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Monday, May 30, 2016

Saturday night seduction: Sigh... Song poem.. Erotic Prose poem ...

A song poem is a poem written in a preferred form of poetry, from a chosen song. It must use a phrase, sentence or directive word from that song. It also has to be written in the melody, rhythm and dictated spirit of that song...

Please push play

Moments before the light switch was turned to off,
A soft whisper entered my ear,
Shh, be quiet,
Let's not wake the kids this time,
A quiet girly giggle we followed by a soft answer of,
The kids are at my mothers tonight silly,
A light manly laugh came my way from a dark far away corner of the room

Sound of a match scratching against a matchbox was heard, soon afterward a flicker of candlelight flickered in  the corner area of our very large bedroom, 
Painted silhouette of his firm lustful body emerged from the shadows of the dark room,
First one, then another, he lit the candles,
But each time he lit a candle, it was as if the darkness of the room smothered its bright glow

As dim candlelight's flickered through the room darkness,
Shadows of lustful bodies embracing each other painted the wall

Precipitating volume of the CD player came alive,
Mystifying my thoughts, as the deep beat of jazz music flowed throughout the room,
My toes begin to wiggle to the base deep rhythmic beat,
But as soon as the soft soulful tone of the tenor saxophone begin to play, my body went into a relaxing calm

With eyes closed, my hips gently swayed side to side in the rhythmic beat of the music,
Without giving it a thought, my naked body went into a slow erotic dance that was for his eyes only,
After a long, slow, show and tell bump and grind, I danced up to him and captured his semi-harden core between my center and his thigh, 
Sensations of it rubbing on my moist sex opening made me sigh

Hips gyrations were slow, steady and hard,
Every hip rotation, made his girth harder, his length to lengthen,
It became so hard it felt as if it was trying to push my body away from his,
When I felt the steel hardness of his desire rubbing on the profusely leaking moisture of my sex, my lungs sigh,
Once he felt the heat of my need seeping into the flesh of his hard man pride, his lungs inhaled deeply, then sighed 

My body suddenly pushed away from his, and began a very provocative dance,
My mind, body and soul became lost in the sweet lustful tones of the tenor sex
My breast heaved, 
My hips slowly gyrate side to side, my arms and head moved rhythmically in my body rhythm 

Out of the near dark from behind me, a hand captured my body while his strong-arm held me still,
The erotic feel of his hard cock throbbing on the back of my leg,
made me sigh

Slight touch of fingertips eased over the top of my shoulder flesh,
Then tenderly massaged the sides of my neck,
When they made a slow spider-like crawl on the nape of my neck,
A low soft sigh was heard escaping through the opening of my  slightly parted lips

Gentle hand swooped under my body and gently swept me off my feet,
While our lips deeply embraced, he slowly walked up to the bed and gently laid me face down on the silky bed sheets
Back arched,
Breath withheld,
As a single fingertip softly roamed down the center of my spine,
When it reached the bottom of my back, it did a slow dance across the tender flesh that covered my kidneys,
My back relaxed,
My breath exhaled,
My ears heard a low soft sigh escape through the slight opening of parted lips

The bed mattress slightly tilted as he entered the bed,
His body straddled over my hips, as I laid in the prone position,
The throb of his hard knob was felt as it eased past resistance of swollen vulva lips,
Once again my lungs sigh, 
With one long slow thrust of his hips, he pushed his hard mass deep into my wanting womb-dark depths,
The Sheerness of the sensations of his hard girth sliding through my womb opening, made me sigh

In the slow rhythm of the song, 
His body rode high on mine, he slowly thrust his size into the moist wake of my love channel in the rhythm of love-making,
After  pushing my ass flesh up tight into his pelvis, womanly hips gyrations quickly found his hips rhythm, 
Once my womb walls relaxed and let his size fall deeply inside my womb,
Our lungs harmoniously sigh from the sensuous sensations of his hard sex deep penetration

Back and forth his hips gyrations thrust his elongated manhood  back and forth into my wet sex,
Each time taking my breath away, 
Each time making my lungs sighed lustfully,
He rode me slow and steady with long deep gentle strokes,
Slowly bringing my body to the edge of completion

When the song violin notes went from low to high, orgasmic sensations crested higher and higher on each hard deep stroke of his manhood inside me,
My voice sighed as his cock drove deep into the soft pink flesh between my thighs deeper than my mind could ever imagine 

Sloshing sounds,
Popping sounds,
Quiet deep swallowed moans,
Where sequestered by the sweet raging tone of the tenor saxophone

None stop orgasm,
Rode my trembling body,
First, they were like waves streaming away from a sailboat that was sailing across the calm of the blue sea in the bright light of the moon,
Then it intensified like a tidal wave, consuming everything in its path

Scream of screams scattered the dark of the room,
As my body shivered and violently shook in orgasmic bliss, then collapse into a sexual heap

Lungs suddenly withheld air,
Leg muscles became rigid,
When the heat of his thick white seed, spewed perpetually into the depths of my pink watery sea,
Changing its color from the color pink to the color white,
Sex afterglow, quickly swallowed our bodies whole

Eyes open,
Lungs took a deep cleansing breath,
My body rolled over closer to his,
After a playful lick on an ear, I mustered up the sexist tone of my voice, and  whispered an ever curious question into his ear,
What's the name of this sexy song that keeps playing?

A big smiled cross his face, then without hesitating, he kissed my lips deeply,
Enticing my lungs too deeply sign once again,
As I laid stunned and out of breath from the passion heat of his kiss, he softly whispered into my ear,

Before I could react to the irony of his answer,
His head quickly immersed between the spread of my thighs,
What felt like wet heat slowly sliding up the inside of my right inner thigh, was the wet fiery tip of his tongue,
Its wet heat was felt quickly etching up my right inner thigh,
As soon as it covered the length of my thigh flesh, sensations of it sliding up my slit to my clitoris was felt, 
The sheer sensations enticed small tremors to roam over my legs flesh,
My lungs once again: sighed

His tongue tip slid down to my sex opening, and curved into the need of my wet heat,
Again I heard my voice sigh,
But this time it kept sighing until the sigh became an audible gratifying scream

(C) 1ManView


  1. First of all, I´ve heard the song....
    Nice sax in a techno music outstanding...
    Later on, the history and the images.... exciting words!!!
    Peace and love pal!

    1. Thank you much pal..

      Peace and love