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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Red panties dairy .. Life of the party 4 .. Saturday sedution series

Part 4

He didn't release the restraints on her wrist,
Instead he left the room in a huff,
The hidden smirk on her face leaked out, as thoughts of once again I have won, eased through her mind,,
But when he came back into the room, her smirk turned upside down,
Because in his hand was the resemblance of a bamboo cane,
And one thing she had heard about a caning,
It would leave your ass burning in total flames,
Damn was the only word that came into her mind

He laid the cane down in front of her, so she had time to think about what was going to transpire,
He had never spanked her butt with anything but his hand before, but recently he had bought this secret implement just for an occasion like this,
Now she was looking at an instrument that was made to bring real pain to her backside,
But right now, seeing her seduced in hand cuffs with that I just got really fucked look on her face, 
Had his loins wanting more

After wondering around the bedroom like a lost child, he returned with a step stool in hand, 
In front of her, he laid it next to the bed headboard, a what the hell frown flashed on her face, 
"Come here", he whispered,
She openly sighed, then cautiously position her body closer to the bed frame,
"Right there is good" he calmly stated,
Calmly he Stood on the stool and took hold of his limp dick and pulled it out of his pants, then slid its sleeping head up against the pout of her savory red painted lips,
At first her eyes said, "are you kidding", because in all the years they have ben married, she has never had a limp cock in her mouth,
Glaring down at her, he quietly said, "a problem"? 
Then let his eyes glance over at the cane

Lips part, 
Tongue softly flickered,
On the head of his flaccid cock,
Mmm swept through her mind, as for the first time her tongue palate tasted his spent sperm and her feminine wine mixed together,
It was a wonderful taste, and she wanted more of it,
Her lips opened wider as she leaned forward and sucked the head of his limp offering deeper into her mouth, savoring the taste as long as it lasted,
Soon a light throb was felt on her tongue palate, as his offering started to come back to life

Half limp cock is swallowed deep into the heat of her mouth, a strange feeling she was not accustom too, 
A feeling of exoticness that triggered tingling sensations and a gather of moisture inside her offering,
Her lips struggled trying to slide his half limp sex in and out of her mouth with her hands restrained, but the harder his cock became, the easier it slid between her lips greediness

Hands reached out and held her head still as he thrust his awaken cock slow and deep into her mouth, 
Her thoughts were now she really knew what it meant, to have a mouth full of hard cock

A struggle pursued as she tried to pull her head backwards from his gyrating hips deep thrust, but the firm grip he held on her head kept it steady in place, 
Deep moans escaped from his throat as his hard mass grew inside out between her lips
Slight gags started to emerge from her mouth, whenever she felt the head of his full harden mass touch the front of her throat, 
When he became aware that her breath was being taking away from his cock pushing deep into her mouth, he begin to take short measured strokes so she could breathe easier

As the erotic sensations flushed through her, she had wishful thoughts of not having her hands in restraints so she could completely enjoy the naughty erotic feelings her body was experiencing, 
She wanted to stroke his length with one hand, while her fingertips stroked the electrified ache between her thighs with the other

Eyes glanced at his hard offering pushing in and out her mouth, while her lips slowly dragged back and forth on the velvet soft flesh of its throbbing girth,
She watch his face writhe, 
Heard his manly voice moan deeply every time she took his cock to the front of her throat
When she felt wetness leaking pass her womb seems, it was the first time she wanted to have an orgasm while sucking on his stiff cock,
She wanted to put her fingers in her wetness and explode from within, but she put her thoughts aside and concentrated on giving her husband what he wanted, what he demanded, instead of her own wants

Never has giving head felt this erotic to her before,
She loved the way she control his body movements with the pressure of her lips, the flick of her tongue,
She loved watching his eyes watch his wet shaft disappear into the darkness of her mouth wetness

Quiet erratic moans became louder, as his shaft ballooned to gigantic proportions,
Then like a erupting volcano, his whole body shook with earth shattering tremors

Sperm hotter then lava, forcefully ejaculated from his sac and spewed with ferocity into the heat of her mouth,
Never had she felt his seed ejaculate with such a thick mass of gooey white substance, like it was doing now,
His loins ejaculate so much volume of his wet white seed, she felt it leak past the seal of her lips on his pulsating shaft, 
The more she tried, the more she fail to swallow the mammoth mass of his white liquor

His body went as limp as his cock, as the peak of his orgasm subsided,
Sudden jerks and muscle spasm soon followed, while her lips tenderly massaged his cock length,
His voice loudly sighed, as her lips milked the last drop of his offering from his loins,
But even after the last drop was tasted, she did not stop, she kept bobbing her head slowly up and down, 
Slowly dragging her lips over the length of his spent dick

Shear sensations made his legs shiver, his body lightly shake with miniature tremors,
When he couldn't stand the sheerness of the sensation anymore, he whispered stop,
And surprisingly, stop she did

Breathing became calm,
Body slump onto the headboard,
A smile ran across his face, as he looked down at her, 
She was softly purring like a kitten as she held what was left of his towering erection captive between her lips,
With one quick pull, he pulled his limpness from between her lips with a pop, then preceded to stand behind her in total silence as his eyes stared at the sexy red panties that was still clinging on her right thigh

Moments passed, as she waited for her faith, 
The silent room was now annoying her more then she could imagine,
What was he going to do now flashed through her thoughts, 
She could see the cane resting in place, and he wasn't making any jesters as if he was going to retrieve it,
Which meant it could be just another one of his idle threats, 
She smiled to herself because she knew he would never hurt her, regardless of what she did,
And after giving him that mega explosion he just had deep in the heat of her mouth,  
It was going to make it easier for her to do what she always did, and that was to get what she really wanted in the end...

To be continued

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  1. What a great story!! Can't wait to read more.

    1. Thank you little girl, I appreciate your comment very much ...

      peace and love

  2. Wow... so much better than what passes now for popular "erotic fiction"..!

    1. Thank you very much Big mark, nice to see you again.... :)

      peace and love