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Monday, July 28, 2014

She took my breath away .... Repetitive poem .... Song poem

Soft lips nipple on the bareness of my chest flesh, moisten tongue leaves a wet trail for her warm breath to follow
Spine tingles, back arches as her tongue spirals downward
The softness of her hands rides on the roundness of my butt, as her tongue ride on the tender inside of my thighs… My breath is taken away…
While on bended knees, her tongue dashes across my scrotum, a deep gasp escapes my lips, as her lips gently secure its flesh in the moisten heat in her mouth… My breath is taken away...The tip of her tongue, fills like a sword, as sensations rocket through my groans, as it slithers up the length of my staff
It eases around the crown edge, probing, darting, searching for the sweet spot, once it is found… My breath is taken away... Small tight circles ensues on my delicate spot, legs muscles tremble, as her lips close then suckle on my harden flesh ridge… My breath is taken away...
A steady grip holds my throbbing flesh still, as her tongue washes across the bare head of my harden flesh, darting into the small slit opening, then the bareness of its head is slowly pushed past the softness of her inner lips… My breath is taken away…
Wetness, heat, pressure is applied on my harden flesh, as my harden flesh passes past the softness of her lips… My breath is taken away
Slow head bops slide my harden staff in and out the confines of her mouth, sensations bombard inside my lions, as my white cream starts to fill my sacks…
Moans, groans, pass by my lips, as my eyes watch the length of my harden flesh, disappear and reappear between the softness of her lips again and again… My breath is taken away
The softness of her hand squeeze my scrotum, as her head moves back and forth in a steady rhythmic motion, my staff girth starts to swell, forcing her mouth to open wider, as my fingers intertwine in her hair, pulling her head forward further, pushing my harden flesh head into her throat… My breath is taken away…
My heart beats faster, my legs goes weak, my stomach muscles flatten, as optimum release comes closer to closure, while… Taking my breath away…
Lips grip tighter, legs stiffen, back arches, as my harden flesh palpitates unmercifully, ejaculating my white seed deep into the heat of her mouth, while she sucks every last drop out of my harden flesh, as… My breath is completely, taken away

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


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    1. :) Glad to hear that...


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    1. :) Thank you Drenchxoxo,

      peace and love

  3. Wetness and heat and rapid heartbeats work for me...

  4. you took my breath away...pure erotica!


    1. :) Thanks much for the comment Hedone ..

      peace and love

  5. Cada renglón en un escalón al deseo y la pasión.

    Erotismo y sensualidad con cada letra.

    Que disfrutes del fin de semana.