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Monday, October 27, 2014

Conspiracy ... Monday Moaning ...

Deep throbbing ache,
Combine with searing pressure inside the depths of my loins,
Awakens me

Eyes glance at the rolling numbers on the alarm clock,
They read, its too early,
My body slowly turned over away from the body sleeping next to mine,
But the stiffness and pain was too much to bear laying on my side,
So I turned back over onto my backside, with my eyes wide open,
Waiting to see if the ceiling would somehow move

Its too early to wake her,
She has too sleep, runs through my mind,
Then as if my manly gender could read my mind thoughts,
It throbbed harder

As her body suddenly roll over onto its stomach, a deep breath is heard passing her lips,
The silhouette of the round curves of her butt could be seen, hiding under the soft cotton sheets

My hand responded to what my eyes really wanted to see, by gently removing the covers, covering her sexy rump,
Once exposed, my fingertips tenderly touched the firmness that laid under the softness of her creamy brown flesh

Damn, she's so fine,
Runs through my mind,
As my hand gingerly eased over the smooth roundness of her derrière, which made the desire in my loins, burn hotter

Stop it, my mind reacts to my hand,
Stopping its roaming ways across the exposure of her backside,
Once my hand retreated back to my body side,
The throbbing of my hard cock, throbbed even harder,
While the ache in my loins, ached ever deeper

My body quietly turned towards hers,
My mind reminds my body with a no, let her sleep,
But my lips didn't listen,
They laid soft moist kisses on the soft flesh of her butt, up to the small of her back,
Then slowly roamed upwards to the nape of her neck

Lingering stare watched her body slightly squirm from my lips soft touch,
A touch so soft it didn't wake her mind,
But slowly woke up her body sexuality

Stop it..
Stop it..
My mind reprimanded my lips,
Until they retreated in a hush

Trailing thoughts roamed in my mind,
Thoughts of, she needs all the sleep she can get to start her week,
Thoughts that made my mind feel guilty to the point, I started to think about how I'll just have to wait until she awakens on her own, and maybe we have time to..

Firm grip of my left hand, squeezed the sides of my hard throbbing shaft,
Trying to ease the pain of its over stretched skin,
Suddenly my left leg lifts, then carefully eased over her body,
My hand released my shaft and reached for the bottle of slippery substance, that sits on her night stand,
Let her sleep my mind again reminded my body

Applied, was the slippery lube, on my shaft throbbing head,
Centered, was my body over hers,
My right hand center my hard throbbing mass dead center on her sex opening,
Just as I was going to plunge my hardness deep into her womb, let her sleep again ran through my disappointed mind

Hips hesitated as my thoughts gathered, then gently thrust forward, pushing the head of my wanting cock lightly against the lips of her sex tight lips,
Once my cock felt the warm heat seeping pass her womb lips on its head flesh,
No was the answer my body gave my mind

It's a conspiracy against me, my mind screamed, 
As my body extremities refuse to do as it wants

Hips thrust slowly forward,
Pushing my hard throbbing cock through the taut resistance of her sex opening,
Her body stiffened, while the throbbing hardness of my cock force itself none stop down the  center of her womb walls, 
Stopping only when I felt my balls push hard against her firm creamy butt flesh

Head raise upward,
Sounds of deep moans reverberating off the bedroom walls are heard, while her body lightly shiver under mine, 
A smile cross my face, as my mind now knew, 
Her body wasn't the only thing awaken now......

1Manview © 10-27– 2014


  1. Oh hot and very very nice. Thank you 1MV.


  2. Thank you for the comment Ronnie...

    peace and love