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Friday, August 29, 2014

Head Day .... D is for Deep... (C is for Cum)

Glossy pink painted nails, 
Ride on long smooth soft fingers,
That gently wrap its warmth around the flaccidity of his naked sex

Slow, firm, up and down stroking motion on its cotton soft skin,
Awaken his sex from its slumbering limp state

Sex girth throbs as it open her fingertips grip wider,
Its length reaches urgently upward towards the moisture of her waiting, wanting, lips

Stretching flesh, 
Throbbing girth, 
Shoot pain pleasure sensations through his loins,
Extorting a quiet gasping moan of desired pain from the depths of his lungs

Lips part,
Tongue slash, across the top of the extended width of his erection mushroom head

Lips close,
Then slowly ease down his lengthy shaft length,
Quiet moans escape into the air, as her lips slid up and down his sex girth flesh

Head pulls upward,
Lips release his harden flesh,
All eyes stare at his sex erection, that has become harder then solid concrete,
And stands perfectly erect like a ten story building

Spit glistering wet skin, has becomes so tight, its color is now transparent,
His thick blood vein images a train track on a city map

Manly eyes close from electrified sensations, of her warm hand grip sliding up and down his girth length

Legs straighten then quiver,
As he feel the heat of her mouth surround his erection, while her lips ease down his shaft taut  flesh

Deeper and deeper his sex slips past her lips firm grip, while her head bobs up and down until the head of his erection touches the front of her throat,
Hands pulling hard on the back of her head, falls to his side, as shear sensations of his erection pushing into her throat overwhelms him

Her pace quickens,
His shaft girth thickens,
As her sloppy wet lips slide up and down his length in a pace of urgency

Wet lips slip,
Hips dip,
As his orgasm erupts and ejaculate his white hot seed deep into the heat of her throat




Is followed by a deep moan in her chest, as the sweet taste of his hot thick white seed, saturates the palate of her tongue

1Manview © 1999 – 2014


  1. Wonderful poem Man....
    Nice words in a poem full of poetry....!!!
    Nice post!

  2. Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment and visit...


  3. Beautiful sultry description of one of my favorite things.

    1. And one of my favorites to sit back and watch... :)

      Thanks for back reading my poems Diane ....
      peace and love