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Saturday, October 4, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge.. F is for FlicKer ...

Head perch

Between the thickness of dark creamy thick thighs

Tongue lash 

On swollen moist lips

It flicker and dart gingerly 

Between the slit of their plumpness

Then dive deeply inside 

To savior the taste of the soft pink flesh between them

Deep raucous moans are heard

Before being silenced by firm thighs constricting around my ears

Hips pump furiously up and down

As screams of exhilaration

Never pass your lips

Hand full of manly hair tugged on 

To the point of annoying pain

Head bucked up and down 

Like a car riding on a bumpy mountain road

Sweet clear juices pour from your womanhood 

Like water shooting through a water flume 

The greed of my mouth collects every single drop of your clear nectar

Leaving it full with the sweet taste of your wet substance

Alien words are audibly spoken 

As your orgasm crest to the point of explosion

Body stiffen

Like a hard wooden plank

Its extremities trembles and shake

Like an phrenetic erupting volcano

Silence is always golden 

After an premeditated orgasm

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  1. The best definition:
    "Tongue lash
    On swollen moist lips
    It flicker and dart gingerly
    Between the slit of their plumpness"!
    Uooouuuu what an image!

  2. Thank you much... :)