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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday seduction .... Lazy day .. Erotica in prose .....

The sweet fragrance smell of Jasmine greeted me at the entrance of the room,
My eyes scanned the room side to side, but I did not see "the who", was behind it,
The smell grew stronger as I approached the couch from behind, 
As my steps became closer, I could see a light trail of steaming vapors climbing up into the air,
I knew I would find my little lady not far 

Footsteps became slower, softer, as I eased quietly up to back of the couch,
Once I was close enough, I leaned over cautiously, and peeped downward,
There she was, slumping down in the chair, her tea cup on the coffee stand, her hands resting between the crotch of her legs,
Her eyes were closed, a book was near by, which meant she was taking a break from it all

It was high noon, and she still hadn't gotten dressed for the day, she was still wearing her night top and panties, and no breakfast awaiting me,
It was the start of a lazy Saturday, as she would call it

I stood there for a moment, watching her enjoy her moment, watching the curves of her bosom softly move up and down, reminding me of the small firm breast that was covered with pillow soft flesh hidden under her top

"Hello", I whispered,
That I'm happy to see you smile crossed her face,
A wave of a index finger gave me recognition that I was standing near,
Not to disturb her Karma, I whispered, no hello?
She rolled her eyes as if I was annoying her, then reached over and grab her tea cup off the table and took a defiance sip of her hot brew,
At first I stood there in silence in disbelieve she was sitting there in complete defiance of my presence, 
But then as my eyes scanned her body, other things entered my mind, 
Other things such as the curves of her legs, the firmness of her small thighs, the smoothness of her stomach that was flat as a desert trail after a wind storm

She took another quick sip of her tea, then quickly put the too hot brew back down on the table, 
After taking a deep lung cleansing breath, once again her eyes closed,
Quietly I leaned over and took her tea off the table and loudly sipped on it,
She smirk knowing what I had done, but she refused to open up her eyes and acknowledge my presence,
After a few more small sips of her tea, I realized she knew that it was probably still too hot for me to drink it down quickly, but the hot cup was getting my hands warm and toasty

While holding the cup in my left hand, I leaned over the top of the couch and started to unfasten her top, 
Again she wouldn't open up her eyes, stop annoying me sounds emitted from her lips,
After exposing her creamy breast, I put the warmth of my right hand on her tender breast flesh

A loud gasp escaped her lips as the heat from my hand seeped into her pillow soft flesh,
Her body twisted trying to spin away, but I tighten my grip on her breast firmness, holding her in place,
Her eyes opened wide as she looked up and saw me drinking her piping hot tea down in one steady quip,
How did you? 
Are you ok she aspirated?
I just smiled while putting the tea cup down, then reached over the top of the couch and started to deeply massage her breast, 
She quickly forgot about me downing the hot tea and moaned as the deep massage of my hands caught up with the heat that was radiating from them,
Her eyes closed once again as her body took in the soothing sensations of my fingers deeply massaging her firm oval breast 

My hand squeezed the bottom of her breast, they kneaded their sides like a baker kneaded bread dough, 
Fingertips swirled around her towering nipples, after quickly wetting a single fingertip, it was slowly swirled on the tip of her left nipple, her legs twitched with each rotation of my finger on the rise of her sensitive top, 
As my fingertips gently pulled on her nipples, her body writhed, her hand slid between her legs

Slowly my right hand eased down the flat surface of her stomach, they eased under her panties elastic and slid down to her slippery home base,
As my fingers slid up and down her wet lobes, my index finger slid in the center of her slippery slit,
When my index finger circled her clitoris, I felt her hand caressing my arm, coasting my actions further,

 Again my fingers tenderly slid down her slit to to her home base opening, back up, back down, back up, then swirl around her erect clitoris again, then back down her lubricated lips, probe her sex, spread her lips, then back up and circle her sensitive clitoris once again,
Her eyes were tightly closed, her body squirmed into my fingertips, as they manipulated her sex closer and closer to the achievement of a orgasm

Her back arched, her breath was becoming ragged, as my fingers smoothly eased up and down her vulva, when my index finger pushed into her home base opening, her hips lifted up high off the couch cushion and gingerly gyrated her wetness of my finger,
Deep audible moan rushed pass parted lips when a second finger was inserted into her sex opening, her hips bucked up into my hand in a steady rhythm as both of her hands held my hand tight against her hot swollen sex

Hips steady and deep gyrations became shaky and hesitant,
Her voiced gasped loudly, then went silent as her body deeply shivered with release, 
Quivers eased through her body as it undulated to the rhythm of my fingertips,
Once her release passed, her body went limp, her hands became dormant at her side,
A deep sigh emerged from the core of her body

Brown eyes opened not only to find a cup of Jasmine tea steaming on the tea table,
But also my annoying presence removed...

