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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Song poem... Say Yes (By floatery).. (Revisited)

(Please push play)

Dating for a long while,
A proper gentlemen, in every way,
Movies, dinner, hand in hand walks in the park,
Lips locked in sweet kisses under the stars,
While the moonlight beams bright,
Leaving my heart racing in wait,
The center of my thighs wet with lustful desire,
My mind wondering why you haven't asked me to say... Yes

Your scent lingers on me, as I sit in the dark thinking about you,
Thinking about that crooked smile that moves me,
The softness of your caressing touches, that grooves me,
The feel of your arms embracing my body with a tight tug of a hug,
That always leave me, breath--less

But tonight as you sit so close to me, with your body at rest,
I'm wishing your fingertips was slowly creeping up my dress,
Causing my heart to race in subliminal duress,
Enticing my mind to say... Yes

Say yes, 
To thighs slightly parting, giving room for your tender touch to roam, to lingering on my inner thighs so tenderly, my moans drown quietly in my throat

Say yes
To fingertips teasing the bare flesh that touches the seams of my panty lines,
That make anticipation grow inside the thoughts of my mind
Thoughts of long slender fingers, tenderly fingering my swollen treasure 

Say yes
To the swollen sex, your fingertips are about to find,
Once they push under the lace of my panty line,
Where their submissive touch will entice my hips to wiggle and grind

Say yes,
To your lips passionate kisses,
Kisses that make my body feel so... So... 
It makes my hips gingerly hump your wondering fingertips

Say yes, 
To sweet deep lustful kisses, as my panties slide down my thighs,
Exposing my prize, to the tender tip of forging fingers,
That dip deep into the moistness of my nest
Making my mind a wreck, 
My sex a wet soggy mess
From tsurreal sensations of blissful pleasure
Rushing into the depths of my loins

Say yes,
To me undressing you,
Leaving the gentlemen of you behind,
As I offer you the taste of my nectar of sweet clear wine

Say yes, 
To pink nipple sucked,
And licked to erect,
All while your lips sample the firmness of my ample breast
While maneuvering fingertips, pull down my dress

Say yes... 
You want me, as much as I want, and need you, 
Then I will let you have me, anyway way you want to

Say yes
And I will let your lips slip my dripping dew,
Your tongue-tip taste the rich flavor of my warm clear nectar brew,
While flickering licks, on my clit,
Make me feel so... Mmm

Say yes,
For safe sex,
My offering of latex,
To cover the head of your hard long apex,
That's pulsating between your thick firm thighs,
That must be covered before its pulsing head arrive,
Inside, the domain that's raining inside the center of my thighs, 
That's open wide,
To accept the hard enormity of you

Say yes, 
To your covered hardness penetrating into my tightness,
Slowly easing up and down the tight confine of my flexing walls,
Causing astounding sensations to overflow inside our loins

Say yes
To breaths hitch,
Voices to moan, 
Lungs to groan,
Fingernails to wound unsuspecting flesh,
As your rock-hard flesh dive incredibly deep into the depths of my pink sexual abyss

Say yes,
And I shall put your prowess to the test

(c) 1ManView

A Song Poem: is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase, word or sentence from that song. It must also be written in the melody, rhythm or spirit of that song...

Friday, September 9, 2016

(Adele) - Hello -Erotic Song poem -Short Erotica in prose

(Please push play)

Phone rings....

Eyes glance at the incoming number, the name Marie flashes across its screen

Fingertips reach for the phone receiver, but my mind rejects the notion

Once again I let the answer machine answer, while I try to move on with my life....

"Hello, it's me" comes from the recorder as I walk away

Passive voice from the bedroom asked, who is that? 

My reply, no one of importance anymore....

Just as I slightly closed the bedroom door behind me,  I heard Maria voice once again, "Hello, can you hear me?"

While Maria voice came from the recorder, I tried to put hearing her voice and what once was what she meant to me behind all my thoughts because I didn't want to feel  the pain it was going to bring me

But this time, when I heard Marie voice, it seemed to make a difference inside me...

