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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Hump day ... Touch me there .. Erotic prose poetry

Silhouette of naked body hid in the dim light of the room
Fingertips find  than ease over feminine folds  lightly skimming over its crescent curves  that slowly swell under the softness of fingertips touch
As she slept-  as if commanded-  her legs open wider-  letting my touch reach further-   strum over the soft flesh of her folds easier -steadier

Petite body gingerly shift   her back slightly arch   as soft moans reached out of the shadow of her mouth while my fingertips slip through the slippery moistness that seeped from the crevice between swollen folds

Firm lips capture an erect nipple in a plucking motion  
The softness of her hand is felt on the back of my neck that slightly ease my head forward as her back arched   which pushed the pillow softness of her full breast deeper into the moist heat of my greedy mouth

A sudden shudder rip through her extremities  as one fingertip pressed forward into her feminine opening  
Thighs muscles shiver as a second finger join the first  
As it intrude pass resistance of her vulva opening
Body muscles contract as two fingers firmly swirl in the tight confinement of her sex passage  while rocking quickly back and forth down her slick feminine walls   sharp swirling sensations sweeping from her womb   up her spine   entice her hips to gyrate in the rhythm of my fingertips precise motion

Soft moans fill the night air as my fingers reach deeper down her sex soft pliable walls that was starting to weep profusely from exhalation of passion from my lips suckling   my tongue licking   the soft creamy flesh of her bosom 

Lips suckled harder  fingers travel faster   open eyes could not see past passion tears as her body wrenched and jerk from sensations of jubilation that ripped through her extremities

Call out of  my name was heard just before her body became tense then shuddered in release as long manipulating fingers rapidly touched her sensitive spot again and again

While her body lay in a heap  her mind drifted into the space of sexual afterglow   
Her chest raised high in the air as her lungs force feed air back into them

Fingers continue to roam   lips continued to seek out the most sensitive spots on her flesh   but she does not feel it as her mind drift in the conscious of  unknown origins
Once I realized her body was in the space of the after state  
I raised my head and watched contentment ease across her face
My lips form a smile  knowingly once again I had brought her to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure ...

(c) 1ManView