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Head Day ... Home alone ... Erotica (spank) In Prose ........

This piece was inspired by "Such A Slut "posted by 

"It's time my pet,
Meet me upstairs, 
Ready and bare with nylons"

A big smile cross my face, as I walked urgently 
up the stairs to our bedroom

Not knowing if he wanted me standing, or kneeling,
My body shivered with nervousness and excited at the same time,
As I dared standing in silence,
With flesh bare, wearing black nylons in wait

Footsteps were heard coming up the stairs,
Each step moved my heart higher up in my throat,
My hands shivered,
My womb perspire with excitement,
My lungs took deep breaths trying to hold my body eagerness inside

The bedroom door slowly swung open,
His body presence stepped in the room with authority,
A jurisdictional stare from his eyes, immediately calmed my mind and body,
His fixated stare took the clothes off my already bare flesh, one thought at a time,
Then he stepped so close into my face, his deeply inhaling breath took my breath away,
Then his lips kissed mine with the hunger of a lion,
The heat of hot flowing lava flowing down the side of a erupting volcano,
With the audacity, of himself

His deep animalistic rough kiss surged into my soul, 
His slippery tongue penetrated deep into my mouth,
While his mouth fluids exchanged with mine, his tongue tasted every corner, every inch of my mouth texture

His cupped right hand pulled hard on the dark strains of my free flowing hair, 
Jerking my head hard backwards while twisting it to one side, exposing my neck tender flesh to his lips, 
Lips that feasted on it until my delicate soft flesh became tenderized and rose up with color

My body was felt lifting up on its tippy-toes, as his hand groped underneath the round portion of my breast,
His lips slid downward until they came in contact with my breast flesh, then drew it urgently into the heat of his hungry mouth,
Deeply sucking on the erect tip of my thick pink nipples,
First one, then the other, feeding his hunger for one of his favorite body parts

Fingertips slithered around my body like a snake,
Easing on and around my body curves, my broad valley, my flesh creases and crevasses,
A quiet moan left my lips as a single finger eased down my slippery slit,
Toes curled when the tip of a fingertip pushed into my center passage,
Just as I thought my voice was going to scream, his lips completely covered my mouth, taking my breath away once again,
His rough passion made my mind dizzy, my knees weak,
But as abruptly as he took me, his rough tactics came to a crisp halt

His eyes wondered to the foot of the bed, 
Without speaking a word,
He walked quickly away from me, leaving my body standing in a sexual frenzy while gasping for air,
His eyes scanned the bed that was covered with implements for his choosing,
He reached out and hesitantly chose a black leather belt,
His lips didn't smile, but my eyes could see by his body swagger, his choice pleased him 

His head turned as his eyes spanned the room,
They stopped at a couch in the corner,
Again with out speaking, he walked up to it and stood at one end of it, facing directly at it, then his body movements became still as a hesitant deer,
With urgency, I walked up to the couch and slid myself on top of it on my stomach
facing him,
Like him, I brought my body and thoughts to a still,
Suddenly sounds of the belt was heard slapping lightly against his leg, 
It was my signal to begin

As he held the belt quietly by his side, eager fingertips unzipped his trousers and pulled out his manly pride,
Normally his pride would be hard and pulsating in wanting,  but at this time it was not,
It was his way of saying not only was he was in complete control of the moment, he had total control of his emotions, and mine,
Not only did his self control amaze me, it also kept his woman in check

Body relaxed,
Penis secured in my fingers grip,
I waited for his next command

Whiss--slap, whiss--slap, whiss--slap,
In threes was his number, always in three's,
Three spanks of the belt meant start