Bodies embraced in the dark of the bedroom, and for the first time I could see the beautiful sculpture of the face in front of me, a face that carried a smile that was so bright, it pushed the darkness of the room into its four corners 

When my eyes looked directly into yours, it was the first time I actually saw their light blue-green color that sparkled like they were reflecting the light of the sun, in a clear morning sky

And when my lungs inhaled, It was the first time I smelled the overwhelming scent of your body essence

When our embrace ended, you leaned forward and kissed me, and It was the first time I felt the cotton softness of your lips against mine, delivering a kiss that was so passionate, it went through me so deep it curled my toes 

When our kiss transcended, its lingering taste was the sweetest kiss I have ever received in my life, it was so sweet, fresh strawberries sprinkled with sugar could not mimic its taste, it was clearly the taste ... Of love...

Passionate sensations swept through my body, 

Heat of lust flushed through my veins, slowly melting the ice that had encased itself around my heart, that has kept my mind in doubt of the love feelings for you I had hidden deep inside my soul....

"Hello, are you there" was heard coming from the answering machine, "I have called you a thousandth times," 

And the thousandth times Marie called me, it caused my  heart to retreat deeper in despair

 But not tonight, tonight it turned off the blindness that had held my heart feelings captive in the darkness of my soul for such a long time

Which has brought me to this moment, this instant, where the presence, of this person before me was  all that was on my mind, all that I needed, all that I wanted in my life....

Fingertips gingerly roamed across, around bodies extremities, 

Clothes, slowly filtered down to the floor one piece at a time...

Deep kisses hotter than the sun warmed my cold soul from the inside out....

As my passion cup overfilled, for the first time I had to have someone more than life itself, and standing in front of me, was that someone

My eyes glanced over the bed that seemed a hundred miles away, so with urgency, I pulled your naked body down on top of the bare wood floor...

Foreplay forgotten

Legs spread open wide to accept my hard given that pushed up against the wetness of your swollen open

My voice groaned, yours moaned, as the throb of my desire forced open the soft-wet door of your receptor of love

Hard lustful thrust made her voice scream, as my size instantly push half way inside the warmth of her pink domain...

No longer, was my passion for her held back

No longer, was my feelings of love for her that had been frozen deep inside my heart, misplaced

No longer.....

Hips deeply gyrate, lewd sounds of love-making pushed the inadequate sound of sex out the room

My name continuously flowed past your lips as I tried to thrust all of my hard substance into the cramped space of your offering 

My back flesh was felt being sheared open by your red-painted fingernails, as I made passionate love to her the very first time...

Sensations my mind had disregarded before, flooded my being with twice the intensity than before

I felt every fiber of your womb encase my staff

Every tug your collapsing walls pulled on my swollen girth

Every touch of our flesh together...

Back arched deeply in

When the deep thrust of my hips pins your hips down to the wooden floor, long slender legs wrap around my waist, the sharpness of your teeth dug so deep into my shoulder flesh, it brought the color red of my blood to its surface

When my eyes found yours once again, they were filled with passion tears that flowed freely down the soft flesh of your cheeks

Fiery sensation quickly builds inside my loins, then explode with intensity like I never felt before

Your body writhe, then tense tight from the sensations of my lava hot seed flooding your pink depths, then your body started to convulse once again...

Exhausted bodies lay intertwined on the floor, all while lips refuse to release their tender forever kiss...

Love making continues until the sun rose too high noon in the new dawn sky....

While you body laid asleep in the bed, I returned to the phone and picked up the receiver, then pushed redial of Marie number

"Hello" was heard on the other end of the phone

After a brief hesitation, and a deep voice cleansing breath, I said "Hello, it's me"

I just wanted to thank you for calling me  

Hearing your voice reminded me what true love, was suppose to sound like, feel like, look like, taste like

I thank you for that...


Silence ...



"Are you still there"? 

A Song Poem is a poem that is written from a song, 
Using a phrase, sentence, or word from that song. 
It must also be written in the melody, rhythm or spirit of that song:

(C) 1ManView 8/19/16