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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Red panties dairy .... Life of the party ... Saturday seduction ..

Pretty enough to eat,
She looked like a tall womanly meal,
In six inch heels,
That gracefully supported tall shapely legs,
That made most men beg,
Just to be near her

Her hair was long, dark and flowed gracefully with her sexy strides,
It supported her pretty face that was heightened with distinctive Native American cheeks, 
And big light brown eyes that sparkled like gold in the morning sun

One long slender leg walked in front of the other,
As she casually strolled Into the crowded room, 
A room filled with handsome men in expensive suits,
Gorgeous woman wearing expensive dresses, 
WIth over priced diamond jewelry hanging from varies parts of their body,
Every man, 
Every woman, 
Even significant other, 
Eyes followed every movement of her exquisite body,
As she glided across the room as if she was walking on a white cloud

After her grand entrance,
She flirted with every woman in the room,
She flirted with every man within her sights,
She flirted with the servants if they got close enough to hear her soft sexy voice,
She flirted with significant others so they didn't feel left out

While she sat down on the lounge chair,
She would purposely leaned forward and low,
Showing off the large heave of her firm elongated breast,
She would slowly turn and twist her shapely body, so her short skirt helm would rise upward,
Giving all eyes looking her way, a glimpse of the creamy softness of her thick firm thighs, 

She would purposely get out of one chair and walk over to another,
 Just to sit down so she would have an excuse to intimately cross her legs, 
Giving all eyes that was stealing a glance of her,
A short glimpse of the twelve o'clock shadow of her private space

Once she became seated at the bar, 
She sat seductively while sucking on a transparent straw immersed in a red fruit colored drink,
Eyes watched her voluptuous lips wrap around the straw, her cheeks indent inward as she steadily sucked the cool
red drink in one draw none stop, to the very last sweet seductive drop,
When she handed the bar tender her glass in exchange for another, her eyes would slowly glanced up into the mirror behind the bar, so she could see just how many men had a standing ovation bulging in their pants from watching her sucking skills,
Before this night was over, she was going to show everyone she was the hit of the party,
The woman with plenty of sexual energy

He stood across the room in silence watching her very move out the corner of his eye, 
Taking unseen glances every chance he could,
Trying not to miss none of the showing of her high sexuality,
While he engaged in conversing with his workplace superiors 

At the end of the night, he walked quietly up to this gorgeous lady, 
Without speaking he offered her the arm of a gentleman,
Her eyes wondered into his eyes and saw that his eyes had a strong manly glare about them,
His face was handsome, his defined slender built body was covered with a perfect fitting black tailored suit,
Without hesitation, she laid her arm on top of his then rose from her seat and walked pass all the want to be with her,
As she exit the room, she flirted with the crowd one last time, with one last wide sexy swing of her curvy hips

In complete silence, the handsome couple walked to his car,
He open the passenger door like the gentleman he was, 
Without a word she step into his sporty vehicle,
Still without uttering a word, he drove toward his home

As he drove his eyes would take quick glances at the well tanned creamy thighs that stood out far from her shot dress helm, 
Their creamy skin glittered in the moonlight, a sight that filled his loins with desire, his mind with lustful thoughts,
At each stop light, he would take quick glances at the shape of her breast, that seem to reach out at his fingertips with an Invitation to touch their softness, squeeze their firmness,
While his eyes were lingering on the curves of her hips, he felt her eyes watching his, 
When he turned his head towards her, he knew she could see his face was lightly blushing even in the dark of the car, 
But it didn't keep him form taking a moment to look her directly into the shine of her big light brown eyes

Stopping at another red light, gave his eyes a chance to linger on her sexy body, and linger they did,
They caught the beauty of her face that was supported by long dark wavy hair, 
The soft pout of her lips was covered with red lipstick that perfectly matched her short red dress,
A dress that barely covered the sexy red panties she was flashing at everyone at the party,
But it was her voluptuous lips that stirred the lust within him,
Lips that made him wish he could just have a moment of taste from them,
A moment to let them slither down the girth of the throbbing ache between his legs,
Just as the stop light turned green and his thoughts were back on the road, his eyes caught her intentional glare lingering on the large bulge in his paints, 
Once she knew she had his undivided attention, her eyes glanced back up to the road while she ran the tip of her tongue across her lips,
Leaving them wet and shinny with her tongue juices,
He moaned to himself as the bulge in his pants extended

After what felt like a never ending drive, he finally pulled into his driveway, 
Once the car came to a halt and the ignition was turned off, he took deep quiet breaths to settle the need that was aching between his legs,
But his thoughts quickly focused on the importance of what he had to do first on this night

He walked around the car and opened the door for her like any gentleman would do,
He open the house side door and let her walk through first like any true gentleman would,
He close the door so casually behind her, she never heard it come to a dead stop before he secure the dead bolt lock on it

When she preceded to casually walk away from him towards the living room,
A firm grip on her shoulder spun her body around like it was a rag doll,
Her heart raced in fear when her eyes witness the cold calculating expression on his face

Big brown eyes grew bigger as his right hand firmly gripped completely around her throat,
His tight grip was tight enough to kept her voice from screaming, 
But just loose enough to let her lungs grasp a whisper of air

He immediately pushed her body hard and tight against the wooden door,
His lips kissed hers savagely hard with brute viscousness, swallowing all of her cries of resistance while his left hand roughly stripped her body clothing to bare essentials,
Leaving only the strip of flimsy red material she called panties on her magnificent sculptured body,
When he finally release his tight grip on her throat, her voice had become still quiet, her body slowly slumped in submission to the floor,
"Follow me slut" was all he said before silently walking away from her,
After grasping some sense of composure, she followed him silently while crawling on all fours behind him
(To be continued)

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