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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Monday moaning.... Killing me softly (3) Needy ...Erotic Prose peom

My wetness lowered down on his cock that felt harder than steel 
A piece of steel I'm about to ride like a car ride on steel chrome wheels
But when this ride is over, we'll both know who got the best of this sexual deal

Once the pink-ness of my walls covered the smooth bald head of his towering shaft 
Inch by inch my taut pliable walls slid down the velvet soft flesh of his hard mast
Filling my womb with sensations so sheer my lungs couldn't even produce a whispering  gasp

Slowly down my weeping womb walls glided down his swollen girth
A swollen girth I was about to ride for all that it was worth
Never would I have imagine this early in the morning, I would have such a visit
Of stretching pain inside my womb that felt this  *+#% exquisite

Once my womb was full of his hardness
He started to quickly thrust his hips in an up tempo gladness

Quickly my hands tightly embraced the bank of his head
Than my voice whispered into his ear                                                                                                       
"Please be still my dear,"
Once his hips rotations stopped
My body leaned down hard on his lengthy rigid cock

While my hips gyrate in a circle slowly like a car in first gear
My voice whispered to him," you best grab my waist and hold on tight my dear"
The more of his hardness that my pink sex took in
The more I didn't feel like a married woman, but more like a woman who was living in sexual sin

My body rose up until my womb walls rode to the tip of his smooth hard shaft
Then slide down, thrusting his long hard prize deeply down the hidden center between my thighs
The surreal sensations that was bombarding my mind
Made the clear water in my eyes cry

I rode his cock harder and faster
Faster then Santa Claus reindeer's comet and dasher
Mmm, faster was the rhythm that satisfied my lust
Lust that was burning hot and deep inside the root of my guts

On the bedroom wall -
My eyes watched a light silhouette of my body moving up and down in the light that was dim
"Lay back," my voice softly beckoned him
Once his body slide back into the black chair
I started to ride him like a bronco cowboy rode a bucking stallion - without fear

I rode him like a woman possessed
I rode him even harder when his voice protest
I rode him like a woman who was a needy whore 
I rode him so deep the head of his length touched the back edge of my pink core
I rode him like a bad kid ride a jungle gym
I rode him this way because of my lust determinative
I rode him like this, because I was deeply in love with him
I rode him, until I had nothing left inside me to give

I felt his throbs become harder inside me
As his white sperm gathered in a request to become free
I heard his breathing become dead silent
The kind of silent that comes moments before his release becomes volatility violent

"Not yet baby," 
"Not yet" 
"Wait for me" I whispered into his ear
Because his ejaculation coming before I was ready, was the one thing I did fear

His face wrench
His muscles flinched
While his fingertips dug deep into my ass flesh
As he held back his white release that was in its finial state of unrest

When slender arms wrapped around his muscular neck
Long slim fingertips  came together to connect
This way I could take his hardness deeper
Before his urge to cum make his resistance to become weaker
And once my legs widen
His thick cock sunk deep inside me like the sunken ship Poseidon

While his hips deep thrust enticed my orgasm to peak
My extremely sore womb profusely weeps

Hips gyrations grew wider
As my womb walls squeezed tighter
Eyes glare became one
As our orgasms started to become undone
I felt his hot sperm ejaculate
As his release could no longer wait

Just as my hips rotations really started to flail
Without warning, orgasmic waves hit me like a hurricane gale

My eyes open with  my body being held tight in his strong arms
Another one of his bewitching charms

Part 4.... His thoughts.....

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hump day.... Medicine Erotic Song poem

A Song Poem is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase or sentence from that song. It must also be written in the melody, rhytmn or spririt of that song:

Long lonely dark nights
Followed by longer cloudy days
Leave my body in a sweat
Shaking with a fever
"I need my medicine"

Work is hard
My body has become weak and tired
While reflecting mind is always wired
"I need my medicine" 

Finally home
My body sits down in the nearest chair
So I can excogitate what's going on in my life
Baby girl, " Bring me my medicine"

All this meditation has made my mind weaker
Thinking about things I really do not wish to seek
Especially the pile of bills laying in front of me that look like its written in Greek
Baby girl, "Bring me my medicine"

Proceed before me
They all aim to please
Baby girl, "Bring me my medicine"

I reach for the flavor of the day
Wet to the touch
Pulsating from need
To receive my thick white seed
Baby girl, "Bring me my medicine"

Show and tell time
Just show Panties
No bra
Baby girl, "Bring me my medicine"

It throb in want
It throb in need
It throb in lust
Baby girl, "Bring me my medicine"

