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Friday, November 16, 2018

Lurkers and new follower Day... look in please .......

Today is love or lurkers day, and if there is any lurkers out there, say hello please. And to all of my new followers, will you also say hello. Not only would it help me to get to know you, but to follow your blog also. You see, when you become a follower, the icon no longer take us to your blog. It only take us to your blog if you leave a comment. So PLEASE leave a comment. It can be a simple hello, or could you write more spanking poems, erotic humor etc. Or say notning. Just leave me your icon in the comment section co I can find your blog.... A lot of my followers have stop blogging, and I'm slowly taking them off my blog list. I like to replace them with a new active blog. By helping me will also help you gain some followers. I know I haven't been as active as I have been in the past. But I plan on getting back to that level. Plus the more comments I see, the more I usually write...  Thank you for being a lurker, and thank you "everyone" for stopping in to read my poems....

Peace - ðŸ˜‚
Love -  💗
And kisses -💋  ðŸ’‹ 

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Bottoms up (Spank poem)

First came the roaring thunder
Suddenly, lightning struck
Setting fire to everything it touched  
Last came the crying rain
That brought peace and tranquil to the land:
One thing I have learned about a thunderstorm
Lighting can strike the exact spot, more than twice

(C) 1ManView

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Home brew .... Erotic Prose poem (repost)

Smell of brewing coffee stimulated her body to move from a deep slumber to it's almost time to wake up to another Monday morning posture

Her boy rolled from its side to its back
Deep breaths are taken in an attempt to stimulate her body to awaken 
I'm going to have to go to Starbuck to get something stronger than his sweet cream coffee to get me moving, traced through her groggy mind

Lethargic body sir
Sleepy mind finally focused enough for her to open her big brown eyes and peep through the slit of morning eyelids
Within a split moment, her legs spread open wide
Her back instantly bows into an inward arch
Heaving round firm breast heave toward the morning sky
While once idle hands grasp at blue wrinkled sheets, as sheer sensation attack her nervous system with electrified sensations that overstimulated her body senses

Eyes wide stare glance down her body
The top of his head could be seen under the sheets, slowly gyrating in a spiral motion between the center opening of sleeping sex

Surreal sensations of his tongue dipping and swirling deep in the wake of her quivering pink sex rushed through her extremities
Leaving her body with miniature body shivers and moving imprints of goose bumps racing across her tender flesh

Deeper, quicker, his tongue deeply swept through her sex slit
Enticing her hips to gyrate in his tongue rhythmic slashing motion...

Right leg slowly rose then tightly hug against the back of his head
Pulling his mouth closer to her sex, while pushing his tongue deeper into the void of her pink wetness

Oral assault hesitates
Her sweet clear nectar tasted then swallowed
Soft voice moans her approval

As his tongue resumes its assault on her swollen sex, 
A flashing thought of "Starbuck has nothing like this" tracked through her mind...

(C) 1ManView

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Wensday is head day ... Just for me... (redone) Prose poem

Soft, yet firm wrap of slender feminine fingers
Captured the rapture of my hard pulsating cock

As her fisted fingers stroke its length slowly, tenderly
Electrified sensations bring its length to wholeness
Its girth to a fullness

Fingers grip become firmer
Their Rhythmic stroke, strokes smooth and steadily
While my scrotum is firmly squeezed by her other hand

Tip of swirling tongue tease the smooth mushroom head of my hard distended membrane
It swirls on my cock head sensitive ridge
Up and down its hard elongated flesh
When pouting lips encircle the swell of my rigid flesh:
Inhale was my breath
Quivering vibrations shook my legs
Shear sensations projected through my loins catapulted up my spine
My voice audibly moaned in overwhelming pleasure

Heartbeats urgently fluttered in my chest from the sharp piercing sensations projecting through my loins
Soon my manly voice became numb in silence from the unbearable pleasure-pain fluctuating through my extremities

As bobbing head gestures slowly undulated over the extended length of my hard swollen cock
Full wet lips ease over the soft velvet flesh of my penile over and over
Leaving my body with extreme sensations of contented pleasure

Lips manipulate
As steady rhythmic motions of head gesture take my body to the edge of orgasmic detonation
My body clings to the sensations of pleasurable affliction
Not wanting the extreme pleasure to stop

Toes curl
Buttocks tighten
Legs involuntarily squirm and vibrate
As swirling sensations bombard into the inner depths of my being
My voice now gravel in the need for me to come

Soft full lips grip tighter
The rhythm of bobbing head gestures quickens:
Body becomes compliant
As loins flood full of passion waves 
Then violently explode

Uncontrollable earth quaking tremors shake my body 
While massive expulsion of scrotum hot white gooey substance ejaculates into the moist heat of her waiting hungry mouth

Vision blurred
Lungs burn
Loud drum beats articulate from my rapid heartbeats
Suddenly my body moves without motion

Taken are deep breaths
Legs too weak to stand
But "once again," anticipates in my mind


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Enough said ...

For L....

Doesn't need
To be perfect.
It just needs
To be true