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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday moaning .. Crazy in love ... Song poem ..

Taste, of your tender flesh on the tip of my tongue 

Taste, of  your wet clear warmth, as it slides down the surface of my palate

Taste, of long deep kisses, that are always beyond sweet

The exquisite feel of your body trembling beneath mine, in love release

The warmth of your lips wrapped around the girth of my hard substance,
like a silk woven scarf

The way you swallow my sweet hot cream, like a vampire thirsting for blood

The way my body fit perfectly between the spread of your legs, as hips gyrations, thrust my hard substance deep inside the pink treasure of your being

The way your docile touch penetrates through my flesh and caress the very essence of my soul

The way I can't look into your eyes, without staring into the color of their depths

The way my fingertips touch you more and more, just so I can feel close to you

Every time you whisper I love you in my ear, the words linger in my thoughts, its emotions linger in every beat of my heart  

The sum of these things made me realize

I'm crazy in love with you...

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A song poem is a poem written in a preferred form of poetry, from a chosen song. It must use a phrase, sentence or directive word from that song. It also has to be written in the melody, rhythm and dictated spirit of that song...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A taste... Reprise to Navypoet A taste.poem....

Savory Taste
Extinguish the stale dryness inside my mouth
With each lash of my tongue tip
As it reconcile
Essence of pleasure
That was given:
Wavering hips
Push against wet lips
As inner hunger
Is feed with liquid diet
Of your savory clear dew
While your body
Become a victim
Of leg shakin'

  1Manview ©

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday moaning.. A Taste ... By Poettic quest... Navypoet

A taunt tongue 

To slowly savor 

The small bits 

That collect 

At the joining 

Of collarbone 

Salty and sweet 

Tiny droplets 

Sensuous and alive 

And I am jealous 

Of their closeness 

To your skin 


To get closer 

Than they are 

So I settle 

For a secondhand 


Not less sweet 

Your scent assaults 

My senses 

And I reel in 

When I only 

Want to reel 

You into 

My first sense 

For nourishment 

Comfort I want 

To suckle 

As in the past 

With a wet 

Hungry mouth 

Unashamed at 

My naked need 

For an act 

That pleases me 

Not to miss 

A drop 

Of what you offer 

In return 

Of my desire 

For something 

Sweet and salty 

Collected on 

Your skin 

From tip 

To joining 

Of collarbone 

For me 

To savor 

© NP
Poem By Navypoet

Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday moaning ... Whore ... Prose song poem ...

Petite soft hand - slowly pulled him in tow,
Into a room unknown to him

A chair was given,
Sit was her command

Blindfold removed,
Room darker than black skies, left him with sensations of being blind,
Sounds of erotic music started to softly echo from all four corners of the room

His eyes blink and tried to focus on the lean firm body that was wearing black lingerie, and had a pretty face, standing in front of him,
But she quickly turned and seductively walked into the darkness,
Leaving a lust filled sigh wedged in his throat

Soft light appears,
Lightning only a small path of "watching"

Wooden box, with pillow mattress on top, appears in the dim light focus 
Her curvy body sits atop of it,
Long slender legs move slow and easy to the music rhythm,
Opening slowly into a horizontal split in front of him,
Exhibiting the imprinted swollen swell of her sex folds,
That push on the tight black lace panties, that hugged the curves of her full hips and spherical buttocks

Legs with flesh soft as cotton, lift up toward the ceiling,
Long slender fingertips slowly slip the black panties off her hips,then eased them off her legs, 
Once off, she disregards them with a hand flip into the darkness 

Slowly, her body spin toward him and stop, 
Her black lacy bra is teasingly pulled off, then it's disregarded into the darkness,
Leaving her naked firm breast,for his eyes to feast upon,
But not for long, because he could feel her eyes stare pulling his gaze into the focus of her eyes,
And once his eyes glanced into hers, he felt the heat of her stare, burn into the heart of his sexual soul

Once again,the light went dim

Light flash on,
He can see her body moving,
He can see it erotically twist and bend like elastic, while moving in the rhythm of the music, 
With back arched, her hips provocatively gyrate,
Imitating passionate movements of love-making movements that mimic she was riding atop of her lover,
With his hard enormity buried deep into the spasm of her hot needy pussy,
With each deep thrust of her hips, her lungs moaned as if his hard substance was filling her greedy cavity full

Light dim to the color of dusk,
Filing his sight with blackness,
Leaving his body with incentives of hot wanton lust

Light reappear as she walks away from the mattress covered box,
Then they dim to dark once again

Out of the darkness and into the dim light
Slender arms appear,
Followed by the erect tip of ample bosom
And full curves of swaying hips

Arms reach out,
Legs muscles flex,
Pole climbed,
Right leg wraps around pole thick girth,
Her body perfectly spin in the rhythm of the erotic music,
With the control and grace of a ballerina

Up to the top of the pole,
Her graceful body leap, then with a slow control spin,
She slid down the full length of the pole,
While seductively twisting her body, and oscillating her hips

