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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Go deep... (Love runs deep)

Silent hush of harden flesh, deeply dive into the depths of soft pink haven
Round soft curvature hips, rush up to meet those that are square and firm
Than rescind to linger for a split moment, than rush back up to meet the hard deep thrust again and again
Back arch:
Hips extend:
 To receive every inch of thrusting  harden flesh
To feel the ripples of its stretched velvet soft exterior
To feel its deep throbs of lustful-ness inside the void of her moist center

Seductive lips vibrate from the quiet moan that slipped past its restricted opening
While sharp edges of red panted fingernails, rake open the dark-colored flesh of a back before it
As the pace of passion quickens
Raging thrust, thrust dark hardness deep into pink sublime of feminine wetness

High pitch moan 
Drowns out a low pitch groan
As the grandeur of lust pain rush complete - through complex extremities

Body muscles stiffen
Then tremble in orgiastic enraptured
Enticing hot thick rope of hot white seamen to fill the empty void in one's center 

As one, their bodies lay tightly intertwine
Indulging in the rapture of their love, seeping quietly into their soul
While adoration slowly flow through the soft beats of their hearts ...



  1. Whoa 1MV...have missed your hot!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Thank you very much Cat... 😘 I have missed you too...

    peace and love

  3. Whooa! This erotic story really drew me in. Thanks for the intensity