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Saturday, October 11, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge ... F is for From behind ...

My girth stand perfectly erect with a throbbing ache that rocks the inside of my loins,
The slight of his hand rub my ballooning sides, trying to relieve some of the deep sharp pain of my bulging erection,
Fingertips spread a thick coat of slippery clear substance over my face, then down my girth flesh,
A direct aim of my head, easily slides her butt cheeks to the side,
Once I encounter the resistance of his dark objective, he makes me wait at its tightly closed opening

Solid thrust pierce my head into the dark opening,
Tight resistance surrounds my head as I slowly invade its space,
Her eyes awaken, her voice gasp in surprise, then moan in pleasure pain, as I reach inward for the first time into the origin of her unknown darkness

Ruffed sheets are clinched in her tightly closed fingertips grip,
After the words "no,no" are heard, he stops my downward plunge,  leaving me throbbing hard against the almost unbearable pressure of her darkness walls that surrounding my hard girth,
After her lungs take some deep breaths, a slow solid deep thrust descend my throbbing mushroom head further into the depths of her darkest space,
Halfway in, his thrusting hesitate, again making me wait for the pressure of her dark hollow to relent

A slow pull upward, is followed with a slow thrust downward, pushing my hard throbbing head in deeper into her dark hole,
Each thrust afterward is smoother and deeper then the last, until he finds a depth and rhythm he prefer

At first her body just lay entirely still on the smooth blue satin sheets, while his hips thrust my hard flesh slowly in and out her darkest hole, encouraged soft moans fell from her lips in sync with each of his hips thrust

Soft moans have turned into loud groans of lustful intent, as her hips thrust hard upward, pushing my head deeper into her dark, tight, space

Firm hands grip her waist tighter, pulling her hips deeper into his,
Aaagh, aaagh, sing out, as hips gyrate faster, and pump deeper,
The deep urge of coming is felt deep in my loins, as he nearly buries my entire length in her darkest hole on each thrust of his hips,
Her voice nearly scream on each lustful thrust of their hips

Swollen head thrust in, then is pulled out, thrust in, then is pulled out of her tight, dark space, The sensations of her dark hole taut grip becomes overwhelming, as it tugs continuously hard on the girth of my swollen length while it fall completely inside her hollow darkness

Her hips buck,
Her voice loudly grunts,
The urge to release my seed is felt fast approaching,
He tries to hold back my seed ejaculation by tightening his prostate, but the intense sensations coming from being pushed and pulled up and down the strict confinement of her dark hollow, overrun me, and I explode in a megaton of a release

A scream is heard as my hot seed spew deep into the darkness of her black hole,
Her body immensely converse in orgasmic pleasure, as his thrust quickly push my palpitating girth in and out the tautness of her dark space,
Even after my girth and length retreats back to its flaccid state, my loins spasm in palpitation

Deep breaths are heard as he pulls my limp flesh out of the dark, and into the light,
As I lay there leaking my white substance profusely all over her blue satin sheets,
A deep urge of lest do that again, rumbles deep in the depths of my loins

1Manview © 10-11 – 2014


  1. Delicious ass.....
    And the poem tells what the image says.....tenderness and sexuality!

  2. Thank you very much... :) Your comment is very much appreciated...

    peace and love