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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Red panties dairy ... Life of the party 3 .. Saturday suduction series

Part 3

Once again his rough grip grabbed her at the back of the neck, 
This time he leads her up into the bed to the rear headboard, 
Where one by one he confined her wrist with leather cuffs to it

He stood silently in front of her, waiting for her eyes to meet his,
Once her teary eyes looked directly into his,
He reached into his pocket and took out a crisp one dollar bill,
He placed it in her right hand and whispered, don't drop it slut, its for tonight services,
Her head and eyes immediately dropped down in shame,
The same shame he felt when she had her fun drinking too much and flirting like a common slut with his coworkers

As he entered the bed, the bed mattress shook, 
The zipping sound of his newly purchase black suit trousers was heard slowly zipping down,  
The big round head of his rock hard cock pulsating on the opening of what was "His" to take, was felt pushing tightly against it,
A swallowed groan from her lungs went unheard, as the sensations of his size ramming deep into "His" pink sanctuary with one hard thrust of his hips,
Deep unheard moans rumble in her lungs, as sharp sensations of deep penetration crashed inside her wetness

Suddenly her head was painfully jerked backwards, 
Whispering words spoke directly into her ear,
"Since you embarrass me by acting like a common street slut, 
I'm going to fuck you just like I would a common street slut",
And honey don't you dare drop the money I put in your hand,
She gasped then swallowed in recognition of his stern warning words

After grabbing a larger hand full of her hair, he forcefully jerked her head back as far as he could pull it, 
His hips started to pump deeply, thrusting his throbbing cock fast, hard and deep into what was "His" tight pussy

A moan escape pass red lips, as his hard cock suddenly slid deeper into "His" pussy that was gripping his thick shaft tightly,
Deeper and deeper he drove his harden sex into the slippery wake of "His" pussy,
As the length of his shaft smoothly glided between 'His" pussy walls, his hand released her hair and latched tightly onto "His" hips, pulling what was "His" body deeper and harder into his own, 
Pop-pop-pop- sounds floated into the air, as his balls slapped hard against the underside of "His" firm round ass

His eyes glanced down and watched his glistering shaft slide in and out "His" tight pink space, 
He began to measure his strokes, making it slower and longer, giving him more visual of his cock gliding in and out between her thighs,  making the visual more erotic to watch, and even more erotic to feel, 
He pulled his shaft almost out of "His" sweet honey hole, then thrust it back into her womb furthest corner,
Sensations of his shaft head repeatedly reaching into her deepest depths, push her body to the edge of release on each gyration of his hips

Petite hands gripped tight on the bed frame, 
Curvy hips willingly pushed back into his with all its might,
"His" dripping wet pussy was drowning in sensations of being on fire, and she needed his thick hard cock to relent the flames,
When she heard the sloshing sounds of his cock joining in with the sounds of his hard slapping balls against her ass cheeks, she lightly moaned in their rhythm, 
A quick hard slap on the top of her ass reminded her she was to be silent as she was being punished, and by the way his thick hard cock was slamming down into her pink hole, 
He was diffidently punishing "His" pussy if not her

What was 'His" to take anytime, anyway he wanted was felt tightening on his harden girth,
A signal he was very familiar with,
A signal that her body was nearing its orgasmic state, 
Whispered, "not yet" reminding her who was not only in charge of "His" body, but had the say when she could climax, she would have to stay on the edge without crossing it,
After she swallowed a deep regretting moan, she took deep controlled breaths to calm her emotion, to steady the fire burning forever deep inside her sex,
But being the naughty brat she was even in punishment, she didn't remember hearing him say you couldn't come, and let herself come hard and repeatedly

Trembling body shook and convulsed under his,
Pink womb suddenly tighten on his cock shaft like a mouse trap slapping down on a field mouse,
His voice audibly moaned as the surreal sensations plummet deep into his loins, as his hips franticly pumped his diamond hard cock deep into the clear creamy wake inside "His" pink hot wet pussy,
He wanted to stop and take control of her will, spank her senseless for her disobedience, 
But the tight hot pussy gripping his cock with all its might, felt to damn good to stop in the moment,
But punish her properly before this night was over, he would

Tears of ecstasy ran down her cheeks, 
As he kept his word and fucked the slut out of her, by ramming the full length of his thick penile deep inside the wet pinkness of what was "His" to take

His size fell into her pink depths,
Suddenly his girth thickened,
His balls became taut,
A deep animal like grunt ripped from his lungs as his body tensed then stiffened,
Her body writhe as his cock slammed deep into her womb while palpitating uncontrollably, as it spewed thick ropes of his hot white ejaculating sperm deep inside her pinkness,
Womanly hips slung wildly back and forth, while her tight womb walls milked every drop of his hot milky cream from his loins,
His load of ejaculated sperm was so massive, it pushed out the confine of her womb and dribbled down the side of her thighs,
After his penile last palpitation, his sexually spent body came to rest on top of hers

Composure returned to their bodies,
He slowly pulled his limp cock out of "His" wet pussy, and went to the back of the bed frame to release her restraints,
In disbelief, his eyes saw the dollar bill she was suppose to keep holding in her hand was lying on the floor,
When his eyes glanced up into hers, he could see a hidden smirk on her face,
Not only did she orgasm knowing she was not to, she also let the forewarning of dropping the dollar bill to the floor go without reservation
Again, even after her worst behavior, the rebel in her refuse to submit,
She always had an angle to free herself from total submission and his authority,
But tonight was going to be the end of it,
Even if it took him all night to set her defiant mind straight

("He didn't release the restraints on her wrist,
Instead he left the room in a huff,)

To be continued....

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