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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday night seduction... Stay down .... Repetitive poem

Stay down,
When you walk into the room and flash me that wide bright smile,
That's seen, further than a mile

Stay down,
As my eyes walk with the sway of your hips,
That  sway side to side than end with a small sexy dip

Stay down,
While your lips softly brush against mines,
Tempting me with kisses sweeter than the Gods sweetest wine

Stay down,
As you hold me tight, while essence of you,
Inhale deeply into the channel of my nostrils times two

Stay down,
As your fingertips wash with tenderness, across the bare surface of my stomach flesh,
Making my body clench tighter with electrified sensations enmeshed

Stay down,
As your fingertips push into the front of my pants,
Giving my mind a heads up of an anticipating glance,
Of our sexual dance

Stay down,
As your lips suckle deeply on the nape of my neck,
While your breath mist past the dampness of their moist touch,
Leaving my mind tangled like a train wreck

Stay down,
As your softness voice whisper how much you want me,
Need me,
Must have... Me

Stay down
As words of aspirations of you being my forever loving wife,
And I your forever lover man,
Softly flow past your lips

Stay down,
As the fabric of my pants gradually fall,
To the carpet floor in a ball

Stay down,
While the thickness of your curvy hips,
Tease me with soft grinding dips

Stay down,
Just long enough, for my gasping voice to whisper into your ear,
Just how much I love you so dear

Stand up
That urgent moment before I push your body to the floor,
And thrust my hardness through resistance of your sexual door,
And make passionate love to you evermore

(C) 1ManView


  1. Stay down...
    I am watching your pussy... observing the curves of your delicious body!!
    Nice poem buddy!
    Peace and Love!!!

    1. Thank you very much!

      peace and love