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Monday, September 22, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge .. E is for Ejaculate ...

Monday morning
Eyes open to erection standing tall
Straight, thick and super hard 
Deep throbbing sides that caught me off guard

It looked so pretty
It made me feel gaiety
And when I became close and personal to it
I heard my breath purring like a baby kitty

Mind couldn't reconcile 
To fuck it
Suck it
Get on top and buck on it
Then in a flash I decided to rub it

Quick licks
Long lashing flicks
Got his throbbing girth wet real quick

His eyes opened and watched the show
When my grip slowly slid down his shaft
His hands into the sheets he did grab
His back bowed
His length and thickness started to grow
All signs that he was already about to blow

Lips quick suck
Made his hips buck
His toes curl and tuck
His voice to moan "Oh fuck"

Hand slipped up and down his wet girth like it was a trombone
While my eyes watch his white see ejaculate out the head of his throne
Watching where it had flown
As his voice graveled and groaned

Lips suckle on his girth
For all their worth
While the last of his hot seed land
On the side of my hand

Lips suck hard on his limp cock
Bringing it back to tall and hard as granite rock
This time my sex didl hop
On his harden throne top
Where my hard gyrating hips did not stop
Until my body shiver, shake then flopped

Eyes open and he pulls out his wet limp bone,
We smile, cuddle and kiss,
While our lungs quietly Monday moan...

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  1. It is not an ejaculation....
    It´s na explosion. A pleasure explosion!!!
    Woowww what a wonderful poem....

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate your comments...