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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monday Moaning .. D is for Deep licks .. (Monday morning )


Looming, glooming of the beginning,
The beginning of a work week,
The beginning of the working meek,
The beginning of school days,
The beginning of all things that associate with Monday's,
That will not go our way

My body lies in the middle of the bed with the feel of useless weight holding it down,
Eyes flicker, but does not focus,
Deep breaths of none aspiration flow pass my lips,
As I tell my mind to get a grip,
And my body to lift up these sleeping curvy hips,
But instead, my body just lay here like a dead in the water ship

The bed moves as "he", sits down by my feet,
So use to the Monday me, he doesn't bother to even greet,
So handsome he looks when freshly shaved and his short beard trimmed, 
He looks great even though the lighting in here is dim,
For a split second, my body thought about getting up, and getting a big hug from him

Planted foot in his back beckons a at least a stare from his eyes,
But instead of a stare, his eyes seem to take a quick gaze at the outline of my thighs, 
Then his eyes look up at me, as if he hadn't seen me for a such a long, long, time

A smile crowds his face, 
His body turn towards me, 
His eyes actually look at me, as if it was me they really wanted to see,
Without saying a word, he gently ease his fingers up my left leg, 
As eyes glance up, I couldn't believe it, the out line of his penis, look like it was stiff as a wooden peg

Down the center of my inner thigh, his touch lingers, as his mind seem to be some distance away, 
As if he had something other then I racing though his thoughts for today, 
For a hot second, I thought I was going to be his trophy fish to be caught,
But today is like any other day with us, so there's no reason for my mind to become distraught,
Suddenly his eyes become focus as he look deep into the brown of my eyes, 
While his soft touch ease across the velvet softness of the sensitive flesh, of my inner thighs

My center was taut and dry like my thoughts of Monday morning,
But his actions stayed focused, and my folds became moist without forewarning,
Fingertips on his right hand awakening my folds with a tender touch, 
A touch I didn't realize, my body, mind, and soul, had missed so much,
His left hand softly strummed across a nipple tip that was peaking towards the sky,
His touch was so surreal, my eyes swelled with moisture as if to cry

Without lifting up my gown, his head slipped under it, 
When his mouth covered the swell of my pouting lips, my body quivered in a fit, 
Legs trembled when the slippery tip of his tongue slipped into my awakened divine,
The tip of his tongue, was met with the sweet taste of my clear nectar wine,
When his tongue slipped deeper into the building moistness of my sex, 
Tears of rapture running down my cheeks, I did not expect

Legs opened wider, 
As his tongue rode my sex like a rough rider,
Guttural moans I haven't heard in years, 
Ended up, sounding more like enchanted cheers

Slow, deep licks, eased up and down my slit center,
Awakening my sex from its long ice age winter,
His actions were as if we had all the time in the world for prolong gratifying sex, 
While his tongue made my sex a quivering wreck,
But we only had minutes to knock out what should be a quickie,
With his hard as steel dick inside me,
But instead he was taking his sweet time, 
With a slithering tongue that felt so sublime,
It made my hips involuntary, deeply grind

His actions were slow and gentle, as he slowly brought my body up to speed,
Making sure he was satisfying all my body sexual needs,
As his tongue swept through my center, my vulva lips became plump and glistered with passion sweat,
Shear sensations made my hips lift, my body quiver, every time my vulva lips and his tongue met,
Quiet deep ratcheting moans rattled in my chest, 
As his tongue deeply probed into the sea of my pinkness

Legs wrap around his head with a vise grip,
As his tongue lashed deep into my sex with the speed of a bull whip

While my hands pull on the back of his head, 
The wet walls of my womb is deeply feed, 
With as much of his tongue that will slide,
Into the wet wake of my pink divine

pushing his face as deep as possible into my sex,
Hips pump back and forth wildly,
As my sex ground hard and deep on his tongue
Breath hitch,
Scream swallowed,
Body tense then straighten like a wooden plank, 
As an orgasm slowly lifted from my center origin, 
Race through my body,  then explode like a newton bomb,
My mind goes blank, as the rapturous orgasm scream through my extremities,
While my body shake and quake in a uncontrolled tremor of blissfulness

Stop, stop, my voice gravel in a coarse whisper, as my sex becomes acutely sensitive to his tongue deep probing,
But he won't relinquish, he keeps licking my sex deep,
Making my body buck like a wild bucking stallion

