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Monday, October 6, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge ... F is for Fuck ...

The gleam of love making has fallen deep in your eyes,
But making love making won't scratch the deep sexual inch, 
That's aching between these creamy thighs

You want to tenderly touch me,
Gently hold me,
Softly kiss the loving warmth of my lips,
As my fingertips softly caress the velvet softness of your flaccid dick,
Suckle on the rise of my erect nipples,
That will make my back arch, my hips wiggle,
Then slowly work your tongue down into the greed of my thighs,
Until my voice whipper with moaning cries

You also want to slowly drink my free flowing nectar rain,
To quench your thirst with its taste of exquisite champagne

You want to make love to my mind body and soul, 
Treat my body as it was covered with one hundred percent leaf gold,
But my body ache in a much different way today,
It's not in the disposition for love tender play,
Nor be slowly and gently undressed,
While your fingertips caress the heave of my full breast

I don't want to feel your hips slowly moving back and forth,  
I want to be deeply fucked for all I'm worth,
My lungs want to be left gasping for air, 
While your big poker, poked me in the middle of my derrière 

My body want its nose running and its hair frayed, 
From the rough erotic act of getting laid,
It wants your enormity of a hard dick,
Spewing hard and deep between the grip of my tight lips

My mind doesn't want to be wooed,
Like a young girl still in high school

My vagina wants to be roughed up, 
From firm lips that deeply suck,
So hard it makes my wanting body buck,
And once my clear cream purposely leak past my swollen lips seams,
I want to feel an orgasm so damn deep, it makes my voice scream

Then I need you to flip my body over, 
And use that big dick too thoroughly fuck,
My body so deep and hard, my mind goes amuck

So when you bring your tight ass over here,
You better be ready to move fast and agile like a scared deer

You best be ready to steadily bring all your sexual heat,
To bang my horny hot body from behind, on top of these white satin sheets

Listen, my body isn't in the mood for a slow curve ball,
That only produce quiet low moans floating against the wall,
It wants a hundred miles an hour fast inside pitch,
Of that fat, long, rock hard enormity between your legs, called a dick

So, I'm letting you know before you start,
That I'm going to do my "I'm coming" part,
And you need to really understand,
What my body need today, Is a super granite rock hard man,
That wants to fuck the living hell out of me,
And completely satisfy this deep, sexual aching itch inside my thighs

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  1. lol... beautiful... very very good!! and the image is spectacular!!

    kisses in your heart, my friend!!

    1. :) Hello old friend, it's nice to see you again. Thank you for stopping in...


  2. Very nicely done.

    Thanks IMV.


    1. Thank you Ronnie, your comments are always welcomed...

      peace and love