Just as the head of his limp dick slid between wet waiting lips,
The sound of the coming of the belt was heard,
Whiss--slap, whiss--slap, whiss--slap,
A moan vibrated in my throat as my lips slid the head of his penis deeper into my mouth,
Just as my tongue started to swirl on his penis bald head, the coming of the belt was heard once again,
Whiss--slap, whiss--slap, whiss--slap,
This time it hit harder and stung deeper,
My audible moan deeply vibrated on his penis, which reacted by swelling quickly and hard as steel,
As his shaft slid deeper into my mouth, my eyes glanced up expecting to see his eyes glare looking back at mine,
But instead his eyes were closed, and his head was tilted back, as he took a moment of blissful pleasure from my lips divine suction

Small moans passing his lips floated in the air,
His hips start to deeply gyrate in the rhythm of my head bobs,
Just as my concentration was on giving him ultra pleasure of deep wet fellatio, the coming of the belt was heard slicing through the air,
Whiss--slap, whiss--slap, whiss--slap,
Again my lungs moaned, but this time it moaned not only in pleasure of the stinging sensations on my azz, but the pleasure I was receiving from the smooth flesh of his manhood sliding back and forth on my lips flesh, 
Just for an instant, thoughts of what gave me the most pleasure entered my mind,
Was it getting a solid hard spanking, or giving him mind blowing fellatio?
Both wins every time, it was the ultimate pleasure not only for myself, but for him too, 
Because every time he received head while he spank me, his pride always swelled bigger and harder then normal, and he always came with a intense quaking orgasm,
Then afterwards, he would would engage me with rough sex like a wild animal, that lasted throughout the rest of the night

The coming of the belt seem to be missing,
And his body rhythm was moving strangely,
As my eyes glanced upward, they could see his arm coming downward, 
But before my thoughts of where did that come from finish,
Whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop,

My body turned almost on its side trying to get away from the deep painful sting from the black wooden paddle in his hand,
I knew I had made a mistake by moving, and it was quickly corrected as the coming of the paddle was heard coming again immediately,
Whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop,

My butt muscles tighten, my back arched, my voice wanted to scream from the ecstatic sensations of the stinging pain that seem to be rushing into my loins, racing across my extremities, but my mouth was full of his hard mass that was swelling towards release,
Although my killer fellatio hadn't missed a beat during the fierce paddling, that didn't keep him from seeing my body small movements,  his punishment was swift in coming,
Whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop, whoosh--pop,
The second to last hit of the paddle sent me over my orgasmic edge, my body stiffen then deeply vibrated

I was coming, he was about to come,
Just as my left hand slid under my body and massage the crown of my womanhood, his left hand grab the back of my head and held it still, while his hips deeply pumped with the urgency of release,
My right arm reached up, as I had to put my hand firmly on his hip to try and hold their deep pumping action back, before he push his hard pulsating mass completely through my mouth, 

After a loud guttural gasp, his body stiffened, then his loins flooded my mouth full of its thick white seed, almost drowning me with its abrupt volume, choking me with its immense thickness,
But my mouth managed to swallowed every drop, every sweet tangy morsel of his sweet tart ejaculating cream 

Sounds of the paddle falling on the floor brought my mind out of its orgasmic trance,
His body was still as his left hand was softly combing through the dark contrast of my hair,
My tongue was softly licking up the last of his creamy drops,  while my lips suckled up the last of his body miniature tremors

After a long moment of silence had passed,
His commanding voice articulated,
"Rise my pet, and get my bed in order,
It's time to have my wine and quench my thirst" ....

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monday Moaning ..... Without drift .... Prose poem ...

The tip of my oar,
Calmly dip in the calm of your wake,
Slowly dipping its head in its warm wetness,
Forging my boat forward

As the head of my oar dip deep into your clear wake,
Inner storm appear,
Calm waves become rough,
And slash hard against your shoreline,
Rocking my boat up and down in your rough seas,
Until the flurry of my inner storm comes to a release,
A release that brings peace and calm back to your wake

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Moaning .... Splendor .....

This image is of sexy lunna, from her blog:

Out of the density of the dark shadows,

The nakedness of my body quietly wonder,

Into the dim light, were your body awaits,

My eyes fixate on your body soft curves,

The fullness of your ample breast

The roundness of your firm backside,

The plumpness of your protruding sex, that's centered between the creamy flesh of your thick firm thighs, 

My body hesitate while kneeling behind your backside, 

Then slowly thrust the shadow of my hard pride, 

Into the moist heated darkness,

Of your wanting lust ....

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Alone ....... Repetitive poem ....