Catch my breath, catch my breath, race through my mind while my body deeply convulse on the tip of his deep slashing tongue,
Suddenly his tongue stops slashing, and his lips suck my swollen lips deep into his mouth,
Causing a crying audible scream to lift into the air

Hips suddenly lift up, as legs straddled over his shoulder, follow his lifting body,
Wait, wait, my voice plea, as the feel of his harden sex probing at my sex opening is felt,
But without reservation, he impale his hard sex deep within my wetness, with one hard steady thrust of his hips

My voice is strangled into a hush, as my body writhe tight,
An orgasm from my soul reaches outward and explode like the forthcoming of a black hole,
My body quakes uncontrollable as the enormity of his sex thrust deep in and out the center of my haven,
His sex probed falls so deep down my center, it was as if the head of his shaft, was going to root in my depths, 
It touched my femininity like he hadn't in time that had long gone bye,
The hellacious sensations of rapture brought tears to my eyes, 
While encouraging my voice to call out his name, each time his sex rooted deep into my sex depths 

Deeper, my voice begged him to plunged his harden sex into mine,
His girth was felt swelling, his length reached deeper into my private space,
Faster, harder my voice pleaded once again,
The exhilarating sensations caused repetitive orgasms to sweep through my body,
But when the exhilarating sensations became more then my body could bare, 
I begged him to cum

Deep pulsation of his sex shaft on my womb walls, let me know his aspirations was about to cum,
A sudden deep penetrating thrust pushed the voice out of my lungs,
As the start of his ejaculation, put his hot seed on the run

While his sex was buried deep inside my wet depths, 
His thick, creamy, hot white seed, ejaculated into the dark of my fathoms

Hips rotate in a small tight circle, as my pink walls surround his size with tautness,
A long deep moan aspirated form his lungs, 
As his body quake, while his sex pulsated hard like someone beating a drum,
The feel of his hot seed was felt running down my thighs,
As his enormity came to its demise,
After a deep dying breath, 
Time slip by us, as we slept,
We woke up with our minds still bathing in the euphoria of our love,

Damn, this will be the first time in many years that not only I'll be late for work, 
But walk into work with a smile on my face, with the rapturous feel of my man between my thighs, and a quiet moan resting in my throat....

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Friday, August 29, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge... D is for Dead Desire.. (What now)

Body awaken, 
Ache between my legs is calling his name,
Roll over and wake him with nibbles on his ear,
Suction on his hard round nipples,
Mommy we are hungry calls down the hall,
Catch a quickie later roams through my mind

High noon,
Kids playing outside,
Bodies embrace,
Lips taste,
Legs become week at the knees,
Breath is taken away,
Baby cries float down the hallway,
While deep sigh flow past parted lips,
"What now" flash through my mind,
Tonight twinge deep between my thighs

Read to,
Way past their bedtimes,
Good night my wonderful sleeping kiddies

He's sitting in the floor in the dark watching TV,
Kids put to bed,
Baby is feed and fast asleep,
House is quiet as a mouse,
I ease down next to him,
His hand roams into the front of my pants,
Fingertips ease pass my fancy panty lace and wiggle into my pink jiggle,
Breath held,
Hips bunk,
Kisses bite with a deluge of passion

Pants pulled down,
Head down, Azz up,
Panties pushed to one side,
Enormous cock slid between my thighs, then into my wanting wet orifice,
Scream is swallowed,
As his cock slide deep into my hollow,
Hard deep thrust rock my body,
Quiet grunts,
Depressed moans,
Fill the air,
My mind drift into space,
As his long hard thrust rock my sexual world

Hips buck wildly into his,
Tightly wrapped cock, is swallowed deep inside my wetness,
A quiet mommy is heard coming from behind the living room couch,

Pants pulled up in a panic,
Yes baby is whispered to tiny body hiding in the shadows,
I'm scared, I heard a strange noise mommy,
Its OK baby, it was just mommy playing with daddy,
Lets go back to bed sweetie,
Tiny body put to bed,
Silently check on the baby

He stands behind me,
As I check on the littlest one in her crib,
Hard pulsating cock pushes on my derriere,
Juices are felt streaming down my leg,
Hips gently grind into each other,
Thoughts of the taste of his meat makes my mouth water,
Mommy! Timmy just bit me, screams down the hallway,

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Head Day .... D is for Deep... (C is for Cum)

