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Monday, January 14, 2019

Never forever-Sensual repetitive poem Saturday seduction

Never heard the roar of your sports car drive into the driveway
Never heard your key intertwine into the door lock before it accessed it
Never heard the front door open nor slam close
Never heard you throw your keys noisily into the metal key tray like you always do
Never heard your quiet footsteps infiltrate into the kitchen
Never heard the pleasantly subdued way you called my pet name as you approached me from behind
Never felt your body presence taking space precisely behind mine

I did feel your strong arms squeeze my body affectionately into yours
I did smell the subdued musk of the cologne you wear just for me
I did feel your hand gingerly ease over the soft fabric of my dress, as it glided over the oval shape of my unshielded breast
I did feel the hardness of your affection of me  press against the softness of my back side

I did hear a soft sigh slip past parted lips, as your lips gingerly pressed on the flesh of the nape of my neck

I did fall in love with you all over again, after you swept me up in your arms and carried my swooning body to the bedroom as if it was as fragile as an egg
I did hear the audible sound of the smoke detector, as the romp roast burned almost as hot as the lustful kisses your lips traced down between the center of my thighs
I did call out your name repeatedly during the night, as our love-making became undeniable under the spell of the enchanting moon light 


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