Harder than red bricks
Jerk from your soft lips healing grip
That gingerly slip
Up and down the harden flesh between my trembling hips
Baby girl "Bring me my medicine"

Lips that seal tighter then a mason jar
Ride granite hard girth, smoother then a shiny new Cadillac car
Swirling, burning, sensations fill my veins with sensations of things that's about to come
Sensations that has my mind on the run
Baby girl, "Bring me my medicine"

Voice quiet moan
Turn into a deep manly groan
As I feel it as it slowly crept
From my loins deepest depths
As it gathered for the rush
Into your hot Dixie cup
Baby girl, "Bring me my medicine"

Body want to come
But my burning desire is in need of a lot more fun
Before my loins release its masses of white-hot cum
Baby girl, "Bring me my medicine"

Panties-clothes are quickly stripped
Baby girl, get on top and slowly sit
Inserting my hardness deep in the centered hole between your generously wet slit
Baby girl, "Bring me my medicine"

Hips gyrate
At a hard gyrating quick rate
While my hands hold tight on to your breast for goodness sake
As I feel my body gather for the trembles and shakes
Baby girl, "Bring me my medicine"

While inside the depths of your hotness grip
I feel the warmth of your wetness drip
Down the sides of my granite hard prick
As wildly grinding hips-
Deeply dip
Baby girl, "Bring me my medicine"

Body quake
Muscular thighs shake
As thick white seed
Spew deep inside the pink cavern of my need
 Baby girl, "Thank you for bringing me my medicine"

Medicine by Ted Benoit: 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Moaning.... Killing me softly (2) ... My need .. Erotic prose poem .....

While his body laid in an orgasmic heap 
My eyes traced his scrumptious flesh like a hungry loin eyes red meat
My imagination surely did rape him while he was asleep
But his explosive orgasm means he'll need time to recover, and time is an essence 
There's no time to waste
I have to get his cock back up in a haste

Between his thighs my body slid, head first mouth open
I took his limpness deep between my lips
Mmm, so this is what it's like to deep throat
To have a cock swimming in the wetness of my throat moat
But I really know if  hs cock was at full mast, I would surely choke

Wake up my pretty dick
It didn't take too long for his little prick
Too turn into a pretty-long luscious hard thick dick 
A hard dick I need inside my wet heat really quick

"Baby", what are you doing his groggy voice moan
Moans that soon turned into deep I'm in ecstasy groans
As my soft moist lips slipped up and down the length of his girth that's now wet and harder than granite stone

While I deeply sucked his hard mass 
Which was now twice as hard as a broken leg cask 
My eyes wondered and did stare
At that darn big black computer chair

All my mind could think of was having sex with him in that chair
And the more my mind lingered on that darn chair
The more my needy wanting lust inside me flared
Quickly out my mouth his wet cock eased out with a loud wet pop!

Quickly I stood up and pointed at that stupid black chair
Than politely asked him, "Baby, could you please sit down right there?"
I know his mind was still kind of hazy
By I had to laugh too myself at the way he look at me as if I was crazy

But he stood up anyway and settled into the computer chair
Which left his hard cock pulsating so high up in the air
It caught my eyes collected stare

Quickly my body ran up to the chair as if it was in a race
My thighs open wide as I tried to straddle his erection while looking at him face to face
But my efforts left me giggling in an unsuccessful disgrace
Because his towering erection was too high and unbending for my body to clear
As it throbbed up toward the upper atmosphere

His eyes glared at me while his face smiled 
A smile that turned into a smart ass smirk
The kind of smirk that's usually on the face of a male jerk
That think they are just all so clever
Because they knew about that small black lever
A lever, I will diffidently be reminded about forever
That lets the computer chair lower
But once he pulled the lever and that chair did drop
I quickly straddled that pretty smooth-skin veining looking cock.....