At the bottom of the pole, her body stop spinning,
Her hips start to gently gyrate, 
Grinding her sex against the hardness of the shiny steel pole

A quiver appeared in her arms,
A shiver made her thighs lightly tremor,
As she manipulated the pole shiny slippery surface, 
With bumps, and deep sexual grinds,
While pulling it hard against the swollen folds of her needy sex

Her body tense, then wilt,
After taking a deep breath, she slowly slips off the pole,
The light once again dim to dark,
All sounds come to a halt

Now he sits alone in the dark with just his mind thoughts, 
Alone, with his body full of erotic passionate feelings

Zipper of paints suddenly zips down,
Harden size is painfully pulled through his paints small frontal opening,
Warmth of soft lips is felt slowly wrapping around the stretched velvet soft skin, of his hard throbbing manhood girth

A sigh
A moan
A grunting groan,
Erupts past his parted lips,
While his legs shivered from the sharp surreal sensations of captured ecstasy
from her soft lips performing fellatio on his throbbing shaft

1Manview ©

A song poem is a poem written in a preferred form of poetry, from a chosen song. It must use a phrase, sentence or directive word from that song. It also has to be written in the melody, rhythm and dictated spirit of that song...

II would like to thank  UInk poetry for asking me to share this poem
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

His caress... Erotic. Prose poetry

Docile caress

Trail the length of my neckline

Tease the soft curves of my bosom

Trail over the undulating  waves of my stomach flesh

Then slowly ease down

Until it reach the bend in my road

Where its unceasing movement

Awaken the sleeping passion, hidden within...

1Manview ©

Monday, April 4, 2016

Reprisal to Navypoet "I fucked you."..

I fucked you... 

Towering masculine size stood at an abrupt attention

While your body lay dead still, in the missionary position

Body lower on top of yours

Impaling my hardness pass the tight seal of your protective doors

Graduating filling the pink Temptress hiding between your brown thick firm thighs 

With the dark flesh of my hard masculine pride 

I fucked you... 

Hard throbbing cock, thrusting steady and deep into the pink flesh of your hot seems

With all the prowess of my means

Enticing your voice to grovel and audibly scream 

I fucked you... 

Head down 

Ass up... 

Hands pushing

Fingertips pulling 

On thick brown curvy hips

That was clamping hard against mine 

While making that pop-pop-pop-popping sound

As masculine hips deeply ground

The hard elongated thickness 

Of my hard substance with sheer quickness

Deep into the moist heat of your mound 


I fucked you... 


With thoughts of hurting you not even a care

As my hand pulled on the long black braid of hair

That train down the curvature of your back

Stopping at the crease of your deep butt crack 

Fingertips pulling your body ever closer to mine

While your hips did that profound gratifying gyrating grind

Immersing my cock inside your sex just that extra bit

Which made your curvy body squirm in a blissful sexual fit 

I fucked you... 

Until the taste of your wet sex was on my lips

While my head slightly weaved and bobbed between your deep winding hips, 

Your sex aroma blanket the air in the room 

As my tongue licked your sex ever closer to an orgasmic bloom, 

While your mouth deep throat my size without a doubt, 

Bringing me closer of being out of my starving orgasmic drought 

I fucked you... 

With my tongue slashing and thrashing

While masculine size left your lungs gasping

As it slowly fell deeper into your mouth in the speed of being spoon feed, 

While hot and sweaty bodies, sixty-nine on top of the king size bed 

I fucked you... 

Until your clear sweet nectar cream 

Ran profusely out your tight pink seem

While your body violently quaked

And mine tremor in a violent orgasmic shake 

I fucked you... 

Until the sun rose high in the sky

Were its brightness made me abruptly open my weary sleeping eyes, 

And I found myself alone without you once again

But at least, this time, the sexual dream left my face with a satisfying grin 

When my eyes glanced down and seen my dick looking wimpy dead

And my thick hot white seed spewed all over my bright blue bedspread 

I fucked you... 

Yes I realize I only mentally fuck the sex out of you

But I mentally fucked you until all your lips had pooled with lustful wet drool

And even after realizing it was only another wishful wet dream

It was the choice dream of this one man wanting to sex you deeply

inside the wetness of your pink means..

1Manview ©

Saturday, April 2, 2016

I fucked you... By Naveypoet ... My poetic guest

I fucked you 

In my dreams 

All the ways I wanted 

Feet in the palms of your hands 

Rocking my hips against your thighs 

Legs spread wide 

I fucked you 

All across my pillow 

Face down 

Ass up with my ankles crossed 

Hands held behind my back 


I fucked you 

Sitting astride your hips 

Leaning over 

Offering you my nipple 

To lick and suck 

Making me moan in pleasure 

I fucked you 

Taking your dick into my mouth 

Lazily drawing my tongue 

Over the head and suckling 

Drawing you further 

Into my mouth 

I fucked you 

Without ceasing 

Throughout the night 

Covers thrown in the floor 

Only to wake up 

Alone and horny 

© NP