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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday night seduction.... Release Me.. Erotic prose poetry (Revisited)

The phone rang...
A soft whisper of a voice said "hello"
A voice of deep baritone softly spoke in a firm demeanor
The soft voice listened, as the deep voice instructed it
After the deep voice had stopped speaking, a soft "yes sir" was the last of the conversation...
His tall frame stretched as he left his vehicle
His keys jingled as he unlocked the front door
A silent deep hmm trapped in his throat, made him cough
Aggravating him to the point her cursed silently to himself....
As one arm closed the door behind him, the other was quickly taking off his suit coat
As his coat floated to the floor, he turned and walked toward the studio room...

As he entered
There she was
On bended knees
Dressed as directed by the phone conversation...
Her breast valley looked deep
Their firm roundness heaved out at him,
Her strapless waist clinching black corset, wore the full figure of her body tightly
Moist lips painted his favorite shade of red, glistened
A black garter belt held black sheer nylon stockings, that came up to the thickness on her thighs
She finished the outfit with long towering leather black boots that have five-inch heels...
His eyes fixated on her
Making sure she didn't have even a strand of hair out-of-place
He approached her in silence
When he stopped
His crouch crowded the fixture of her face...

While her lungs inhaled the masculine scent of his sex
Inner lust imposes to full bloom
Her feminine entrance wept
But her body does not move
Her eyes fixated straight ahead
Her voice remained silent
Her heart silently raced from the excitement that was about to come...
A lone fingertip eased over her cheek flesh
Her cue to begin what he had instructed her to do on the phone...

She quickly unzipped his pants
With a firm gingerly pull, she eased his long throbbing manhood out from where it had harbored
It sprung out suddenly
Slapping her across her nose
She didn't flinch
She didn't breathe a sound pass her lips
She endured the sting of pain
That rested on the tip of her nose, in silence
She secured his throbbing meat and stroked it slowly with firmness, just like he liked it
Soon she saw his body demeanor slightly chance,
But she could still feel the fire in his eyes that watched her every movement...

Lips part
Head leans forward
Tongue tip slides through parted lips and greets the inflamed smooth bare surface of his manhood bald head...

Hips push slightly up as her tongue swirls across the bare surface in front of it
Ears hear a quiet gasp as her tongue swipes across its sensitive ridge, down its shaft, across his scrotum, then slowly back up to the smooth surface ridge...
Mouth opens
Head moves forward
Lips part open wider
Swollen head of his manhood eased between the softness of her inner lips...

Legs stiffen
Lungs groan softly, as her lips surround the head of his sex with pressure and moist heat
She holds just the head of his sex between her lips and motion her head side to side as her tongue darts around on its tender surface
After enduring all the surreal sensations of pleasure his body could withstand, his hand moves to the back of her head and force it forward while tilting his pelvis up
His body doesn't waver as her head falls forward, pushing his harden girth into her mouth
Slender fingertips grip his buttocks tightly just as  her head falls down, then up,
down then up
Each time easing more of his hardness length into her greedy mouth...
Just as her head movement falls into a smooth gliding rhythm
The feeling of his girth swelling and vibrating, tells her he's not going to withstand her lips assault on his girth flesh any longer...

He wanted it, he needed it, and he has to have it now
He wanted "His release"-
Release from waking up late for work
Release from his car that would not start this morning
Release from having his paycheck docked from being late
Release from a day of arguing with his boss
Release from working in a room heated by the sun undulating rays, while the air condition took rest for the day
Release from working through his lunch break to meet a deadline
Release from the hour-long drive home in unyielding bumper-to-bumper traffic
Release from this day of total tension
Release from thinking of this moment during the last two hours of work...

Forward, her head steady movements eased the tight seal of her soft lips over the slippery smooth surface of his swelling girth
Fingertips pull hard on the back of her head
Pulling her face closer to his crotch
Filling her mouth fuller of his hard man growth that was about to explode its thick substance of white fluid into the dark depths of her mouth
A grovel moan rips into the air
Feelings of hot white gooey sperm were felt flushing down her throat, as it covered her throat completely with its thick white substance
She first gasped then swallowed it whole, while keeping her lips perfect slow steady rhythm of up and down his hard pulsating shaft
Until it jerked without the ejaculated burst...

As his manhood went through the reverse balloon effect, her tongue wiped the head of his manhood clean
After the last palpitation rippled through his loins, she sucked the last remaining drop of seed out his shaft
One last sweep of her tongue was felt on the head of his manhood surface, which caused his body to suddenly jerk forward
She waited until his body regain its composure, then held her body completely still in waiting, in silence...

A lone fingertip eases across the soft flesh of her cheek
Her lips parted
The soft statue of his manhood slowly slides out of the warmth of her mouth
She does not speak
She does not move
She cautiously rolled her eyes up and looked into his...
The fire that was in his eyes had disappeared
Now there was a twinkle of a smile and endearment inside them
She smiled to herself
Because she knew her husband
Her lover
Her Master
Had been pleased...

(C) 1ManView

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