(c) 1ManView
Ok-This time there's no holidays nor excuses to stop (pt 3) of Killing me softly... 
(Link to Killing my softly PT 1)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday night seduction (series) .. Flicker (Bound).... Prose poem

Imitation lights that burn too bright
Were turned off, for the significance of this night

Match strike
Then light
Leaving candlesticks flickering in the black hue of the dark room
Were I wait for you too slowly stroll into my eyes sight 

Slowly, cautiously  you stroll into the room
And stand at the far end of the flicker of the candlelights
You can't see my shadow standing in the room twilight
But you hear my voice whispers:
"You shall find all answers"
"At the other end of the light"
"You shall find passion and lust"
"That shall intertwine with my love of you"
 "By the end of this night"

As you stroll down the lane of candlesticks flickers
I walk out of the shadows into the flickering light
Halfway we meet:
Bodies embrace
lips meet then greet 
With sweetness of soft deep kisses

(C) 1ManView

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Testing....1....2.....3 & 4

Contrast of flaccid flesh lay in the palm of her hand
Basking in the comfort of its warmth

Her head lay comfortably still  on my chest
While she listen to the slow rhythmic rhythm of my heart beats

Her voice whispered questions
That search the conscious of my deep thoughts

Her hand begain to roam the soft flesh of my flaccidity 
Disturbing its peaceful state

All this was her quiant way of asking me
Was my love for her as strong as before

My answer?


Friday, January 6, 2017

Waterfall .... Prose poem ......

Bright sun
Blue skies
Enhance the rainbow hovering over ones head...
Circles ones being...
Into the sheath of ones waterfall…
Moisten heat
Surrounds the sensuousness of touch...
Lips touch
Then embrace
Softness of ones breath ease over facial flesh...
Moistness is now wetness
Moans enrage to groans
As the softness of a touch
Enrage inner desires...
Bareness meets nakedness
As flesh gingerly mesh against each other...
Penetration of pliable flesh
Penetration of mind-set
Which penetrates ones wills
That finally
Penetrates into ones soul...
The coolness of ones shoreline
Is meet with the heat of ones extension…
The heat within one start to slowly falter
As the coolness of one shoreline surrounds it completely…
Hot raining mist
Showers ones shoreline
Then drowns in the heat of ones depths...
As the sun falls
The moon rises
But the hue of the sky, remains blue...

(C) 1ManView

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Paul McCartney - Let 'Em In .... Song poem....

A Song Poem: is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase, word or sentence from that song. It must also be written in the melody, rhytmn or spririt of that song... 

Please push play before you start to read,,,

"Someone knocking at the door
"Somebody ringing the bell"

"Someone knocking at the door"
"Somebody ringing the bell"

"Do me a favor
Open the door
And let him in"

"Someone knocking at the door
"Somebody ringing the bell"

"Someone knocking at the door"
"Somebody ringing the bell"

"Do me a favor
Open the door

And let him in"

Dark complexion
Gruesomely handsome
He stands naked before my eyes
With chest, that's muscular puffed
Waist indented
Stomach taut with waves of muscles
Thighs ripped and bulging with strength

"Someone knocking at the door
"Somebody ringing the bell"

"Someone knocking at the door"
"Somebody ringing the bell"

"Do me a favor
Open the door
And let him in"

He suckle on the tender flesh of my lips
He suckle on the heave of my mountain top
Making my mind turn into a solar eclipse

Fingertips dip
Inside my thighs moist tight pink grip
Making it wet
With feminine sweat
Causing it to relapse
Into his sexual trap

His lips deeply sip
Between my swollen lips tight grasp
Making my orgasm progress

"Someone knocking at the door"
"Somebody ringing the bell"

"Someone knocking at the door"
"Somebody ringing the bell"

I'm going to have to open the door
"And let him in"

Eyes watch his uncut mass slide deep inside my watery cavern 
I felt it opening my womb width making space for his voluminous girth
As its massive head plunge into the darkness of my pink depths

Eyes watch his muscular frame reflection in the bedroom mirror, move up and down on top of my body
I saw his buttocks flex
His hips thrust forward a millisecond before I felt his rock hard mass push deep inside me
I heard his breath inhale deeply as his harden length pulled almost out the soft pink flesh of  my womb,
I heard his lungs deeply exhale, as his harden mass implied itself deeply inside me once again
I heard someone scream, as his hips crashed into mine forcefully, again and again, then again
My eyes close as surging sensations rush completely through my body extremities

Mouth open as a shriek of passion rush from my lungs
As I felt my body become tightly tense
While the majority of his harden length
Thrust deep into the wet heat of my hidden sanctuary 

"Someone knocking at the door"
"Somebody ringing the bell"

"Someone knocking at the door"
(Somebody keep trying to ring my damn bell)

I'm going to have to spread my legs wider
And let him completely in...

Legs fly up
Letting my thighs open up more than enough
For him to fill my womb with all of his long-exceptionally hard stuff
Than I completely, let him in

Deep grumbling grunts
Was heard as his harden sex deeply rut
Deep inside the center of my pink trust

As my body quaked
He filled my womb with his liquefied hot white gooey shake
After I completely open up the door
"And let him in".....

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