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Sunday, October 19, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge.. F is for Forced Orgasm (3) Monday moaning

Time pass bye,
Bodies slumbering in sexual sleep, while the sun rises higher in the morning sky,
Hot concentrated sun ray shining through the blinds, shined on the nakedness of his back flesh,
Its heat awakens him, when his eyes open, he finds himself laying on top of the soft slopes of her petite body, while in her arms loving grip,
With tenderness in his eyes, he quietly watch the sexy sleeping beauty quietly sleeping under him, 
A smile ease across his face, as he draws a finger along side of her soft cheeks

Her body stirs, as his lips lay soft kisses on the creamy soft flesh of her neck,
Her lungs gasp for air, as a deep searing kiss directly on her lips, takes her breath away

Slender shapely legs surround his waist, 
Her hips lift up, and gingerly gyrate her warm moist sex tight against the soft limp sex between his legs

Friction, and heat from her sex orifice, entice his organ to become immensely erect, 
Feeling his hardness rub against her soft moisten lips, a lustful moan vibrates inside her chest,
Hips gyrate together harder, breathing becomes louder, as lust consumes their beings

Manly strength push his body away from her legs tight grip, a loud moan of lust agony leaves her lips, as he breaks the grinding friction between their sex organs, 
Her sex anticipates his sex arrival, but instead she felt his lips lock on the erectness of a blood filled nipple

Hips push up against his body, as her hand searches for his elusive hard sex organ, 
She moans in lust frustration, as he sways his hips to one side, keeping her hand from grasping the sides of his manly pride

Womanly sex organ burns inside with smoldering heat, it aches in lust, it weeps profusely in pleasure when two fingers are inserted inside it, when they touch the sweet spot within her womb, her hips lift, her body quivers

Her mind visualize his harden sex, deep inside the soft walls of her sex, thrashing in and out its depths, but as of now, she doesn't want the sharp pleasing sensations, that's rushing through her womb from his inserted fingertips, to stop       

Lips slip down the soft flesh of her stomach, leaving a burning trail of rapturous sensations,
When his lips meet the moisture of her sex, her back arch, her hands pull his head tight between her legs, while her hips gyrate deeply, 
When his tongue plunge deep between her swollen folds, a guttural moan screams through the room

Flailing hips bounce his head up and down, but his lips stick to her swollen mound like glue, while his tongue dart and slash into the depths of her pink wake,
When the taste of her fast flowing clear liquid becomes sweeter on his tongue, he knows her body is coming close to orgasm

Lips surround her swollen clit, while his tongue swirled around its erect sides, 
Yes.. oh-yes.. Moaned pas her lip, as his tongue rapidly swept across her clit tip, 
When she could no longer stand the keen sensations rushing from her now sensitive clit, she pushed his head downward until she had his tongue tip directly on her sex most sensitive spot

Hips buck, 
Lungs gasp,
While his tongue tasted deep inside her womanhood

Body levitated, 
Then suddenly hesitated, 
Unheard elusive words stayed in her mouth, as her body tremor and shook like a volcano awakening from a deep sleep,
Sweeter then sweet hot clear fluids, poured from her sex channel into his mouth, while her body convulsed in a continuous rapturous orgasm

To be be continued ... (4)

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge ... F is for fast and furious... (2)

Hard swollen membrane, 
Fall into the soft pink flesh of her womb,
Eyes half open, 
Back slightly arch, 
As sensation of his hard cock,
Penetrating into the restricted space of her haven,
Rush into her loins

Lungs gasp, 
Then moan, 
As hips forward thrust push his size,
None stop deep into her pink tender offering

Shapely legs rise,
Then fold around his slender waist,
As his hard manly size slowly fall,
Into the dark space hidden between her wanton thighs

Painted fingernails dig into back flesh,
Raking up the color of red,
As the head of his throbbing cock,
Reaches its limit inside her womanhood,
A deep breath was followed,
With a slow steady tug on his shaft, 
That pulled it slowly upward,
From her womb depths,
Steady flow of vibrant sensations vibrating through her womb walls, 
Made her body feel as if it was levitating on top of the bed mattress

Slow upward gyration of his hips,
Slowly pulled his shaft out to the very last inch,
Then was thrust slowly back into her waiting womb depths,
Each thrust became smoother then the last,
As her womb slippery liquid was wept in pleasure

Passionate kisses smothered her lips,
While his hips thrust wildly between her thighs,
Faster and harder he thrust his cock into the tightness of her pink hole