Eyes open to the dim flicker of a lone candle illuminating the darkness in the room,
When her tongue eased over her lips wetting its surface, she could taste the sweetness of the deep kisses his lips had pressed against hers,
When she swallowed, the salty sweet after taste of his sex seed,  unmasked from the back of her tongue,
When she inhaled, the masculine fragrance of his cologne that lingered on her flesh, made her body want to be spooned close to his body once again,
When she stretched her limbs, she could feel where the deep suckling kisses his lips had tenderly, urgently, planted on her breast,
When she unconsciously parted her legs, protracting sensations of the tip of his tongue probing her sex orifice overwhelmed her senses

As her body rolled on its side, she could feel from behind, where the firmness of his body was pressed up close to hers, while he thrust his hard mass deeply into the soft pink flesh of her wet heated core, 
She softly moaned as her hand slid between the thickness of her thighs, her voice sighed, when her fingertips came to rest on the opening of her sex,
When she pressed two fingertips inside the confine of her moisten sex, her body clenched, her flesh shivered with desire, as sensations of his size lasting impression, electrified her sex walls,
When the tip of her thumb manipulated the erectness of her clitoris, while her fingertips profoundly swirled on her womb most sensitive spot, the everlasting memory of his hard mass plummeting deep into her womb depths without discontinue, made her lungs whisper his name,
Just as the deepest moan in her body erupted while her body quivered,
She felt his body presence, still lingering in the darkness of the room...

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Monday Moaning .... Just fək me ... Erotic prose

Hips gyrate,
Pushing the immensity of my swell, deep into the warm wake of your womb,
Soft moans and whispered coos drift into my ear,
While measured strokes ease In and out,
Back and forth, inside the moist soft coven between your thighs

Passion rises,
Lust rage,
Love cushions the inner storm,
As hearts start to race with urgency

Tears of sweat ease down my face, then drop on your soft flesh,
Each drip feels like an explosion on your flesh surface,
As the sensitivity of your tender flesh kicks into overdrive

My arms pull your body tighter into mines,
Yours pull our bodies together even tighter,
Making our bodies feel as one,
While maximizing the penetration of my thrust into the turbulent of your wake

Soft kisses bite with deep sensations,
Soft rake of nails, across butt flesh, leaves a jagged trail of blood,
Soft bite on breast flesh, causes a passion scream of pain, as teeth leaves an indention in breast tender flesh,
Slight pull of hair, cause head to jerk hard backwards, as hair roots feel as if being pulled out
As the burning fusion of pain between our legs, aren't enough to satisfy our urge of wanting

My sex size intrude deeper into your sex,
Your sex surrounds my sex with its warmth and tightness,
Causing a friction of optimum pleasure pain

No switching of positions are needed,
No flexing of backs,
No twisting of torsos,
No riding like a cowgirl or cowboy,
No darting of tongue, 
No back door,  with balls loudly slapping the back of your firm behind, to appreciate the blissfulness of orgasms of passion, 
In the missionary position

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Picture poem ..... Release (1) ....... (spank) ...

Head down, 
Ass up,
With legs bonded,
Was her position, 
As she waited in silence for him

Quietly, he arrived, 
He just stood still in the room silence, and silently watched her

As she held her submissive position,
His eyes gazed at the beauty of the creamy soft flesh, that covered the roundness 
of breast that held tight to her chest,
They admired the way her hair floated down and covered most of her lovely face,
barley leaving room for her eyes to see her surroundings,
As his eyes glanced upward, they focused on her thick taught thighs that hinged on the roundness of a firm butt, enticing a impressive bulge in the front of his pants

Touch yourself whispered into the silent air,
His voice caught her off guard, but quickly she did what he asked of her, by
immediately touching her sex

Softly she eased her fingertips over the curvature of her sex opening,
One her lips became wet, a silent moan escaped her lips as tingling sensations creep into her loins, then flowed through her extremities

Push your fingers inside yourself he whispered

One finger, then another, slowly slid into her mushy wet opening, 
Surveying her soft pink walls as they slid down her pink wet center,
Touching the spots she knew all so well that would excite her, excite him,
As he watched her body shiver and rock back and forth in a steady rhythm 

