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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge... D is for Dead Desire.. (What now)

Body awaken, 
Ache between my legs is calling his name,
Roll over and wake him with nibbles on his ear,
Suction on his hard round nipples,
Mommy we are hungry calls down the hall,
Catch a quickie later roams through my mind

High noon,
Kids playing outside,
Bodies embrace,
Lips taste,
Legs become week at the knees,
Breath is taken away,
Baby cries float down the hallway,
While deep sigh flow past parted lips,
"What now" flash through my mind,
Tonight twinge deep between my thighs

Read to,
Way past their bedtimes,
Good night my wonderful sleeping kiddies

He's sitting in the floor in the dark watching TV,
Kids put to bed,
Baby is feed and fast asleep,
House is quiet as a mouse,
I ease down next to him,
His hand roams into the front of my pants,
Fingertips ease pass my fancy panty lace and wiggle into my pink jiggle,
Breath held,
Hips bunk,
Kisses bite with a deluge of passion

Pants pulled down,
Head down, Azz up,
Panties pushed to one side,
Enormous cock slid between my thighs, then into my wanting wet orifice,
Scream is swallowed,
As his cock slide deep into my hollow,
Hard deep thrust rock my body,
Quiet grunts,
Depressed moans,
Fill the air,
My mind drift into space,
As his long hard thrust rock my sexual world

Hips buck wildly into his,
Tightly wrapped cock, is swallowed deep inside my wetness,
A quiet mommy is heard coming from behind the living room couch,

Pants pulled up in a panic,
Yes baby is whispered to tiny body hiding in the shadows,
I'm scared, I heard a strange noise mommy,
Its OK baby, it was just mommy playing with daddy,
Lets go back to bed sweetie,
Tiny body put to bed,
Silently check on the baby

He stands behind me,
As I check on the littlest one in her crib,
Hard pulsating cock pushes on my derriere,
Juices are felt streaming down my leg,
Hips gently grind into each other,
Thoughts of the taste of his meat makes my mouth water,
Mommy! Timmy just bit me, screams down the hallway,

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Head Day .... D is for Deep... (C is for Cum)

Glossy pink painted nails, 
Ride on long smooth soft fingers,
That gently wrap its warmth around the flaccidity of his naked sex

Slow, firm, up and down stroking motion on its cotton soft skin,
Awaken his sex from its slumbering limp state

Sex girth throbs as it open her fingertips grip wider,
Its length reaches urgently upward towards the moisture of her waiting, wanting, lips

Stretching flesh, 
Throbbing girth, 
Shoot pain pleasure sensations through his loins,
Extorting a quiet gasping moan of desired pain from the depths of his lungs

Lips part,
Tongue slash, across the top of the extended width of his erection mushroom head

Lips close,
Then slowly ease down his lengthy shaft length,
Quiet moans escape into the air, as her lips slid up and down his sex girth flesh

Head pulls upward,
Lips release his harden flesh,
All eyes stare at his sex erection, that has become harder then solid concrete,
And stands perfectly erect like a ten story building

Spit glistering wet skin, has becomes so tight, its color is now transparent,
His thick blood vein images a train track on a city map

Manly eyes close from electrified sensations, of her warm hand grip sliding up and down his girth length

Legs straighten then quiver,
As he feel the heat of her mouth surround his erection, while her lips ease down his shaft taut  flesh

Deeper and deeper his sex slips past her lips firm grip, while her head bobs up and down until the head of his erection touches the front of her throat,
Hands pulling hard on the back of her head, falls to his side, as shear sensations of his erection pushing into her throat overwhelms him

Her pace quickens,
His shaft girth thickens,
As her sloppy wet lips slide up and down his length in a pace of urgency

Wet lips slip,
Hips dip,
As his orgasm erupts and ejaculate his white hot seed deep into the heat of her throat




Is followed by a deep moan in her chest, as the sweet taste of his hot thick white seed, saturates the palate of her tongue

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday moaning .. D is for Desired moan ...

Fingertips grip lace panties seams

Hips lift

Panties are slowly tugged down shapely legs

Head turn

Eyes look up

Face blush

Lips part

Lungs quietly gasp, as if its the first time your eyes has ever glanced at the privacy of my sex

The hungry desire of me illuminating in the back of your eyes, 

Made my body flesh melt, my voice profoundly moan...

1Manview © 8-23 – 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge... D is for Dissolution ... Song poem

The power of music is just that.. Powerful...
A song can take your mind back to anytime of your life,
Good or bad in one beat of your heart...
This poem was written in "second voice", but the memory is mine,
And only mine...

Dark thoughts,
Dark memories,
Darken room,
In dark of night

Tears roam down the dark complexion of my face flesh,
Captured by my pillow case,
As thoughts of you, 
Trace through my mind,
While wondering,

Why wouldn't you stay?
Why did you leave?
Why leave me alone in the dark?

