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Monday, April 4, 2016

Reprisal to Navypoet "I fucked you."..

I fucked you... 

Towering masculine size stood at an abrupt attention

While your body lay dead still, in the missionary position

Body lower on top of yours

Impaling my hardness pass the tight seal of your protective doors

Graduating filling the pink Temptress hiding between your brown thick firm thighs 

With the dark flesh of my hard masculine pride 

I fucked you... 

Hard throbbing cock, thrusting steady and deep into the pink flesh of your hot seems

With all the prowess of my means

Enticing your voice to grovel and audibly scream 

I fucked you... 

Head down 

Ass up... 

Hands pushing

Fingertips pulling 

On thick brown curvy hips

That was clamping hard against mine 

While making that pop-pop-pop-popping sound

As masculine hips deeply ground

The hard elongated thickness 

Of my hard substance with sheer quickness

Deep into the moist heat of your mound 


I fucked you... 


With thoughts of hurting you not even a care

As my hand pulled on the long black braid of hair

That train down the curvature of your back

Stopping at the crease of your deep butt crack 

Fingertips pulling your body ever closer to mine

While your hips did that profound gratifying gyrating grind

Immersing my cock inside your sex just that extra bit

Which made your curvy body squirm in a blissful sexual fit 

I fucked you... 

Until the taste of your wet sex was on my lips

While my head slightly weaved and bobbed between your deep winding hips, 

Your sex aroma blanket the air in the room 

As my tongue licked your sex ever closer to an orgasmic bloom, 

While your mouth deep throat my size without a doubt, 

Bringing me closer of being out of my starving orgasmic drought 

I fucked you... 

With my tongue slashing and thrashing

While masculine size left your lungs gasping

As it slowly fell deeper into your mouth in the speed of being spoon feed, 

While hot and sweaty bodies, sixty-nine on top of the king size bed 

I fucked you... 

Until your clear sweet nectar cream 

Ran profusely out your tight pink seem

While your body violently quaked

And mine tremor in a violent orgasmic shake 

I fucked you... 

Until the sun rose high in the sky

Were its brightness made me abruptly open my weary sleeping eyes, 

And I found myself alone without you once again

But at least, this time, the sexual dream left my face with a satisfying grin 

When my eyes glanced down and seen my dick looking wimpy dead

And my thick hot white seed spewed all over my bright blue bedspread 

I fucked you... 

Yes I realize I only mentally fuck the sex out of you

But I mentally fucked you until all your lips had pooled with lustful wet drool

And even after realizing it was only another wishful wet dream

It was the choice dream of this one man wanting to sex you deeply

inside the wetness of your pink means..

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  1. Going to wish you a beautiful week, overflowing with good things in "all" way !!!

    1,000 Beijinhos Lioness

  2. It is beautiful, warm and humid ...
    thank you for sharing something deliciously sexy.

    my kisses in your heart, my friend!

    1. Thank you Nancy C...

      peace nd love

  3. Going to leave some kisses cats grocery in the heart of this interesting 1ManView !!

    1. Grande sorriso :)

      Muito obrigado...


  4. Sensing her beloved missing ...
    I indulged me in u ...

    The weekend is the time for us to review friends, renew the joy and relive the great adventures. Good findi !!!
    Bjossss Lioness