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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Head day... Heartbeats .... Prose poem

Flow steadily and quietly through my ear,
As my head lay in the middle of the broadness of his chest

It was sounds of the slow soft rhythmic beats of his heart,
Beats that brought my body functions to a calm,
Beats that entice my mind to fall into a quick quiet slumber

Suddenly in the darkest of night, 
My eyes open,
My mind awaken,
And again I heard the slow rhythmic heartbeats of his heart,
And once again it enticed my mind back towards slumber,
But a persistence kept interrupting my peaceful sleep,
A persistence of an deep ache in the center of my thighs,
An ache that stirs my body needs,
An ache that make my womb fill with moisture,
My vulva lips swell with need

Mind stir, 
Then reflects on the moments just before slumber consumed me,
It thinks about the callouss hands with a soft touch, that eased across the exposure of my back flesh,
Massaged the knots of daily tension that had sat in the small of my back,
Loosened the tense tightness of the muscles in my neck and shoulder,
And soothed the muscles of my inner thighs, while softly touching the surrounding surface of my sex, 
Leaving it in a slightly arousing state

And when he was done,
He rolled over unto his back and pulled my body into his arms gentle embrace,
Where I soon fell victim to the soothing effects of his touch,
And the lure of his soft heartbeats into slumber,
But now in the middle of the night my body has awaken,
And the persistent ache between my legs is keeping my mind awake 

Fingertips roam in the dark,
Flaccidity is found and fondle, 
Kneaded and gently yanked on,
Its girth is slipped through the palm of my hand, until its head is enticed to swell,
Its length to reach out into the far darkness

A deep sigh transformed from his lungs,
His body tense,
His eyes open,
His face smile,
His hands gently roll me onto my backside

Manly thighs straddle my head,
His eyes look down into mine,
Unsteady hand reaches and find the harden swell between his legs,
Then again I feel his heartbeat, 
But this time it's beating on the tip of the tender soft flesh of my mouth lips

1Manview © 2-3- 2015


  1. Los latidos son la música que envuelve la piel acariciándola hasta llevarla al éxtasis de la pasión.



    1. Los latidos rítmico de la lujuria ...

      paz y amor

  2. The last line is killer! Blogger is eating my comments, I think.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping in and leaving a comment Wet Bliss,
      It's appreciated... My blog is set so that after three days of a post, the comments go into what blogger call moderation. I have to approve the comment to be posted. I like it because that way I don't miss a comment on an older post... :)

      peace and love