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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Monday Moaning: Stormy weather.. Short erotica in prose

Gray-green eyes watched soapy water rinse off his flesh  leaving a trail of clear swirling water running over the indentations of his arms muscles
It raced down the center of his back  than over the hump of his tight thick buttocks like water flows over a water fall   the rushing water was rushing so fast off his ass you could hear the loud echoing sound of it hitting hard on the shower floor 
My eyes became focused on the slow flow of water easing down the center of his firm thick thighs  the more they focus on it   the more my hand wanted to  my tongue wanted to    my lips wanted to  touch
When the side of his body came to view, I knew he wanted me to join him by the way his raised harden flesh sliced through the water like a sharp knife slice through hot butter   the delicious visual sighting seduced a dull ache in the homage between my thighs

Fingertips quickly unbutton my blouse and release it to the floor
They unclasp the front of my bra  releasing its captive of full size pear shape breast
After they eased under the elastic of my sweat pants  my pants were quickly pushed down the length of my legs   suppressed giggle roamed in my throat as I quietly did a balancing dance on one leg  while I managed to slip my panties off without the disgrace of falling on my face

Gray-green eyes once again gazed into the shower to see if his back was still to me   After a quick look my heart raced as hot desire consumed the lust within my being   Feminine fluid weep past vulva swollen lips as lustful thoughts crowded my mind
Quickly  quietly  I slipped undetected into the slightly open shower door 
Cautiously I crept upon him   when sensations of my erect nipples pierced into his back flesh  just for a moment his body flinched forward   than just as quick it returned to its relaxed state
"Hello" what took you so long softly rumbled through the shower stall
"Hi" was as witty as it get for a shy person like myself
After a stern laugh he said "Young lady" I'm happy you found time to join me 
Than I heard the shyness of my inner self softly say "Shut up and show me"
Stunned by my voice sudden boldness  a soft chuckle wisp into the air as he turned and face me
With the quickness of a cat his arms pulled my body tight into the firm muscles embedded in his chest

My first reaction was to resist his aggressive behavior and push away from him, but because my body had instantly molded into his manly arms without a fight   I surrendered my will to him without a second thought
Without any resistance to his advance   his lips embraced mine with such passion  for that moment my lungs completely forgot how to breathe....

Wait   was it a short kiss   or a long kiss? My mind couldn't comprehend because it was in a fog   but my thoughts quickly returned when I felt his inflexible cock deeply pulsating against the naked flesh of my inner thigh
Thoughts of sex positions in the shower raced through my mind   but without any hesitation he pulled my body towards him as he sat down on the end of the shower ledge 
Suddenly with his hands under my thick thighs  my body lifted up as if I was light as a feather   than slowly lowered down until the bulbous head of his cock was dead center on my sex opening
Once the round thick head of his shaft pierced the opening of my haven door  he slowly eased my body down  impaling his unyielding hardness inch by inch into the wet taut pink channel of my femininity 
A hot breath sigh into the side of his neck as I felt every fiber of his towering rock hard cock slide past the welcoming entry of my womb corridor 

Swallowed moan reverberated in my throat from the sheer sensations of first penetration which felt like a sharp arrow piercing into my sensitive pink flesh
My lung moans turned into low groans as penetration sensations turn into sensation of divine pleasure as the bulbous head of his shaft paved the way for his cock hard pulsating shaft that slowly kept piercing into the resistance of my pink core  
As it reached into my womb furthest space  my lungs burned from the quiet screams that escape from within 

Flooding sensations of sheer pleasure ignited inside my loins  leaving my lungs breathless   leaving my body stiff in a paralyzed like state   my vision blurred with invisible tears 
I just let his strong arms hold me as my body filled from head to toe with all of the overwhelming rapturous sensations
For a moment he held my body still  while his eyes looked deep into mine   slowly my thighs flanked his waist and tighten as I anticipated a sexual ride of my life
As he held my body still   the warmth from the steady flowing hot water soothe my naked flesh  while the hot cock slitting deep inside my haven singed my pussy walls

