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Friday, December 15, 2017

Quickie series... Love comes Erotic prose poem

Say it ...
Say it loud
Say if softly
Or whisper the words near my ear...
Moan it
Groan it
Just let me know
The moment your love for me
Is coming ....

(Painting by Antony Christian)

(C) 1ManView

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Reserve ... Erotic prose poem

Fingertips grip pink panties seams
Panties are slowly tugged down
My head turns and lower to face him
Shy brown eyes look into his gray...
Lungs quietly gasp
Lips smile
While my face blush
As if it was the very first time
His eyes ever glared 
At the curvature of my sex


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Lip service.... Erotic prose poem

Bewildered brown eyes watched her let it slowly pull out her mouth
Than slowly sucked it back in -
A gasp rip from his throat
A shudder flutter through his body
As sensations of her lips suffocating the head of his cock rips into his loins...

The air he needed to breathe didn't seem to exist
All nerve endings in his body seemed to linger on the tip of his cock
As shearing pleasure-pain rapidly deplored into his loins
Agin and again she deployed the same action
Each time making the tip of his cock became more sensitive than the last time she did it

She let it slip deeper into he mouth
Than rapidly plunged her head down than quickly up
A groveling voice spits out, "Right there baby", "right there"  .....

She keeps her head straight
Its plunges steady
Her lips grip tight
She heard his moans in the need to relinquish his seed slicing through the night air

Heart race
Hips tilt
Muscular chest heave
Close fist grasp air as his body convulse wildly in release splendor....

She swallows
She sucks
She swallows again and again, but couldn't swallow all of his hot massive load spewing deeply into her mouth
The overflow of his thick white cream spilled pass her lips seal and trickled down her chin

His body laid in a heap on the bed as soft lips tenderly suckled on the tip of his cock
His mind knew what he wanted to do to her in return, but his body didn't have the strength to push a moan out its lungs, let alone move.....


Saturday, December 2, 2017

A spat (spanking).......... Erotic prose poem

Fingertips slowly open the front of my black dress
His eyes glare contentedly watch it slowly descend past the swell of my breast
The curves of my hips
The length of my legs
Once on the floor he had me step out of it and discarded it to the side
Than his gray eyes roamed my flesh territory in such a way I felt naked...

Then in a flash his strong hands spun my body around and thrust my body down over the edge of the work desk
In an instant is hand came down swiftly on my backside...


This time ... Yes....


Deserving ?... 

Regrets ?..

This is a give and take world
I gave
He took

He gave

Sometimes for fun
Sometimes not so much fun...
But always for a purpose
A purpose that keeps "our world" balanced
And in our world, I need ( love) his direction of keeping my balance....

Monday, November 27, 2017

Rain maker...erotic prose poem

They say man will never learn to control the weather
But you are the mastered of it
And when you make it rain
I feel so warm and beautiful inside

Happy Moanday....


Wednesday, November 22, 2017