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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monday moaning .. Capitulate .. revisited ....

Surrender is my body,
Ravish me as you please

Use me
Squeeze me
Tempt me
Tease me
Taste me

Taste my moist offering,
Taste my moist essence of pink,
Sip in it deep,
Until my knees goes weak,

Suckle on the curvature of my derriere,
Tantalize my body with satisfying surreal sensation,
With quick licks of your tongue sweeping motions

Spank me,
Bend me over your knee and make my behind blush,
Whip, crack, smack, your hand hard on the roundness of my butt
While my lungs, audibly pretend to fuss

Spank me until my butt is the same color of the wet pinkness between my thighs,
Spank me until my eyes rain with joyous cries

Abuse me,
Abuse me from behind,
Abuse me with your long thick treat,
Abuse me fathoms deep,
Abuse me so deep your scrotum slaps against the bottom of my rosy red cheeks

Make me scream,
Just before my body quakes,
My booty shakes,
My clear sweet tart cream over regulates
And run down the inner thickness of my thighs

I surrender,
Release me!

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  1. Nice poem......
    The photo is just wonderful!!!

    1. Thank youPEQUENOS DELITOS RENOVADOS, your comments are always appreciated..

      peace and love

  2. Ahh this is blissful poetry that I can envision. I should make it over to your site(s) more often... I wish I could enjoy you more fully from my WP reader. :)

    1. Thank you so much Wet bliss.. It would be nice if WP had a blog list similar to blogspot .... :)

      peace and love