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Saturday, September 20, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge .. E is for Erotic Yearning

In none motion
Your body sit on top of the bed mattress 
Covered just in your undergarments
The sight set off a festering yearning inside my loins

Captivated are my eyes
From the broadness of your chest
The ripples in your arms
To the smooth bulge in your thick thigh muscles
Who's smooth taut flesh is covered loosely with thin dark hair 

The slight parting gap between your legs 
Mesmerize my mind
As it dwells on the flesh I yearn for
Flesh that's awaiting to be waking from its state of calmness
Awaiting to be brought to an erected state of excitement
Then driven into a frenzy of hard pulsating matter
That looses its mind in an orgasmic fit

Approach is direct
Body kneels on the bed
Lips find yours and plant a deep wet kiss on them
As our kiss transcend, 
My body kneels down further and wedge between your legs
Once its settled
Slightly trembling hands slide up the inner side of your muscular thighs
My right hand ease under the leg part of your shorts fabric
And caress the limp sleeping giant between your thighs
The left hand mirrors the right by sliding under the left leg shorts fabric
And firmly massage the solid density of your scrotum sac

My eyes watch your body reactions
They watch your eyes slowly close
As the shearing sensations of my action reel slow and deep into your loins
They watch your legs part wider
Your head tilt backwards
Your wet lips slightly part
Just as a low capture breath escape pass them

Your body tense from the bombardment of sensations from my touch
My eyes watch your chest deeply heave
As your lungs take deep breaths
That calm your body reactions
Your eyes open and fixate into mines
I feel my yearning fixation start to stiffen in my hand grasp

Hips lift
As your shorts are pulled over the roundness of your derrière 
A devilish smile crosses my face
As I leave your briefs hanging on your left ankle
You smile at my playfulness
But the smile only last a second
As my tongue softly lash 
Across the throbbing head of your elongated sex

A deep quiet sigh is heard coming from your chest
While my tongue wet your manhood from its tip 
To its thick base
When my lips softly suckle your scrotum flesh into the heat of my mouth
Your legs tighten 
Erratic breaths of air 
Are heard escaping past your lips

Moisten lips surround the head of your throbbing manhood
A deep groan is heard vibrating inside your throat
As the velvet softness of your girth inches past the firm grip of my lips

Thighs tense tight as steel
Your head suddenly pops up 
With your eyes opened wide
My lips furiously suck harder thinking your erection is about to expire
But you squeeze your prostate tight and fight off the first wave of explosion of your seed

Deep breath after deep breath
Slowly brings your body back to a calm state
My head movements slow to a smooth rhythmic rhythm,
Causing surreal sensations to ease from the tip of your throbbing sex
Then rush up your spinal cord to the back of your brain
Taking your mind to a place of unknown origin 

Deep moans reverberate inside my throat
As sensations of your harden flesh sliding between my lips 
Is felt deep inside my sexual being
I love the exquisite feel of your enormity filling my mouth full
Of its intoxicating dark taste

As greediness consumes me
I take your hard mass deeper into the heat of my mouth
Inch by precious inch is sucked into my mouth depths
Until I feel the presence of its tip 
Near the opening of my throat
My head moves up and down in a constant slow rhythm
Not only to slowly bring up your orgasm
But to prolong the feel of your harden sex invasion inside my wanting mouth

I love your sex manly scent normalcy
Its engaging scent of desire
How its perfect length and girth
Fills my mouth completely full

Guttural moans strangle the room air
As the softness of my lips repetitively 
Ease up and down the velvet softness of your girth shaft
An overpowering feeling rushed through me
As the soft surface of my lips 
Manipulated your long hard sex
Into a erect state of rock hardness

My body maneuvers sideways on the bed
One hand manipulate your scrotum flesh
While the other manipulate the already wet hole between my thighs
Fingertips slide down my slippery slit
Then reaches into my sopping wet pinkness
And ride inside its taut walls
While my lips ride up and down your rock hard erectness

My hips starts to rock in unison with yours
As our climaxes edges closer then close

The feel of your hand pulling down on the back of my head
Lets me know your are very near orgasm
Your lungs moan loudly
As your hips thrust your sex deeper and harder into my mouth
Your orgasm seem to teeter totter on the edge 
Of your orgasmic ledge

Eyes watching your wet sex 
Thrust deeply in and out my mouth
Sets my yearning on fire
The erotic sounds of my voice softly moaning
Mixed with the sound of your voice audibly groaning
Sends my orgasm to the forefront

Head deeply bobbing
Lips sliding down hard wet slippery flesh
Again and again
While girth pushes mouth open wider
Length reaches further into my mouth depths
Make our bodies shiver in ecstasy
From the intense sensations
Of our intimate oral sex dance

Hips deep grinding
Hard sex flesh forcing its way pass my lips taut grip
While the tip of my thumb rub on the top of my harden clit
Overwhelms my greed
And sends my body into tremors of orgasmic need

Watching my body erotic state 
Pushes your body over your orgasmic edge
After a deep guttural moan
One last deep thrust of your hips 
Thrust your sex deep into the darkness of my wanting mouth

Your body writhe
Its muscles tighten
Your harden sex is felt pulsating 
Hard against the soft flesh of my lips
The feel of your hot white ejaculated seed is felt
Filling my mouth full of your thick, tangy sweet, creamy cream 

While my lips let as much as your hard sex pass by it as possible
My head bobs up and down franticly
Your voice cries out
As my lips suction
Suck every drop of your seed from your loins

Its heat 
Its tangy sweet taste 
Washing down my throat
Temporary douse my yearning 
Of the taste your delicious cum

Body tremors subside
Afterglow starts to set inside our bodies
Wanting lips softly suckle on half limp sex

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

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