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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Saturday Seduction: Getting late - Corrected - Revisited

A Song Poem
Must use one word, sentence or phrase from the chosen song. It also has to be written in the rhythm and spirit of the song... Song; Getting Late... By Floetry .... Challenge by "NA Poetry" ....

Please press play
It is getting late,
And I am afraid

Afraid to let you make passionate love to me on this night,
Afraid to let you hold my femininity, close to the warmth of your masculinity,
A warmth that might make me melt like custard ice cream, expose to the heat of the morning day,
Having my offering drip, drip-drip, on the smooth stretch flesh of your hard pulsating enormity.

Afraid of that hungered look in your eyes,
A look that looks like you will sexually eat me completely alive if I let you. Feast between the silkiness of these soft thick creamy thighs,
Afraid of that long pink slithering tongue that looks like it will flicker all so silky smooth between the folds of my heated wet,
One second lapping up the creamy of my cream, 
The next, making my lungs scream audibly.
Until all my clear nectar is nothing more than a dried up dream
 Its been so long since I have had a man that looks so sexually mean
With eyes wide open while looking up between my seems
To satisfy all my erotic needs.

So yes, 
I am afraid

Afraid to let you feast on the wet triangle between my legs,
Afraid of the big prize pulsating between your muscled, bulging thighs,
That might sexually hurt my mind, 
With shearing sensations that would make it go blind
With your long deep lust trust
Afraid its size might stretch my womb pliability beyond its endurance,
Push so deep into my wet, its bulbous head slap on my cervix as my womb envelop your harden meat from head to base,
While your big brown eyes fixate,
On the sexual pleasure distortion on my face,
While my heart beat faster than a thoroughbred horse in a quarter race

I am still afraid

Afraid you will make me beg,
While you spoon-feed me your granite hard dick 
Deep inside my wet sweet bread,
Enticing my lungs to moan out your namesake audibly,
Then you leave me in a sexually desired strait.
It is getting late, and you are still thrusting deep inside my treasure,
Leaving sensations of ultimate pleasure,
Rushing throughout my measure

Hips in a rush,
To stick my womb with another one of your dick long deep thrust, 
Making my womb weep of feminine seepage,
My eyes cry with passion weepage,
My booty quake, while the rest of my body shake with epileptic fervor,
While your none flexing membrane strokes fast and deep in my hot wet server

I am afraid

Of feeling the passionate rhythm of your hips,
In complete sync with mines,
As a wet sweat pours down my face
My Breast
Off your chiseled chest
While collecting collectively inside my wetness 
That is making wet sloshing sounds of suction,
Of my womb destruction,
From the smooth rhythmic strokes of your hardness induction, 
Profoundly inside the fathoms of my pink production

So yes, 
I am afraid

Afraid if you keep making passionate love to me this way,
I might ask you to,

1Manview © 1999 – 2020

Friday, October 16, 2020

Saturday Seduction ... Your Birthday ... Erotic Prose poem

Upright, her body straddles his as he laid comfortably on the bed mattress

He could see her affection for him shine in her light brown eyes,

Feel the still air warmed by her smile

The oval shape of her soft breast caught his attention,

His eyes focused on her nipples that were reaching out, begging to be touched

Downward his eyes roamed, surveying the surface of the soft curve of her stomach,

Then glanced at the tautness of her thighs, which instantly enticed his mind

But as her body leaned forward and brushed against his leg, her centered heat received his full attention

Moisture dripped on his leg, telling him her heat needed to be satisfied,

His loins flushed with excitement as his inner sexual arousal started to flow

He felt her fixated eyes following his aroused excitement, as it climbed to new heights,

A smile merged on her face as its length reached further into the air,

Her body felt electrified inside; knowingly, she still had that strong sex appeal on him after years of togetherness.

Her eyes watched his mass girth swell as its length peaked, then stiffen to inflexibility.

She reached out and touched its smooth velvet surface. 

Playfully she pushed the stretched foreskin back, then tenderly rubbed her thumb over his rigid shaft, soft, bulbous face.

His legs stiffen then lightly vibrated as she fore played on his hardness.

As much as she wanted to devour his large mass on the spot by taking it deep inside the moist heat of her mouth, then watch his body severely jerk and twist while surreal sensations ran rampant through it, she resisted.

"What do you want," whispered into the still air?

He smiled, then replied, "All Night."

A giggle eased from her lungs as her mind reflected collectively of all the all-nighters they sexually played. 

The two-word answer made her feel cozy warm inside.

She asked him again in a firmer but still soft whispering voice,

What do you want?

"You" was his answer...

As a broad smile crossed her face, his right-hand reaches out then dip an index fingertip into her moistened heat.

Her head tilted back, while her lips slightly parted, allowing a sigh of anticipation escaped past them.

Her eyes closed then reopened as she tried to refocus her attention to pleasing him, which was almost impossible while his teasing fingertip floated up and down her soaking wet slit.

Baby, it's your Birthday; she replied, "What. Do. You. Want"?

"Slow" was his final answer.

(C) 1ManView

Happy Birthday to me! 😉

Monday, October 12, 2020

Saturday seduction... Quickie

 A long soft sigh exited her throat as her eyes glanced out the living room window. A few days ago, the first frost laid across the land. Now the tree leaves are turning, and her favorite flowers are wilting as they start the dormant stage of their lives. The colors of summer will be gone in two weeks as the color of fall take over. Where did the summer go track through her mind, causing sadness to shadow over her?

A slight bump from behind made her realize his presence was behind her, standing in her I want to be alone space. She crossed her arms and leaned back into his broad chest and let a sobering sigh rip into the air. 

