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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday seduction: One on one... Seductive erotic poem

A Song Poem is a poem that is written from a song, 
Using a phrase, sentence, or word from that song. 
It must also be written in the melody, rhythm or spirit of that song:
(Please push play

Door open
The beginning to a new ending begin....

Lights down low
That look in your eyes look more like you what to go 
Instead of trying to make us work once more

I'm here
You're way over there
Silence fills the room with its thick air 
Making my mind wonder if you still really care

You undress you
While I undress me
Hesitate bodies become closer and start to press all so near
Lips embrace is so tender and sweet, my mind start to forget about its earlier fears

Game of words stay on hold
Letting our sexual prowess become bold
While our bodies make up the rules for tonight game of "one on one" as we go
 Hoping this will entice the love inside our bodies to once again unfold 

Your soft caress of love bliss
Was surly missed
As it went from tracing the curve of my lips
To the heave of my breast
Then slowly down to the swell of my soft weeping folds
Moans of endearment overtake the deaf silence of the room
As your lips gingerly kissed my lips flesh
While your fingertips search for moment of my body surrender

Lungs gasp
Then hitch
As the sensations of two fingers that easily slip
Past the moisten swell of my vulva lips

My mind, body and soul surrender to "your touch" of surrealism
My voice quietly whisper your name
While our eyes became enticed in each other look of deep affection 

While lips deep passionate embrace continue
Thighs open wide as your body ease between them
A shallow grunt floats from your mouth into mine
As you endowment intrude into the cramp space of my pink given
A given, I surrender only to your love

Slender legs tightly warp 
Around the thickness of your back
As sensations of your hard endowment sliding up and down the center of my sex opening
Rampage through every nerve ending in my body

Your hip thrusts are slow and precise 
Gliding your hard manly substance exceedingly deep into the smooth seams of my serenity
Bringing us closer and closer to the reason we have come together tonight
To bring back our game of "one on one" love back into our life's

In a passionate rhythmic rhythm 
Our bodies float
Like clear water in a moat
Slowly up and down
On the waves of true love

My body quake
Under yours that quiver and shake
Once our bodies separate
And we become "face to face"
I see the love in your passion afterglow
As tears slowly flow
From your tearing eyes

"One on one" has truly come back to our house
Not only for this one blissful night
But for our eternity

(C) 1ManView
Song: One on one by Hall and Oats....


  1. You chose one of my favorite H&O songs and your poem was absolutely very evocative. Thank you for sharing, 1MV.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thank you very much Cat. I just hope I had finished the corrections before you read it. I mistakenly posted the semi corrected poem.… 😉

      peace and love

  2. "A shallow grunt floats from your mouth into mine" : sensuous words.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Merci beaucoup Mirone ....

      paix et amour

  3. 1MV - That was really beautiful. Thank you.


    1. Thank you Ronnie....

      peace and love