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Friday, December 18, 2015

Clean sweep ... Prose poem

Wet meet moist
As tongue tip lightly lick folds of mushy soft flesh,
Hips lift,
Then gyrate,
Mimicking slow-moving ocean waves,
That gently rock his head up and down,
As his tongue trace the shape of your sex soft swollen flesh
Waves of electrified sensations,
Entice you to lift your head higher,
As pleasure desire,
Rifle into the sanctuary of your loin
Breath hitch,
As hips dip,
Then erratically lift upwards toward the sky
Legs spread,
Then gingerly wrap around his head,
Then pull it inward,
As sounds of gasping lungs reverberate between creamy twitching thighs
Head tilt,
As submission wilt,
To the will of orgasmic release,
That unwillingly shake your body
Calm is the waves,
As your body lay in a daze,
While bathing in an afterglow so deep,
You barely notice the smooth wavering waves from his soft swirling tongue,
That's still wedged betwixt the center softness of your shivering thighs

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