Glossy pink painted nails, 
Ride on long smooth soft fingers,
That gently wrap its warmth around the flaccidity of his naked sex

Slow, firm, up and down stroking motion on its cotton soft skin,
Awaken his sex from its slumbering limp state

Sex girth throbs as it open her fingertips grip wider,
Its length reaches urgently upward towards the moisture of her waiting, wanting, lips

Stretching flesh, 
Throbbing girth, 
Shoot pain pleasure sensations through his loins,
Extorting a quiet gasping moan of desired pain from the depths of his lungs

Lips part,
Tongue slash, across the top of the extended width of his erection mushroom head

Lips close,
Then slowly ease down his lengthy shaft length,
Quiet moans escape into the air, as her lips slid up and down his sex girth flesh

Head pulls upward,
Lips release his harden flesh,
All eyes stare at his sex erection, that has become harder then solid concrete,
And stands perfectly erect like a ten story building

Spit glistering wet skin, has becomes so tight, its color is now transparent,
His thick blood vein images a train track on a city map

Manly eyes close from electrified sensations, of her warm hand grip sliding up and down his girth length

Legs straighten then quiver,
As he feel the heat of her mouth surround his erection, while her lips ease down his shaft taut  flesh

Deeper and deeper his sex slips past her lips firm grip, while her head bobs up and down until the head of his erection touches the front of her throat,
Hands pulling hard on the back of her head, falls to his side, as shear sensations of his erection pushing into her throat overwhelms him

Her pace quickens,
His shaft girth thickens,
As her sloppy wet lips slide up and down his length in a pace of urgency

Wet lips slip,
Hips dip,
As his orgasm erupts and ejaculate his white hot seed deep into the heat of her throat




Is followed by a deep moan in her chest, as the sweet taste of his hot thick white seed, saturates the palate of her tongue

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday moaning .. D is for Desired moan ...

Fingertips grip lace panties seams

Hips lift

Panties are slowly tugged down shapely legs

Head turn

Eyes look up

Face blush

Lips part

Lungs quietly gasp, as if its the first time your eyes has ever glanced at the privacy of my sex

The hungry desire of me illuminating in the back of your eyes, 

Made my body flesh melt, my voice profoundly moan...

1Manview © 8-23 – 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A to Z erotic poem challenge... D is for Dissolution ... Song poem

The power of music is just that.. Powerful...
A song can take your mind back to anytime of your life,
Good or bad in one beat of your heart...
This poem was written in "second voice", but the memory is mine,
And only mine...

Dark thoughts,
Dark memories,
Darken room,
In dark of night

Tears roam down the dark complexion of my face flesh,
Captured by my pillow case,
As thoughts of you, 
Trace through my mind,
While wondering,

Why wouldn't you stay?
Why did you leave?
Why leave me alone in the dark?

Your touch lingers,
On my flesh,
Its softness,
Its gentleness, 
Touched me so deep, it touched my soul,
It brought up passion hidden in the depths of my sexuality,
Passion that made tears cry inside me,
Unlike the ones that's now raining a wet trail down my face 

Memories of us still stand in my mind,
Memories of us holding hands,
Memories of us quietly talking and laughing while laying intertwined in the dark, 
Memories of sharing soft kisses, that seem to have no end,
Memories of my hands tracing your back flesh,
While my nails rake its surface to the color of red,  as the thrust of your sex inside me, touched me ever deep,
Your sex girth open me wide, on each gyration of the power in your hips,
The persuasion of your mind, opened my mind to acceptance of sexual latitudes

My voice softly moan your name,
In unison of your deep voice quietly moaning mine,
As we made the act of passionate love in the shadows of the dark

Deep breaths push the heave of my breast into your chest,
Nipples touch,
Sensations roar,
While fingertips roam,
Lips taste,
Breaths inhale,
As passion pain rain profusely inside our loins

I was inside you,
You were inside me, mind, body and soul,
But now my body awaken in the dark,
Feeling only my heart beating in the ache of sorrow,
My head resting in a rained soaked pillow case,
While my eyes search the the darkness of the room shadows,
Hoping once again, to see the presence of your body standing, watching,
Over me

Tears drop,
Mind wonders,
Why you didn't stay with me?
Why would you say you love me? 
knowing your heart did not,
Why did you leave me in the dark alone?
In the darkness, of my lonely thoughts...

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