As he held my body still   the warmth from the steady flowing hot water soothe my naked flesh  while the hot cock slitting deep inside my haven singed my pussy walls
Than it came   his hips first steady thrust that made my lungs moan 
Than came the second    that made my lungs release a resonating groan 
Than came the third    that shook my body into a sexual frenzy
Than a slower more precise thrust came fourth     that gave me notice that I best hold on tight because this ride of thrills was about to be completely fulfilled 

Firm feminine hips gyrate 
Manly diamond hard cock thrust
Meeting in the middle   again and again than again
Up and down I rode atop of him  while my hands held tight behind his head to keep my body from bouncing off his lap   as precise firm thrust repetitively rammed his hard thick cock up the softness of my womb walls
in and out his thrust came harder   faster   deeper   bringing me closer and closer to the release my body craved for

Once my body arrived at the edge  he held it there like a captive sex slave in a cage Torturing me with electrified sensations that seem to arc directly into my soul
His hips kept thrusting with sheer power   leaving my womb with sensations that his rock hard cock was drilling deeper and deeper inside me
 My body bounced up and down out of his thrust rhythm on his lap as he continued to make hot passionate love to me
Loud grunts escape pass his lips as he drilled his beautiful hard cock forever deep inside my wanton need   
A need I needed almost as much I needed him  

Growling voice begged him for his all  once he gave me his all  my orgasm hit me like a sledge-hammer hitting hard against a stone wall 
My body rocked   it shook   than tremble as his powerful hips kept thrusting his unwavering size deep into the sanctuary of my quivering sex
His hips kept pumping and pumping   thrusting and thrusting while my body unmercifully climaxed with orgasmic waves that rumble through my extremities like thunder rumble through black clouds full of summer rain

His hips was now thrusting with so much such sheer power  my womb felt like his cock was about to impale completely through it
His thrust was so hard my body bounced out of his thrust rhythm up and down on his lap while he continuously wailed his cock deep into the heat of my molten core
Loud grunts escape pass his lips on each deep thrust of his hips as he thrust his granite hard cock without mercy forever deep inside my wanton need 

Eyes watched his head slowly tilt back when suddenly the head of his cock rammed into the front of my cervix  
My voice screamed in ecstasy while his hot white cream spewed deep into the heat of my womb cavity   covering its pink walls completely with his ejaculated white substance

He came 
He came again 
Than again   bringing forth another orgasm from within me
Our trembling bodies held each tight as they tremble in sexual bliss 

The calm of my orgasmic storm finally arrived  finding my body in a sexual heap that was held securely in his arms
Once my mind regain its senses  my eyes open to that contagious loving stare of his that doesn't blink   it just look so deep inside me I feel as if he can see the color of my soul...

His arms slowly surround me tighter with their strength   pulling me into an embrace so tight it squeezed the air out my lungs 
When his arms finally released their tight grip   my lungs took a deep cleansing breath   than another  to clean the dizziness in my head
The warmth of the water cascading down our bodies flesh felt so inviting as it cooled off our steamy hot bodies while we held each other in an inseparable intimate embrace

Gingerly he leaned back than tenderly kissed the side of my neck
His lips than proceeded to suckle softly on the tip of my ear   than again his lips captured mine in a deep sweet embrace which once again left my lungs helplessly breathless 
As my body swoon to his deep sweet kisses   loving thoughts reminded me why I married this loving man
When the kiss transcend  again his gaze looked deep inside me

As his gaze wondered in the color of my eyes   a low quiet whispered "Thank you"  filtered into my ear 
I returned his whisper with one of my own "Your cock is always welcomed inside of me"
A mistake I wondered   as a big devilish smile immediately inched across his face....

(c) 1ManView


  1. So lovely and erotic, 1MV. "A mistake I wondered..." no way...definitely not a mistake. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thank you very much Cat... No, not a mistake at all... 😄

      peace and love