Trees will be taking a bow in pretty yellow and red leaves soon and showing their naked behinds to the flowers that have been getting all the summer color glory.

She laughs at the humor that he used, trying to cheer her up. But it did have a little sense to it. Especially the naked part. 

His hand was felt sliding on her waist, then easing up the front of her nightgown. She squeezes her arms down firmly, locking the caressing touch of his hand approach out instantly. Listen, It's quiet in here. 

For an instant, she held still and listened to the silence of the house. No laughing, no running, no crying, no where is my mom? What did you do, she asked? I locked him up like a good husband would do. Where? Grand-ma house early this morning. How did you- He forced his hand up her stomach then filled his hand with the soft flesh of her breast. She didn't want an answer; she just wanted to give him a love you kiss then say thank you. But before she could, he slowly turned her around and embraced her lips with a moist, soft kiss. When their lips embrace ended, he said, you are welcome. She smiled at the man who knew her so well because he loved her that much.

He slipped both hands down the back of her buttocks then pulled her body tight into his. After a tight body kiss, he lifted the back of her nightgown then slowly pushed her red panties down over the roundness of her ass to the floor. Not here, she whispered as she kicked her panties off her feet. Spontaneous, he whispered back and gently pulled her down to the bare wood floor. At lease the carpet part, a whispering voice begged. 

He ignored her whisper and turned her on her backside. Then slowly spread her legs apart as his eyes glared with an I love you sparkle. The smile of "I love you back" was erased as his endowment intruded into the soft pink flesh hidden between her thighs. She moaned as it sunk half deep inside he taut walls., then groaned as she felt its erotic throb inside her wetness. 

It's Ok, baby, push it through, she whispered. With a quick thrust, his rigid shaft was deep inside. A groan of lust pleasure replaced a cry of pain as his hips raised then plunged his swollen endowment into her soft pink flesh again and again. Sexy legs lifted then crossed behind his back as his hips gyration became quicker, his strokes firmer.

As much as she hated having sex on a hard wooden floor, she quickly forgot it as his hard flesh seem to push entirely through her because there was not any give on a hardwood floor. Exactly how much thrust he gave, you received. 

Small soft hands grabbed his ass and pulled him ever closer to her body. Words of harder, faster, slipped past full pouting lips. His hardness felt magnificent, plunging in and out her wetness. More, her voice groaned. Yes-yes, give it to me baby; while he gave her what, she pleaded to have.

He could feel her nails claw into his back as he pounded his shaft into the dark depths of her vagina. His body flinched from the pain that quickly turned into burning desired pleasure inside his loins. When he lifted his upper body upon his arms, his size buried itself entirely inside her. She screamed for him to stop. It was too much pain, too much pleasure for her to bear. But he drove it in quicker and harder instead.

Pop-pop-pop sounded into the air as hips flailed and rammed hard head-on into each other. His size was cutting through her soft womb walls like a sharp knife as he continued to drive his hardness deep into her.  

Fingernails dug deep into his back, as sharp teeth bit into his tender shoulder flesh while she groaned in sexual ecstasy. Suddenly her voice converted to silence as an orgasm raged through her extremities. Her body shook so hard under his body; he became concerned until she cursed out his name. A moment of hips hesitation preceded his hot thick white seed spewing deep into the depths of her womb. 

Suddenly her voice gasped out loud at the feel of heat and massive volume of sperm ejaculating into her womb. The sensation enticed her body to tremble and shake again. Once composed, she intensely gyrated her hips repetitively, draining the fullness of his loins until the manly body on top of hers dropped like a wounded duck falling out the sky.

After moments of silence, she whispered into his ear. "We conceived our little man this way." His head lifted as if he was in thought, then he looked down deep into the gray hue of her eyes and replied, "yes," now let's go upstairs to the bedroom and make him a little sister... 

1Manview © 1999 – 2020

I'm hoping to bring back my Saturday Seduction poems and short erotica back. Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath.😉

  Stay safe                                                                                                                                       1ManView

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Monday Moaning - Dipped Skin "BY Navy Poet"

Sliding into the cool water 

My skin reacts to slow shock 

Of the temperature change 

In anticipation of your breath 

Wrapped in the warmth of you 

I move from wave to crest easily 

Flowing against your strength 

The power in your passion 

Is all the buoyancy we need 

In this world of salt 

In this world of water 

In this world of warm currents

And colors 

Tinting my skin, even more, bronze 

Than the tan you are now cloaked in 

Heavily lidded 

My eyes are transparent 

In the starlight 

Kisses feather my lips 

As you pull me closer into you 

Until there is no more space 

For us to fill 

In this new world of oldness 

Meeting the needs of moon and light 

And though I feel weightless

My desire is heavy across my hips 

Just in the spot you place your hand 

I wonder at how you know me 

As differently same as we are 

Male and female from the genesis 

But even these thoughts flee 

Under our joining 

Under our mating 

Under our waters 

That covers and surrounds this island 

As your tongue finds the 

Under of my breast 

That is cupped in your hand 

And I can only sigh

In pleasure 

As the sea is never calm 

We too create a tide 

Breaking together 

In the force that can move mountains 

With a friction 

Reaching to the bottom 

And then 

Whistling a scream 

Against the stones that you carry 

Droplets glistening 

Tuetonically we move in synch 

Hands clasped

Not for balance

But hanging on none the less 

I dread the release 

The separation 

Te finality 

But you kiss me 

And I realize that 

I wanted to be here 

Skin to skin 


"Written by Navy Poet"

© NP