Wet sloshing sounds, 
Combine with the sound of his balls slapping hard on her behind flesh, 
Drowned out the soft moaning of his name,
That pushed from her lungs

Petite body rocked backwards,
On each tight gyration of his hips,
As he buried his thick, long, size inside her womb again and again, 
With the speed of a repeating rifle, 
And the power of a 30 pound sledge hammer,
I'm coming burst past her lips, 
As his hard membrane slammed inside her womb fast, deep, and hard,
When her womb walls spasm tight on his throbbing shaft, 
His loins exploded in a vicious sexual release, 
Covering her pink walls completely, 
With his hot, thick, gooey white seed

Deep breaths brought composure,
Composure brought out deep hugs and kisses,
That was followed by quiet "I love you too" whispers,
Eyes gradually closed, 
As a single beam of light slowly reached across their resting bodies

1Manview © 10-18– 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge .. F is for Feverous Fellatio (1)

Sun rays creeping through partially open window blinds,
Leave a beam of light on the exposure of his broad chest flesh,
Soft long fingertips follow the sun beam lead, and eased across his firm baby smooth flesh,
They follow the sculptor lines of his chest, the harden tip of his blood filled nipple, over the washboard muscles of his stomach,
After they slid into the confine of his tight red shorts, they softly wrapped around the hardening flesh between his thighs, his sleeping eyes slightly opened, while his voice softly gasped

Lips hotter then penetrating sun rays, 
Suckled on his neck,
Leaving a red rise on the side of it,
When her lips covered his nipple and smothered it with her mouth heat, it became erect,
They then followed the trail blazed by her fingertips over the flat of his stomach,
When they came too the bulge that pressed tightly against his tight sexy red shorts, they playfully covered it with their voluptuousness, 
Air from her lungs, blew through his shorts red soft fabric, blowing warm air over his hard extended flesh, causing his body to shiver,
Fingertips grasp the elastic of his tight fitted shorts, and slowly pulled them down,
The sight, the feel, of the slow tug of his shorts being pulled over his full blown erection, made erotic thoughts flash through his naughty mind

Shorts removed,
Soft warm kisses rain on his inner thigh muscles,
Tongue slither up and down on the sensitive parts of his thick muscular thighs,
Then darts on his clean shaven scrotum flesh, leaving his scrotum wet,  his mind wanting

Back suddenly arch,
Hands grasp air into a tight fist,
Instantly his mind goes blank, his voice gasp then whimper,  as searing sensation of her lips sucking his sac into the heat of her mouth, run ferociously from his tender sac, into his loins

Lungs exhaled as her lips released his sac from its grip, but quickly inhaled when he felt her lips cover his erection swollen head

Hips buck then flex tight,
Voice moan in pleasure pain,
As exhilarating sensations rush from the depths of his loins, then up his spine into the back of his mind that has become delirious from the enormity of pleasuring sensations flooding its senses

Lips linger on the ridge of his harden sex head, 
Then slowly drop down his hard extended girth,
His mind bathed in the warm exquisite sensations, as her soft firm lips slowly rode up and down the length of his swollen throbbing shaft,
His body became sexual contented relaxed, while his mind was blanket with the warmth of the exquisite sensations surrounding it,
Complacent thoughts drifted into a space unknown, while her lips slowly eased up and down his thick harden shaft flesh, 
Mind, body and soul had relinquished to the slow up bringing of his release, that rested in the shadows of his loins

Lips grip is felt tightening, as her head dipped faster,
A deep groan rush past his lips as her head weaved faster and faster,
Hands reaches out and grasp the side of her head, to try and slow its quick movements,
But instead of relenting her pace, her lips grip his shaft tighter, her head dipped down further and faster,
Guttural groan beg her to stop, as a flood of razor sharp sensations started to overwhelm his loins,
Even after hearing his pleas,  she continued her fellatio assault at its intense pace

Hips pump involuntary upward, 
Fingertips intertwine into her hair, while his hands push hard downward on the top of her head,
His voice cursed her name, then moan deeply in sexual agony of intense sensation overload,
While his body stiffened, it violently shook as if it was shocked with a thousandth volts of electricity,
A unheard scream reverberated in his chest, as an explosion exploded from the dense depths of his loins, 
An explosion that shot thick white rope of sperm deep into her waiting mouth

