and let him insert his length to the depth 
of his choice inside the moist heat of my mouth,
With a pop, he quickly drawls his length completely from the grip of my greedy lips,
My lungs want to gasp in delight, but they remain silent

He quietly walks behind me,
A sudden gasp, is trapped in my throat,
As his hand pulls hard on my ponytail

Eyes are looking straight up,
My body is slightly tilted backwards while kneeling on its knees,
His body towers directly over mine,
His long hard mass is inserted between the resistance of my soft lips

Precise movement of hips push and pull his length,
Between the tight squeeze of my needing lips,
Easing his swollen cock in and out the moist heat of my mouth,
His hips movements are long, slow and tender,
Slowly bring up his pleasure,
While slowly bringing up mine in silence

His pace quickens,
His hips push harder, driving his diamond hard cock deeper into my mouth,
He starts to ride my face like he rides my vagina

As he face fuck my mouth, fast, hard and deep,
In silence, I take the length of his mass into the back of my throat,
While the lips between my legs has gotten wetter then a moat,
As completely down my throat, his hard cock float

Swallowed gasps and muffled sounds of gag reflex rumble in my chest,
As hard enormity flesh rams deep into the flesh of my throat,
Just as I thought he was about to spill his seed in my throat cramp space, 
Sudden withdrawal of his hard mass, leaves my will wanting

Brute force pushes my body forward unto all fours,
His hard throbbing cock, is felt pushing against my vagina front door,
Fingertips are felt digging deep into my hips,
My breath chokes as a swallow scream tries to purge pass my lips,
As his cock force itself ultra deep into my womb depths in one hard thrust of his powerful hips

Body steadies itself,
Tug on collar chain pulls my body backwards,
Once my hips backs up against his, his hand pushes my body forward,
Guiding my body into a smooth rhythm of his choice

Back and forth,
Back and forth,
In a smooth rhythmic motion my body floats,
Push in, slide out,
His cock slide between the taut tug of my womb walls

Back and forth,
In and out,
Each time sending searing sensations of pleasure throughout my womb,
Bringing my body closer and closer to a build up of an explosive climax

Body in a sweat,
Womb drenched in womanly fluid,
As I fight my urges to break his silence, while his hard enormity rides continuously up and down 
my womb walls,
With his prowess of long gievity keeping his hard mass riding in the slick wetness of my center,
Sexually killing my body slowly with each stoke of his hard cock pushing down the sides of the pink walls of my womb

My lungs swallow my moans,
My throat capture my groans,
My gasp, die in my lungs,
As his thick hard cock rides smooth and deep in its pink throne,
While my body remains in absolute silence

His girth thickens,
His hips pace quickens,
His length seem to touch inside me deeper then ever before

My climax nears the edge on each thrust of his swollen cock,

To the point of breaking down my climax release door

I must wait,
Wait for him to recognize,
Wait for his decision for my pleasure to unfold or not,
All while my mind, body, and soul, wait in silence

Come for me my pet,
Softly ease into my ear,
My body instantly obeys and quake with a thunderous climax,
Shaking my body so hard it shakes my soul, while ripples of searing sensations 
rips through my extremities

Smooth rhythm of his thrust are now erratic,
Hard pull on my chain demands my body to slam back into his,
Pushing his manhood as deep into my pink swell as possible,
The throbbing girth of his cock feels as if its going to push my womb walls beyond their means

Crying gasp rips into the air,
As the heat of his seed floods my womb,
My hips move back and forth fast and furious, as my walls clench his girth tight,
Milking every drop of his white seed,
After his body last quake,
Our bodies collapse as one to the floor

Eyes open,
His body lay on top of mine,
His hard mass now lay limp between my wanting thighs,
My jaws are sore, 
But my taste buds still want more,
My flesh was alive with vibrate sensations,
My womb ache with soreness, yet thoroughly satisfied from his cock deep invasion

As I lay in the middle of the floor in silence,
I lay as one happy submissive woman...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Excellent!! One would assume you are practiced at BDSM. This is the art of Dom/sub at it's best.

  2. Big smile!. I was hoping someone would give me a comment on this. I know they are out there and reading, but won't leave me a comment. Thank you very much. And like I stated before, Shhhh,,, hehehehe ...

    peace and love

  3. I love the way that you take one word and you turn it into an amazing poem and I love the way that you put pages with your poems and there is always a new poem

    1. I'm delighted you like this poem, and I really appreciate your comments. Thank you for the wonderful comment...

      peace and love