Quietly he positioned himself behind her,
A move that made her anticipation grow, because now she could not see him at all,
The anticipation of what's next made her womb weep heavy tears, as she waited for his choice,
A choice that he was more then patient about,
Because the more patiently he waited, the more her body turned into a sexual frenzy,
The more submissive her mind became,
The more receptive her body was to his every whim,
Patient's that always brought more pleasure not only to him, but to her as well

She was so intense into pleasuring herself, she never heard his pants become unzipped,
Nor hear his footsteps approach her closer from behind,
But she felt the steel hardness of his swollen flesh, slide up the crack of her ass cheeks, pushing them open wide with his wide girth size,
Making her moan from the feel of its smooth skin, easing up and down the crease of its center,
A maneuver he knew would make her mind try to anticipate which orifice he was going to take,
Which one he was going to claim his, on this night

Be still he whispered,
After quickly taking her fingers out his honey hole, her body became completely still on the outside,
But inside her body was still a burning sexual frenzy,
Her chest heaved deeply as the head of his hard rod eased up and down between her butt cheeks crease, while he deeply dry humped on her back side, 
Teasing her mind, teasing her will, with sensations that turned into desires of wanting

After one last deep hard hump, that made his hard mass feel as it was going to push right through her flesh, he took a stepped backwards, then secured his pulsating mass in his hand and guided it to the center of her lobes lips, 
A quiet gasp leaked pass her lips as her back elevated outward from the sensation of his pulsating head pushing hard against her lobes resistance,
After pushing the bulbous head of his hard mass partially pass her lobes opening, he abruptly stopped, letting it get soaked with her slippery juices

Hips slowly gyrated in a tight circle, wiggling the tip of his shaft in her tight hole, her voice moaned loudly as he teased her hole with intentions of penetrations, 
Her mind had to fight the urge to push back into his erection, and sink his mass deep into her womb,
because the consequences could be severe

Eyes watched her body shake and shiver as he slid just the head of his hardness pass her lobes tight grip, then in a instant, he pulled it out with a slushy pop,
A loud moan escape her lungs in protest for the lack of entry, but soon she moans again, when she feels his girth smooth flesh sliding up her lobes slit, while he holds and guides it between her vulva lips, 
Her legs twitch as his girth slowly slid back and forth between her lobes, while he manipulates his swollen girth across the head of her erect clitoris

Swallowed sighs vibrate in her throat, as he teased her lobes with slow long strokes,
When he sensed she was on the verge of climaxing from clitoris stimulation, he pulled his hard membrane away and stepped to one side, leaving her gasping in desperation of release

Lone fingertip swirls in her wet fluid, making her body twitch, 
Once this fingertip became soaking wet, he swirled it on her darkest hole,
Again anticipation raced through her mind, and when she felt his bulbous head linger near it, Her mind tried to calm her body, relax it to accept his choice,
But once he noticed her body had become calm, he pulled away, then playfully slap her on the rear with the swollen girth of his rock hard shaft, letting her know he was still in charge of the moment

Lungs gasp in desperation as her body stood on the edge of anticipation, 
Then without warning, the slap of a hand on her derrière cracked into the silence of the room,
The deep sting made her lungs moan, her body clench tight, but before she could recover from the first hard slap on her backside, another and another penetrating slap stung her butt flesh

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! across one then the other butt cheek sounded in the air,
With her legs bonded, her back side was a perfect target for his pin point aim,
He hesitated for a second, then resumed, this time spanking both cheeks at once, 
Spank! Spank!, Spank!, he always knew when she had just enough, regardless if the spanking was for punishment or pleasure, and he stopped

A smile crossed his face as his eyes glanced at her cherry pink backside,
At first when he touch her smothering flesh, her body flinched, but once his hand softly roamed over her reddish flesh, he felt her body ease into a calm, 
Somebody is very wet he whispered, as his fingertips slid through the flood of slippery fluid on her inner thighs, "must take care of that" was his last words spoken

His presence was felt looming directly behind her, just as her thoughts became what's next, she felt the pulsating head of his cock push against her butt cheeks, directly in the middle of both of her wanting holes,
A slight grunt rushed into the air, as he thrust the swollen head of his size pass her slippery opening,
Her back arch upward, as his swollen head slowly pierced into her pink wake,
After he felt the head of his hardness was securely inside her opening, his hands gripped her waist tight, and with one long slow thrust forward, he drives his entire length balls deep into the darkness of her womb depths

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