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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Monday Moaning... Fingertips

Docile touch awakens me,
As it leisurely follows the contours of my body curves,
The sensitive ridge of my neck bone,
The elongated highway of my breast,
The smooth waves of my stomach flesh,
The up and round hills of my buttocks,
Coming to an unrest in the dip between my hips

(C) 1ManView

Friday, July 22, 2016

George Michael & Elton John Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me ... F is for Ferrous Fellatio .. (Corrected)

Since I missed posting my Monday Moaning poem, I'll just made this a Head Day and Monday moaning poem...And even a little music for smile day...

Sun rays creeping through slightly opened window blinds,
Leave a beam of light on the exposure of his broad chest flesh,
Soft long fingertips follow the sunbeam lead, and eased across his firm baby smooth flesh,
They follow the sculptor lines of his chest, the hardened tip of his blood filled nipple, over the washboard muscles of his stomach,
After they slid into the confine of his tight red shorts, they softly wrapped around the hardening flesh between his thighs, his sleeping eyes slightly opened, while his voice softly gasped

Lips hotter than penetrating sun rays, 
Suckle on his neck,
Leaving a red risen on the side of its flesh,
When her lips covered his nipple and smothered it with her mouth heat, it became erect

Slowly they followed the trail blazed by her fingertips over the flat of his taut stomach flesh,
When they came to the bulge that pressed tightly against his tight sexy red shorts, they playfully covered it with their voluptuousness

Air from her lungs, blew through his red shorts soft fabric, blowing warm air over his hard extended flesh, causing his body to shiver in contentment,
Fingertips grasp the elastic of his tight fitted shorts, and slowly pulled them down,
The sight, the feel, of the slow tug of his shorts being pulled over his full-blown erection, made erotic thoughts flash through his naughty mind

Shorts removed,
Soft warm kisses rain on his inner thigh muscles,
Tongue slither up and down on the sensitive parts of his thick muscular thighs,
Then darts on his scrotum clean-shaven flesh, leaving his scrotum wet, his mind and body wanting

Back suddenly arch,
Hands grasp air into a tight fist,
Instantly his mind goes blank, his voice gasps then whimper,  as searing sensation of her lips sucking his sac into the heat of her mouth, run ferociously from his tender sac, into his loins

Lungs exhaled as her lips released his sac from its tight grip, but then instantly inhaled when sensations of her lips covering the swollen head of his erection with a King Cobra snake like suffocating grip

Hips buck than flex tight,
Voice moan in pleasure-pain,
As exhilarating sensations rush from the depths of his loins, then up his spine into the back of his mind that has become delirious from the immense sensations of pleasure flooding its senses

Lips linger on the ridge of his harden sex head, 
Then slowly drop down his hard extended girth,
His mind bathed in the warm exquisite sensations, as her soft firm lips slowly rode up and down the length of his swollen throbbing shaft,
His body became sexual contented relaxed, while his mind was blanket with the warmth of the exquisite sensations surrounding it,
Complacent thoughts drifted into a space unknown, while her lips slowly eased up and down his thick harden shaft flesh, 
Mind, body, and soul had relinquished to the slow upbringing of his release, that rested in the shadows of his loins

Lips grip is felt tightening, as her head dipped faster,
A deep groan rush passed his lips as her head weaved faster and faster,
Hands reach out and grasp the side of her head, trying to slow its quick movements,
But instead of relenting her pace, her lips grip his shaft tighter, while her head dipped down further and faster,
Guttural groan begs her to stop, as a flood of razor-sharp sensations started to overwhelm his loins,
Even after hearing his pleas, she continued her fellatio assault at an intense pace

Hips pump involuntary up, 
Fingertips intertwine into her hair, while his hands push hard down on the top of her head,
His voice cursed her name, then moan deeply in sexual agony of intense sensation overload

First, his body stiffened, then it violently shook as if one thousandth volts of electric current was shooting through it,
Unheard scream reverberated in his chest, as his orgasmic explosion exploded from the deepest depths of his loins, 
Spewing thick white rope of sperm deep into the warmth of her wanting mouth,
Lungs gasp for air as her lips deeply suckle on his throbbing sex, milking his loins spill of sweet-tart white substance to the last hot drop

"You tried to kill me" was the last words his voice moaned before his body collapsed into a sexual heap of content,
She smiled to herself, as her lips soft suckle on his limp sex, took his body to sexual slumber

While his body laid in the warmth of her arms, 
He slept contentedly, 
His heartbeats beat in slow beats of love for her,
His mind dreamed of sexual fantasies of her

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the warmth of the wandering sunbeam slowly filtered into his manly sex, 
Its warmth woke it up from its sexual slumber, 
His now hard sex deep hard throbs awaken his body,
After his eyes finally opened, he smiled to himself as his favorite song, "Don't let the sun go down on me" played in his mind

He awakened her with his hard intention, spearing into the softness of her pink haven,
The sensation of his hardness pushing open her haven doors, made her voice deeply moan.....

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday smile ...

After a study of 1,000 women, Scientists at Cock Spew Institute found out the reason why women do not drink their coffee black

 Have a great day ....

Monday, July 11, 2016

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tastee Tuesday... Licks

Tongue tip
Split protruding lips
Inside pink wet flesh
Tongue tip mesh
Into her flavor of today....

(C) 1Manview

Monday, July 4, 2016