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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A to Z poem challenge.. E is for Expertise BJ... (Head day)

Head bob in a rhythmic motion
Sliding lips down the wide throbbing girth of his sopping wet shaft
Exhilarating low moans delight my hearing senses
As my eyes watch his enormous erect sex being devoured by the preciseness
Of my expertise of oral sex

The anticipation of tasting his sweet tart cream
Leaves lustful feelings dwelling inside my loins
Wetness to form between my thighs
A yearning that begs my index finger
To probe the pink hard bud of my sex
While the sensation of his shaft velvet soft flesh
Sliding between my lips
Bombard my mind

Hands tug hard on the side of my head
Making my lips suck harder
My head bob deeper
But his hands persisting tug
Breaks my head weaving motion
And I relent to his wishes and stop
The succulent assault of my lips on his hard manly sex flesh

Rough and quick he positions my body in the middle of the bed
Elbows and knees support my body
In the doggy position

Soft sighing Mmmmm leaves my throat
As flashback of my body being ravished by the enormity between his legs
While In the this position
Excites my body to the point that it shivered in ecstasy 

Head of his sex
Slide up and down my wet slit 
Sliding my lips open with its vastness
When the head of his harden mass
Slide up high between my butt cheeks
My hips pushed firmly backwards

Hesitation was the throbbing head of his penile 
As it pushed against the opening of my darkest hole
After a quick moment to think
His hips thrust forward in a slow none stop motion

Simultaneous moans released pass our lips
As the head of his shaft slowly pierced pass my anus opening 
Into the taboo of my rectum

Fingertips grip was full of satin bed sheets
As his thick girth pushes open my sphincter 
Slow measure strokes were felt thrusting 
In and out of my darkest hole

Electrified sensations rush up my spine
On each deep measured stroke
Loud grunts of ecstasy that I thought was his
Was actually mine

Head raise upward 
On each deep thrust of his hips
Then dropped as he pull his hard penile 
Almost out the opening of my dark tight orifice

Smooth deep thrust
Push his hard sex deeper and deeper into my dark cannel
That grip his sex like a vice gripping steel pipe
Exhilarating moans push out my lungs
As the ecstasy of his throbbing girth sliding in and out my rectum
Consumed my being

in and out
In and out
Each time his hips thrust forward
His length reached deeper into my rectum darkness
And each time his stroke felt better then the last time

While his gentle giant of a cock
Made my body forwardly rock
I could feel that his throbbing sex was about to pop

Alarmed pass my lips
As my orgasm neared
But may not have a chance to come was feared

Loud lion like roar
Was followed by the heat of his hot milky seed 
Spewing deep into my bowels
His hard palpitating sex
Pushed my orgasm over the edge

Intensified orgasm cause a exhilarating squeal 
To rush past my parted lips
As my body shivered from head to toe
In orgasmic release

Lungs panted
While Bodies leaned 
My thoughts was still on tasting his tangy sweet cum

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