Your touch lingers,
On my flesh,
Its softness,
Its gentleness, 
Touched me so deep, it touched my soul,
It brought up passion hidden in the depths of my sexuality,
Passion that made tears cry inside me,
Unlike the ones that's now raining a wet trail down my face 

Memories of us still stand in my mind,
Memories of us holding hands,
Memories of us quietly talking and laughing while laying intertwined in the dark, 
Memories of sharing soft kisses, that seem to have no end,
Memories of my hands tracing your back flesh,
While my nails rake its surface to the color of red,  as the thrust of your sex inside me, touched me ever deep,
Your sex girth open me wide, on each gyration of the power in your hips,
The persuasion of your mind, opened my mind to acceptance of sexual latitudes

My voice softly moan your name,
In unison of your deep voice quietly moaning mine,
As we made the act of passionate love in the shadows of the dark

Deep breaths push the heave of my breast into your chest,
Nipples touch,
Sensations roar,
While fingertips roam,
Lips taste,
Breaths inhale,
As passion pain rain profusely inside our loins

I was inside you,
You were inside me, mind, body and soul,
But now my body awaken in the dark,
Feeling only my heart beating in the ache of sorrow,
My head resting in a rained soaked pillow case,
While my eyes search the the darkness of the room shadows,
Hoping once again, to see the presence of your body standing, watching,
Over me

Tears drop,
Mind wonders,
Why you didn't stay with me?
Why would you say you love me? 
knowing your heart did not,
Why did you leave me in the dark alone?
In the darkness, of my lonely thoughts...

1Manview © 08-21 – 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge ... D is for Dream waker ... Monday moaning

Last night I had a dream

A dreamed of you

Your bald head rising up from the security of its blanket

Stretching its body to fullness 

Its eye search for the center of my heat 

Once found, it forcefully opens my haven closed door

Its head of armor push the swell of my arch open

Then abruptly push through its center 

Elongating its corridor with its length

Its hard girth then rub on my corridor tender pink pliable surface 
until it tears

Awakening me from a silent night dream

Into a daylight of screams

With my eyes wide open...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge... D is for Direction... (Take me) Repetitive Song poem

Take me,
Take me in your arms

Take me,
Hold me close,
So close my lungs can no longer breathe in your essence

Kiss me, 
Kiss my lips with the softness of pure white cotton

Kiss me,
Kiss me with urgent tenderness

kiss me, 
Kiss me with ardent passion

Kiss me,
kiss me with the lust of your tongue

Take me,
Take me while gently disrobing the curvature of my flesh

Take me,
Take me after you lie my body gingerly down on our oversize bed

Take me, 
Take me while taking what's mine to give

Take me,
Take me while the the flavor of my pink sexual core, flood down on the pink palate of your tongue

Take me,
Take me as my body profusely convulse for more

Take me,
Take me while your body ride tempestuously between the center of my thighs

Take me,
Take me as deep as your sex can probe into the darkness of my soft wetness

Take me, 
Take me again, and again

Take me,
Take me while loud articulations of my voice beg you for more

Take me,
Take me until my passionate screams, are screams of adore

Wake me,
Wake me so I can feel the consciousness of your love....

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

A song poem is a poem written from a chosen song in a preferred form of poetry. It must use a phrase, sentence or directive word from that song. It also has to be written in the melody, rhythm and dictated spirit of that song...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A to z erotic poem challenge ... D is for Decisive ... (Picture poem)

The full extent of the brightness of the full moon

Mooned at her

After exposing the fullness of her splendid glory 

She mooned it back ..

*A Picture poem is a poem devised from looking at a image...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

A to Z erotic poetry challenge ... C is for Climax ...

When his tongue is hot and wet

Lapping, licking, swirling, slithering in your substance

You pull his head ever closer

Impaling the tip of his tongue deep into your pink wetness

Bringing you to the edge of climax

Edging your lungs to moan profusely

For completion ....

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge ... C is for (his) Cream

Eyes stare,
Nostrils flare,
Hand tender touch,
Slowly rise and fall,
Until my manhood stood tall,
And its girth become thick and harder then a concrete wall

Tongue lick 

Hips dip

Lips sip

Hand grip

Lustful feelings inside my loins unzip

First cream seen is always clear,
Meaning she's getting me near

To the point of a surreal climax

Clear cream,
Slowly ease up stream,
Seep between throbbing manhood cut slit seem,
While soft firm lips take me to the point of extreme

Soft lips move up and down,
On swollen cock shining crown,
Start to really bare down,
Leaving my face with an ecstasy frown

Lips quickly slither,
Legs quiver,
Sperm run up my slit channel like it's a flooding river,
Leaving my body in a deep shiver

Hands quickly pump,
Up and down on the  velvet soft flesh of my hard stump,
While hips quivery hump,
Quaking legs jiggly jump

Eyes watch my hot creamy white cream, 
Ooze extensively through my swollen dick head seem,
Then trickle down my shaft like hot melting vanilla ice cream

Tip of her long pink tongue,
Catches my white creamy cream on the run,
While spamming loins become completely undone,
As she tastes every drop down to the last dripping one

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge .. C is for Cream ..




As seen

Tempt me..

The thought 

Of taste

Seduce me...

Foreplay thoughts

Enter my mind

As panties fall

Off her behind

Past thick thighs

Down shapely  legs...

Foreplay again

Enters my thoughts

As tongue slip between soft lips

But my mind thoughts 

Are far behind my actions

As the taste of her clear creamy cream

Is interrupted

By her deafening scream... 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday moaning... C is for Cords (Electric guitar) ...

Fingertips strokes my exposed flesh like I'm a electric guitar



Easing up and down my strings

Striking my every cord with precise licks

First slow and easy

Then faster, to a mellow jazzy pace

As my song nears its completion

Fingertips strum over the most sensitive cord between the softness of my inner thighs

Compelling my voice to hit its highest note

Until my voice scream in silence

Leaving my body deeply reverberating inside..

1Manview © 1999 – 2014