Lungs gasp for air as her lips deeply suckles on his throbbing sex, milking his loins of all of its  white sweet tart substance,
"You tried to kill me" was the last words his voice moaned before his body collapsed into a sexual content heap,
She smiled to herself, as her lips soft suckles on his limp sex, brought his body to sexual slumber

While his body laid in the warmth of her arms, 
It slept contently, 
His heartbeats beat in his love for her,
His mind dreamed of dreaming fantasies

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the warmth of the wondering sun beam shifted unto his manly sex, 
Its warmth woke it up from its sexual slumber, 
Its deep hard throbs awaken his body,
After his eyes finally opened, he smiled to himself as his favorite song, "don't let the sun go down on me" played in his mind,
She awaken with his hard intension, pushing into the softness of her haven...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge .... F is for Flicktasous ...... Monday moaning

Wet tongue tip, wash over the tip of her nipple,
Making it rise like home made bread in an hot oven,
Gasping air escape her lips,
As risen nipple is suckle between the warmth of his needy lips

Her body writhe,
Her legs lightly tremble,
As long fingertips ease between the lust of her wanting thighs

Back arch, as the descent of his tongue is felt,
Easing down the smooth flat wash of her stomach,
A muffled cry is heard leaving her chest, as his tongue part the dense trimmed forest between her legs, and wash across the swell of her moistened vulva lips,
Deep inhaling gasp is heard, moments before a deep audible moan exhale past parted lips,
As his tongue taste the deep wet depths, of the sanctuary of her pink sex...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge ... F is for From behind ...

My girth stand perfectly erect with a throbbing ache that rocks the inside of my loins,
The slight of his hand rub my ballooning sides, trying to relieve some of the deep sharp pain of my bulging erection,
Fingertips spread a thick coat of slippery clear substance over my face, then down my girth flesh,
A direct aim of my head, easily slides her butt cheeks to the side,
Once I encounter the resistance of his dark objective, he makes me wait at its tightly closed opening

Solid thrust pierce my head into the dark opening,
Tight resistance surrounds my head as I slowly invade its space,
Her eyes awaken, her voice gasp in surprise, then moan in pleasure pain, as I reach inward for the first time into the origin of her unknown darkness

Ruffed sheets are clinched in her tightly closed fingertips grip,
After the words "no,no" are heard, he stops my downward plunge,  leaving me throbbing hard against the almost unbearable pressure of her darkness walls that surrounding my hard girth,
After her lungs take some deep breaths, a slow solid deep thrust descend my throbbing mushroom head further into the depths of her darkest space,
Halfway in, his thrusting hesitate, again making me wait for the pressure of her dark hollow to relent

A slow pull upward, is followed with a slow thrust downward, pushing my hard throbbing head in deeper into her dark hole,
Each thrust afterward is smoother and deeper then the last, until he finds a depth and rhythm he prefer

At first her body just lay entirely still on the smooth blue satin sheets, while his hips thrust my hard flesh slowly in and out her darkest hole, encouraged soft moans fell from her lips in sync with each of his hips thrust

Soft moans have turned into loud groans of lustful intent, as her hips thrust hard upward, pushing my head deeper into her dark, tight, space

Firm hands grip her waist tighter, pulling her hips deeper into his,
Aaagh, aaagh, sing out, as hips gyrate faster, and pump deeper,
The deep urge of coming is felt deep in my loins, as he nearly buries my entire length in her darkest hole on each thrust of his hips,
Her voice nearly scream on each lustful thrust of their hips

Swollen head thrust in, then is pulled out, thrust in, then is pulled out of her tight, dark space, The sensations of her dark hole taut grip becomes overwhelming, as it tugs continuously hard on the girth of my swollen length while it fall completely inside her hollow darkness

Her hips buck,
Her voice loudly grunts,
The urge to release my seed is felt fast approaching,
He tries to hold back my seed ejaculation by tightening his prostate, but the intense sensations coming from being pushed and pulled up and down the strict confinement of her dark hollow, overrun me, and I explode in a megaton of a release

A scream is heard as my hot seed spew deep into the darkness of her black hole,
Her body immensely converse in orgasmic pleasure, as his thrust quickly push my palpitating girth in and out the tautness of her dark space,
Even after my girth and length retreats back to its flaccid state, my loins spasm in palpitation

Deep breaths are heard as he pulls my limp flesh out of the dark, and into the light,
As I lay there leaking my white substance profusely all over her blue satin sheets,
A deep urge of lest do that again, rumbles deep in the depths of my loins

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