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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge ... F is for fast and furious... (2)

Hard swollen membrane, 
Fall into the soft pink flesh of her womb,
Eyes half open, 
Back slightly arch, 
As sensation of his hard cock,
Penetrating into the restricted space of her haven,
Rush into her loins

Lungs gasp, 
Then moan, 
As hips forward thrust push his size,
None stop deep into her pink tender offering

Shapely legs rise,
Then fold around his slender waist,
As his hard manly size slowly fall,
Into the dark space hidden between her wanton thighs

Painted fingernails dig into back flesh,
Raking up the color of red,
As the head of his throbbing cock,
Reaches its limit inside her womanhood,
A deep breath was followed,
With a slow steady tug on his shaft, 
That pulled it slowly upward,
From her womb depths,
Steady flow of vibrant sensations vibrating through her womb walls, 
Made her body feel as if it was levitating on top of the bed mattress

Slow upward gyration of his hips,
Slowly pulled his shaft out to the very last inch,
Then was thrust slowly back into her waiting womb depths,
Each thrust became smoother then the last,
As her womb slippery liquid was wept in pleasure

Passionate kisses smothered her lips,
While his hips thrust wildly between her thighs,
Faster and harder he thrust his cock into the tightness of her pink hole

Wet sloshing sounds, 
Combine with the sound of his balls slapping hard on her behind flesh, 
Drowned out the soft moaning of his name,
That pushed from her lungs

Petite body rocked backwards,
On each tight gyration of his hips,
As he buried his thick, long, size inside her womb again and again, 
With the speed of a repeating rifle, 
And the power of a 30 pound sledge hammer,
I'm coming burst past her lips, 
As his hard membrane slammed inside her womb fast, deep, and hard,
When her womb walls spasm tight on his throbbing shaft, 
His loins exploded in a vicious sexual release, 
Covering her pink walls completely, 
With his hot, thick, gooey white seed

Deep breaths brought composure,
Composure brought out deep hugs and kisses,
That was followed by quiet "I love you too" whispers,
Eyes gradually closed, 
As a single beam of light slowly reached across their resting bodies

1Manview © 10-18– 2014

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