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Saturday, August 23, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge... D is for Dissolution ... Song poem

The power of music is just that.. Powerful...
A song can take your mind back to anytime of your life,
Good or bad in one beat of your heart...
This poem was written in "second voice", but the memory is mine,
And only mine...

Dark thoughts,
Dark memories,
Darken room,
In dark of night

Tears roam down the dark complexion of my face flesh,
Captured by my pillow case,
As thoughts of you, 
Trace through my mind,
While wondering,

Why wouldn't you stay?
Why did you leave?
Why leave me alone in the dark?

Your touch lingers,
On my flesh,
Its softness,
Its gentleness, 
Touched me so deep, it touched my soul,
It brought up passion hidden in the depths of my sexuality,
Passion that made tears cry inside me,
Unlike the ones that's now raining a wet trail down my face 

Memories of us still stand in my mind,
Memories of us holding hands,
Memories of us quietly talking and laughing while laying intertwined in the dark, 
Memories of sharing soft kisses, that seem to have no end,
Memories of my hands tracing your back flesh,
While my nails rake its surface to the color of red,  as the thrust of your sex inside me, touched me ever deep,
Your sex girth open me wide, on each gyration of the power in your hips,
The persuasion of your mind, opened my mind to acceptance of sexual latitudes

My voice softly moan your name,
In unison of your deep voice quietly moaning mine,
As we made the act of passionate love in the shadows of the dark

Deep breaths push the heave of my breast into your chest,
Nipples touch,
Sensations roar,
While fingertips roam,
Lips taste,
Breaths inhale,
As passion pain rain profusely inside our loins

I was inside you,
You were inside me, mind, body and soul,
But now my body awaken in the dark,
Feeling only my heart beating in the ache of sorrow,
My head resting in a rained soaked pillow case,
While my eyes search the the darkness of the room shadows,
Hoping once again, to see the presence of your body standing, watching,
Over me

Tears drop,
Mind wonders,
Why you didn't stay with me?
Why would you say you love me? 
knowing your heart did not,
Why did you leave me in the dark alone?
In the darkness, of my lonely thoughts...

1Manview © 08-21 – 2014

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