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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A to Z... (F) Fellatio... Slow burn

Attentive eyes,
Watch my body every movement,
As the softness of her lips,
Slowly dragged across the surface of my sex harden flesh

They watched my eyes slowly close,
My lips whimper,
My chest abruptly heave forward,
While her lips pulled, 
Dragged on and over the velvet softness of my sex girth flesh,
Killing me slowly with unparalleled surreal sensations, 
That felt as if it was about to burst outward of the perimeter of my loins

Toes curl,
Let hand grab,
Onto the soft flesh of her shoulder,
To steady my lifting body

Right hand intertwine,
Into her hair,
To direct her head forward motions,
And to pull her head backwards at my command,
But once her head movements fond that rhythm of slow death,
My hand just laid on her head in dormant,
While my body went into sexual direst

Legs shivered in protest of the shear sensations that ran rampant throughout my extremities,
Sensations that burn hotter then a raging forest fire inside my loins,
While teasing my mind of the repercussions of the explosion that was slowly approaching inside me,
That would soon completely consume my being 

Deep smooth breaths become short,
Short hitching breaths becomes erratic,
Erratic breaths become disoriented, 
While quick heartbeats become frantic,
As the slow sexual death of my orgasm slowly arise from my loins depths

Wide open eyes watched closely,
So they could observe my body every slight movement,
Every shiver,
Every twitch of a muscle

While the firmness of her soft lips slowly devoured my sex whole,
They followed the slight upward bow of my girth,
The slight curve to the left of my sex length,
All the way up to my scrotum sac,
Then back to the very beginning of it all

Slow death eclipse my body, every time her lips slowly eased forward on the slippery wet flesh of my cock,
The same lips that bring me back to life as they reverse their course

Elation sensations rush from the tip of my sex, to the stem of my brain,
As her head slowly rocked back and forth,
Pushing my length in and out the moist heat of her mouth,
While dragging the firm grip of her lips up and down my girth slippery swollen flesh,
Drawing my orgasm nearer and nearer to an explosive liberation

Hips gyrate,
Thrusting my sex length harder and deeper into the darkness of her mouth,
Bringing my sexual urge nearer to release,
My lust to the point of burst

Crying moans drowned in my throat,
As my body became rigid,
Explosion is followed by compulsion of my hot white liquid,
Into her greedy mouth, that sucked my loins dry of all its thick white gooey seed

Is followed by tranquility,
As my body wavered in its stance

Eyes meet and greet,
As hands cup my backside, bringing stabilization to my body wobbly stance,
Lips smile, as her act of slow burn fellatio, left my mind, body and soul in a dream state of calm...

1Manview © 2-24 – 2015


  1. What a glory.....
    To receive a blowjob like that...
    Perfect words to follow an outstanding image...
    Peace and love for you!!!

    1. My apologise, my computer is taking a break. So my response is slow.
      Thank you for the comment.

      Peace and love

  2. What a delicious morning read! I loved this male POV. And this stanza is killer....Slow death eclipse my body, every time her lips slowly eased forward on the slippery wet flesh of my cock,
    The same lips that bring me back to life as they reverse their course

    1. Tank you very much for the comment. .. They are always appreciated..

      Peace and love

  3. to fellare or not to fellare, that is the rub...

  4. delícia esse mama ai!!!! amei...
    saudades dos amigos
    visite-me na casa nova...

    яυgı∂σs ρσétι¢σѕ ∂α ℓєσα

  5. My clittie is swelling in my juicebox.

  6. Nice, makin my clittie swell in my juicebox.

    1. Hmmm... Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a enticing comment. I hope to be back at writing some new poems soon...

      Peace and love