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Friday, June 17, 2016

It's Time...Written By Wet Bliss....

It’s Time

Nipples harden to revolt against the black lace holding them within place, as my core throbs and pulsates behind its constraint. I’ve ignored these incessant aches of loneliness all day, and now I lie here frustrated and wide-awake. Regardless of what you may think, it’s been several weeks and there’s only so much a girl can take, and I have got to say – I can’t take it anymore!
Perched on top of my bed with thoughts of you in my head both hands begin to explore exposed flesh; running up and down my torso. My fingernails’ lightly scratch at the surface between my legs teasing the dampness to collect on flimsy cloth. Sliding the fabric to one side, my stance widens to trace swollen lips as I hold off for as long as I can on taking that exquisite first dip.
All the while, my other hand works to free full, heavy breasts. Squeezing and lifting each taught nipple to my mouth in turn, I lick pink peaks slick and pinch the tips until I know that my body has grown soak-n-wet, and is ready for me to take a swim in my own arousal. My middle finger does a back flip and begins fucking deep, while the heel of my palm grinds against my mound and sensitive clit.
Overwhelmed and greedy to the sensations, two digits plunge simultaneously causing my whole body to quiver and shake relentlessly. The strain and burn felt in my forearm dissipate as I’m brought to squirting ecstasy.   I scream out your name in vain during the final moment of relief wishing you were here physically to relieve me and then ease me back to sleep… sweet dreams!

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  1. Maravilhoso plano visual e ... imaginário



    1. Translation.... Wonderful visually and imaginary ...


      Muito obrigado por ler e deixando um comentário ....

      paz e amor

  2. Aiaiaiai, como é bom uma masturbação, eu não dispenso nunca!
    Obrigado pelo seus mimos mimosos comigo sempre querido, quando não o vejo por lá, fico igual criança "beiçuda" e tristinha!
    Estou muito mal acostumada (diria mimada!)

    Boa semaninha...bjs da Leoa

  3. Eu gosto de ser mimado de vez em quando também ... :)