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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Frictional Climax... Prose poem ...

Fragments of his imagination, 
Has conquered up visual image of your body,
To enhance the ache deep inside his loins

Harden girth strains against the velvet soft flesh that surrounds it,
It reaches out in lustful heights,
It throbs in desire pain,
While weeping clear liquid through its vertical slit

Suppressed Inner moan,
Reaches out of the dark,
Into the light of open space,
As fingertips grip the harden growth between his legs

At first they slide gingerly up and down its span,
Causing sensations to rush into his loins,
While his mind concentrate on the imagery of your curves,
The softness of your flesh,
The feel of the pull of your full soft lips,
As they ease up and down the velvet soft flesh that covers his cock length

Burning sensations heighten inside his loins,
As pressure builds up like steam trapped in a steam pipe,
Waiting for the steam valve to open suddenly, 
So it's rapid escape could explode into the atmosphere

As his eyes opened,
His loins contents is seen spilled over the sheets,
His heart is felt racing like a race horse inside his chest,
Raptured feelings of release sensations, had left a peaceful calm inside his loins

After a deep long breath,
His mind thought of you for one last time,
Then put the memory of your body image, to the back of his mind,
While hoping the next time, when his eyes open,
It will be your soft flesh they see lying next to him,
It will be your deep sexual moans his ears hear,
Moments before he ejaculate his hot white seed, deeply inside the tight pink walls,
Between the firmness of your thighs..

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  1. I love to imagine a man thinking of me in this way! It's nice to hear such an intimate description of a man's inner thoughts....