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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saturday night seduction ... Contrast ....

Naked body of:
Bronze round ass,
Creamy firm thighs
Ample round breast,
Glide effortlessly to the floor
Onto her hands and knees

Site of:
Face down
Ass up sexual position
Flush the color red to his cheeks 
While enticing his size to lengthen and become steel hardened 

Firm grip guides his harden instrument towards her pink heat
While his other hand rests on the curvature of her back
Steadying her body for his hard thick veined cock forced entry

Bulbous head deep throbs are felt
As it slowly spread the swell of her vulva swollen wet lips
Warmth of moist heat surrounds his cock head instantly 
As it intrudes into the pliable pink flesh of her needy sex  

Shapely legs lightly tremor from surreal sensation of his thick cock head first insertion into her wet heat 
Simultaneous moans erupt into the quiet of the room air, as his harden shaft slowly pierce deeply into the sex darkness 
Blue eyes watch the contrast of his white cock flesh slowly disappearing between the crack between her firm bronze butt
The visual of the naughty erotic act, ethics his mind, excites the swirling lustful sensations inside his loins
The deeper his shaft push into the depths of her sex, the tighter her sex walls grip his shaft girth

Stoppage of his cock slow deep thrust
Is followed by a deep calming breath of air
That calms his urge to prematurely spill his seed into the hot tight confine of her love canal

A slow short thrust of his hips was followed, by another, then another, until his thrust were longer and stronger than the last
Her body bounced back and forth, from the force of his hard thrust as they became more and more vicious
Wet suction sounds rip into the air, as his size width push the moisture out of her tight hole, 
The visual sight of her clear liquid covering his cock white flesh, and easing down her inner thighs, entices the wanting lust inside him

Deep moans of pleasure part her lips, as a sudden orgasm, consumed her inner being while his cock kept reaching to the back of her sex depths
As he felt her body tremor against him
He thrust his long white cock faster and deeper into her pink walls core
Causing sounds of wet suction to rip into the air

She could tell he was about to come from the familiar feel of the huge swell of his cock, the rhythmic rhythm of his hips long hard thrust, the ragged tone of "I can't catch my next breath" easing past his open lips, 
Quickly her head turns back towards him,  and speaks out, "come on my ass baby"

His teeth clench, 
His body tightly tense,
His deep baritone voice roars like a wounded monstrous beast, as his orgasm ignites with the intensity of an H-Bomb from inside his loins
His masculine body pulls back, quickly pulling his pulsating cock out of her tight pink space, 
In haste, a firm grip surrounds his harden shaft and pumps back and forth over his girth flesh in a flurry, Enticing his hot white cream to spew profusely on top of her buttocks flesh
After his last drop of seed evacuates from his loins, his body relax into a limp heap

Her eyes glance back at the site of his white cream oozing down her bronzed flesh
She reaches back and covers a fingertip with his sweet thick white seed
Then spread its taste on her tongue palate,
Mmm... reverberates in her throat,
Then she winks an eye back at him, as she reaches for more of his sweet tasty treat

(c) 1ManView


  1. Seu corpo masculino puxa para trás, rapidamente puxando seu pênis pulsante fora de seu espaço de rosa apertado...
    Fiquei sem fôlego!!!
    BJsssss por onde quiseres dessa leoa no cio!!!

    1. Obrigado por o grande comentário ...
      Eu estou tentando trazer de volta minha série na noite de sábado sedução


  2. Very very nice 1MV. Thanks.


    1. Thank you very much Ronnie

      Beijos :)