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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy Humpday... The end ...Erotic Repetitive poem

Subtract the deep gyrations of our hips

Subtract the audible moans that resonate pass our lips

Subtract the sweat seeping from our pores

Subtract the deep burning scratches on his back

Subtract the sound of firm flesh slapping against soft flesh

Subtract my long voluptuous legs wrapped around his waist

Subtract the sensation of his hard wanting lust, thrusting deep into my wet needy desire

And all that will be left

Is the love between us...

(C) 1Manview


  1. Oscillations ... audible groans resound ... scratches burning ... pleasures and luxuries ...
    Delight come here dear and feed me this pleasure size that vc offers.

    Bjs (for wherever you want ...) Lioness

    1. Muito obrigado leoa ...

      E eu tomarei aquele beijo .. :)