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Saturday, October 25, 2014

A to Z erotic poetry challenge .. F is for First Cum ... ..... Happy Head day

Hot shower,
Towel dry,
Quick escape from the misty hot steam,
Inside the bathroom

Naked body ram into each other,
Just outside the bathroom door,
Eyes glanced at the towel wrapped around waist,
"I'm late" voice purred

A deep sigh,
A finger,
A tug,
Bath towel fall to the floor

Roaming eyes readily search lower extremities,
Smile ease across face,
Voice relent,
"Let me get that sweetie",

Before reaction, 
Quicker then a black cat,
On knees to please, 
With hand full of damp limp sex

Big smile crosses feminine face,
As right hand stroke gingerly over manly velvet soft sex flesh, 
While left hand tenderly squeeze scrotum sac

Head tilts back,
Breath hitch,
Legs squeeze tight,
Limp sex slowly stretch to full bloom,
Inside the clenched grip of soft fingers

Mmm, purrs in one's throat,
Just before the head of harden mass is pushed pass soft lips,
A low growl of pleasure rips from lungs,
Into the still of the bedroom air,
As electrified sensations rush up harden sex shaft

Moisten heat penetrates into harden sex flesh,
Pressure surrounds its expanded girth width,
As length disappear further and further,
Into the darkness of a hungry mouth

Long slow sweeps of head,
Ease harden sex deeper and deeper into the moist heat of mouth,
Manly right hand pull gently on the back of swaying head,
Encouraging deep throating of raging erection

Too quick, 
Too quick,
Roams through mind, 
As pleasure sensations consumes

Bewildered mind fight the urge to release,
But loins can't hold back the bull rush of its hot white substance,
As it explode from loins deepest depths

Ropes of thick white sperm spews into waiting mouth,
While soft firm lips repeatedly reaches outward, 
Then pull back on dissipating shaft length,
Until its inner quakes subside 

Soft lips release limp sex shaft,
Gentle fingertips quickly clench around sex degraded girth, 
Feminine body quickly stands,
Kisses fall deeply on firm lips

Deep breaths are taken,
After deep kisses transcend

Sober soft whisper,
Whisper into ear,
"My turn",
Feminine hand leads by pulling limp cock,
Back into the bathroom...

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