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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge ... C is for calm before the storm

Body with soft curves, 
Bend over his knee,
Body is supported,
With hand pressed between her shoulder blade,
Panties slowly pulled over the firm flesh of her firm round butt,
Her chest rised,
Then her lungs sighed,
As her hidden creamy curvy flesh bottom, 
Became the focal point of his attention

Thoughts of is this punishment raced through her mind,
But at the moment her mind was being taken in by his fingertips gently parting her folds,
Then easing softly through her slit,
That had became swollen and moist real quick 

Body flinched, as his fingertips ease gingerly over her inner thighs,
Their light touch sent waves of electrified sensations,
Up her spine, into her mind,
Leaving her eyes full of tears of exhilaration

But in the back of her mind, punishment lingered,
Because she knew this was the calm before the storm,
And the storm was soon to come

Head drop, 
Body muscles flop,
into an relax state,
Her voice quietly moans,
As her body surrendered to his fingertips assault of tender touches

Calm was in his voice, as he told her why see needed to be punish,
Gentleness was in the fingertips, manipulating her swollen sex,
An audible moan escape parted lips, as two fingers intruded into her warm pink flesh,
They moved back and forth in a smooth rhythmic motion,
Causing her seems to leak,
Her breath to catch

No, no, no her mind was thinking,
Yes, yes, yes was her body answer,
A gasp whispered past her parted lips
As fingertips swam ever deep into the softness of her womb wet pink flesh,
They swam in the clear liquid that was pooling into a lake,
When his thumb strummed her erect nub,
Her bottom quivered, then rose invitingly

Deeper and quicker his fingers probed into her wake,
While needy hips bulked into his hand, 
She felt the monsoon of an orgasm rising from her lions depths,
Higher and higher it crept up from the center of her being,
Then hung over her head like a tidal wave about to curl,
When it washed over her, her body shook and quaked,
With the force of an typhoon

Her body tensed, then shook like a thousandth volts of electricity flowed through it,
Her voice screamed out in ecstasy passion,
Her mind escaped her body, as the orgasm consumed her

As after shocks of her orgasm railed through her extremities,
Her body laid across his lap in a complete calm,
While his fingertips soothed her contented sex

With the acceleration of lightening,
And the driving force of high voltage,
His hand struck down on the round flesh of her buttocks
Smack.. smack.. smack.. 

The climax of her orgasm, plus the sting of his hand, left her lungs breath less,
Smack.. smack.. smack.. smack,
His hand stung,
The calm voice talking to her the whold time he spanked her, annoyed her,
But not enough for her to speak out,
Smack.. smack.. swat...
OW, that really hurt she scream,
Really? was the answer she heard, 
Then the eye of the storm came down on her backside

Swank, swank, swank, rung into the air,
She never saw it, 
Where did he have it hiding?
Swank, swank, swank, again rung into the air,
Her eyes welled with tears of pain,
Her voice pleaded for mercy,
I won't do it again she proclaimed,
Really! Again was his answer,
Then what felt like a bolt of lightening ripped across the back of her tender thighs
Swank, swank, swank,

Her hand came up, trying to block the leather covered paddle, 
But all they did was make him swing faster and harder, with dead on the spot accuracy,
She cried inside to herself,
Refusing to let him know he had won,
She had surrendered, to his storm of correction,
That was turning her butt checks flesh, the color of fire red...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

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