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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday Moaning .... It's morning .... prose poem

Body stirs,
Eyes awaken,
Mind drifts from its morning daze,
As my eyes look at his face that's still focused in a morning haze,
His eyes glare is felt upon my flesh,
The kind of glare that pushes my mind into a lustful rush

It takes awhile,
For my lips to frown up into a morning smile,
But his lips soft kisses,
Never misses,
To sooth my morning mood

Tender touch reaches out and ease across the nakedness of my breast,
Softly touching the exposure of its flesh, 
Squeezing its texture all so delicately

Legs spread,
Between my body center,
His body leans,
Hardness meet wet softness,
Intruder alert awakens all my senses within,
Good morning deep thrust dive into the pink color of my wetness,
That's followed by my lungs quiet, good morning moan

1Manview © 1999 – 2015


  1. Beautiful way to wake up.


    1. Yes indeed it is... :)

      peace and love

  2. Una forma de despertar no solo el cuerpo, también los sentidos
    Un abrazo