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Friday, August 18, 2017

Drink... Erotic Rhyming poem

Full lips deeply embrace
Please stop, so I can catch my breath for goodness sake

Whispering words say love, you want to make
Putting my strong lustful urge of "right now" on the list of wait

Who would have guess we would never make it down to the end of the hall
As bodies touch, grope, ground deep and hard up against the wall

Quickly Panties - shorts - pants  dress-bra fall
 Onto the floor in a big cluster ball

After our clothes had completely dissipate
You gently lay me down on the hard cold wood floor for my faith

Opened wide my legs did spread
Oh hell, I wish we were in the warm soft comfort of our king size bed

Between my legs, your tongue did its wondrous magical tricks 
Of quick flicks and deep swirling licks -
On and around the erect bud of my sensitive clit

Soon my body begin to vibrate and quake 
While the thickness of my hips violently shake

Hmm...  I can feel your tongue diving deep into the wake of my pink
Quenching your thirst with the sweet tart taste of my hot liquid  drink

(C) 1ManView

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