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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy Humpday .....

She playfully straddled his body,
Then playfully kissed his lips,
As their kiss transcended into lust,
She passionately dry-humped on his granite hard cock

Happy Humpday ...


  1. Replies
    1. Humpday is a day of the week.. Wednesday...

      Here in the US, We have a sexual name for everyday of the week. Humpday is the biggest because it use to mean that the work week was almost over.. ( Over the hump ) Now it's used as a sexual day... (Humpday)

      Monday is Monday moaning... Tuesday is Titty day... Wednesday is Humpday... Thursday is Thirsty Thursday ( oral sex ) or tap that ass Thursday... Friday is Freaky Friday ( The day to get your sexual freak on)
      Saturday is Sexy Saturday ... Sunday is Seductive Sunday ... Depending on which coast of the US you live on, the days meaning may be different... But it all has to do with sex....

      Thank you for the read and question...
      peace and love

  2. Só a imagem já prevê um gostoso amor!!!