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Sunday, September 7, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge . D is for Deep thrusting dick

Breeching bulge,
Stress plaid dainty shorts seems,
Beyond their stretching means

As hungry eyes spy,
Its outline entice my mind,
Enflame my loins,
Ignite my fire of desire,
With its vivid visual presence

Shorts removed,
Lips drool,
As eyes watch his hard long size,
Throb while standing tall between thick muscular thighs

My mind fantasize,
About all the sexual things I want to try,
With the enormity of his engorged hard pulsating prize

Lips lick,
Off the clear creamy residue that's tangy sweet and thick,
Oozing out his sex head small horizontal slit

Body quickly flipped over,
Within a second, his hard mass was deep inside my pink clover, 
He push his hard mass deep into my wetness in a haste,
Taking me deeply without a wait

Deep slow hard thrust,
That fall deeply into my womb wet soft pink crust,
Make my lungs moan out in deep desire lust,
While my soft tender womanly sex, felt as if his deep hard strokes was going to bust

Legs lift,
Hips tilt,
The base of his thick shaft rode dead center on my sensitive pink clit

In and out,
In and out,
Repetitive slow deep measured strokes make my voice audibly shout

Hips thrust suddenly stop,
Strong hands flip my body over on to its stomach like a rag mop,
Then his harden sex drop, 
Into my honey hole with a girth that felt harder then granite rock

Long hard cock,
Hits my sensitive sweet spot,
Making my body hop,
My voice to beg him not to stop

Faster, harder, his cock rode inside my wet swell,
Giving me an orgasm of gigantic pleasure,
While his thick hard meat, rode extra deep inside my soft pink treasure

Just as my pleasure becomes full,
His baritone voice bellow like an old angry bull

My walls spasm tight around his palpitating girth,
Milking his hot white seed for all it was worth,
His body uncontrollably shook with orgasmic release,
Until his sex last palpitations ceased

Sexually spent bodies collapse into a sexual heap,
Then quietly fall into a deep afterglow sleep...

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