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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monday Moaning..... Killing me softly... (PT 1) ..... Prose story poem

Eyes slowly open to the new morning
My senses were greeted by a fingertip softly tracing my facial lines
My eyes glance up to her smiling face
"Time for MR. to wake up," she said
Just as my body was stretching, she playful squeezed my scrotum, making my body clench  
Mmmm, race through my mind....

Just as my body begin to relax once again, I felt her tongue swirling on my left nipple
That's when I looked up and saw she was sitting in the bedroom computer chair
Little did I know was this chair that will change our sex life forever, because she was able to twist and turn her body in the chair while reaching different areas of my body with her right hand, her left hand,  and her delicious mouth all at once

Soon my body was being bombarded by three different tantalizing sensations 
My cock reacted to the attention with a raging hard on that stood straight as an arrow into the air
Just after her tongue swirled around the uncut head of my hard affliction, she whispered, It's hard and sweet like a Tootsie Roll 
Suddenly my sleepy body fletched
My right leg slightly trembled, as her lips roughly suckle on my right scrotum
My mind went into a daze, as sensations of swirling fingertips on my nipple and inner thighs, joined the sensation of my scrotum being consumed by her mouth
How she came up with this idea I do not know, but I wish she came up with it a long time ago traced through my mind

At first, I just laid still bathing in the sensations, but when her tongue traced a wet trail up and down my shaft, then slowly traced the ridge of my raging cock, my legs started to shiver 
My heart begin to race
My breath quicken
Just as I thought I couldn't take any more sensations, her lips softly slid over the uncovered head of my cock

In one quick involuntary motion, my lungs deeply inhaled,
My head shot up off the bed pillow like a rocket, while my left hand clench the bed sheets
My right hand grabbed the top of her head while grasping a hand full of her short brunette hair
Oh Geeeeeeezz... wisp past parted lips as sharp sensations imploded into my loins as my harden shaft slowly disappeared into the moist heat of her mouth

As her lips slowly slid up and down my rigid shaft girth, I could feel her lips track over the bulge of my thick blood vein 
When the sharpness of the sensations subsided, my head laid down while my right hand eased up on the tight grip my fist had on her hair

With her sitting in the chair,  my eyes was able to watch her lips ease up and down my shaft in a slow rhythmic motion, a motion I had learned to love because it let her soft lips slowly brought my orgasm to the edge of boil, that killed me slowly, just before the deep orgasmic explosion consume me

At first, my eyes watched her head move up and down while listening to the light wet slurping sounds of her sliding lips transmitted into the air, but soon they turned their attention to the motion of her lips raking back and forth over my shaft girth flesh
Who would of guess lips that soft could entice so much pleasure sliding over flesh that"s soft as velvet 
And the action could make a grown man shed pleasure tears?

Watching her lips ease over my shaft swell in the same instant as the sensation raced into my loins, was intoxicating
Each time her head bobbed down, it was as if her lips pushed more of the electrified sensations into the tight confine of my loins, making it feel so full it started to deeply ache...

Breaths became shallow
Body tense
Signs that let her know my body was nearing orgasmic completion 
Once she recognize the signs, her right hand went from gently massaging my scrotum, to squeezing it tight, while her left hand floated across my body, only stopping to manipulate any sweet spot it eased a pond
Her head movements remain constant,  always pulling up until her lips slid just past my shaft ridge, then slowly dip deeper than the last head dip, filling her mouth fuller and fuller of my elongated hardness...

Eyes close
Tiny beads of sweat formed on my forehead 
While loins ached and burned as if the sensations were made of fire
As my breath became ragged, tiny beads of sweat was felt forming  on my forehead
My loins deeply ached and burned as if the sensations were made of fire

Soft moans of my voice became loud groans as her lips grip became tighter, and their suction became harder
Within seconds my breath was completely taken away
My buttocks became firmer than hardwood
My hips lifted as my hand pushed down on her head to push her head down on my shaft as far as possible, igniting the raging orgasm looming inside my loins 
For a few moments, my body levitated, then lightly trembled, as the sensations pushed hard on my loins door that seem to refuse to release the white liquid fire within
Then suddenly an explosion of unmeasured magnitude erupted inside my loins, ejaculating thick white liquid through my manhood urethra tube, that spewed it deep into the back of her throat
Like an erupting volcano spewing its lava miles into the sky, my body shook and trembled unmercifully
Once my orgasm subsided, my body was left in a devastated orgasmic state

How long my mind was disoriented, I do not know
But after it rebooted, I could feel my body was in a deep relax orgasmic calm

My eyes open to her loving smile
A smile that didn't look content to almost sexually kill me
It was a smile with a look of needy behind it...

(Her thoughts...)
Wow, his sperm was not only hot as lava, but it sprayed with so much force into my mouth, it felt as it was going to take the back of my head off 
I guess this was a good idea to use the computer chair, but I will never tell him I did it this way because I bumped and hurt my knee climbing out of the bed too fast, because he told me a million times that one day I was going to get up too fast and slam into that chair close to the bed

Yet, never in a million years will I confess to it,  
But right now after having his delicious hard meat in my mouth,  I have an itch that needs to be scratched,
And only he can scratch it...

(PT 2) My need .... coming....

(C) 1ManView

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Giving myself..... Erotic song poem....

A Song Poem is a poem that is written from a song, 
Using a phrase, sentence, or word from that song. 
It must also be written in the melody, rhythm or spirit of that song:
(Please push play)

We have been together for a length of time now
Yet, I have refused to relinquish all my love to you because of past hurts
Past shame
Of loving someone before
Who couldn't
Who wouldn't
Love me back...

He used me
He hurt me
He dragged my name through the mud with all of his false allegations
All because he could
So ever since then,  my true feelings I have hidden inside of me
I have been just letting people see tidbits of the true me
That way my true feelings were out of harm's way
Which kept anyone from hurting me in any way
But you have been so kind and sweet to me
While knowingly I haven't given you all that make me... Me...
Even when my feelings were as elusive as a Whodini magic trick
You were always there for me, without the ask...
Reasons, why I can't be without your love anymore
That's why tonight I'm willing to give you all of me...

I want to give you my body
 My soul
The silent beats of my heart
"No longer do I feel I have to hold my love inside me"
I'm giving myself over to you
I'm going to let you make tender love to me inside and out...

I'm ready to feel your rapture rumble deep inside the depths of my quiet storm
To taste your kisses that's a honey sweet treat to my lips....

I want you to lay your head in my lap so my calm touch can put your mind to sleep
Leaving its last thought, thoughts of me
I want to plant the sweetest kisses my lips can give on your lips, so you can taste what's it's like to receive the true love that's been hiding inside of me
I want you to taste my body wet flavor while flooding your palate with its bold sweet-tart taste
Leaving you with the taste of...
Wanting me....

"I'm ready to give it all over to you
I know you're the right man
I know I'm the right girl
Come on now feel it
You feel it?
I'm ready to give it over to you"


Monday Moaning .... The Zone.... Erotic Prose poem

Then I felt the existence of your hardening flesh
Pushing past resistance of my swollen puffy lips
Slowly inserting into the soft plush fiber of my pink domain...
My lungs involuntary inhaled
My body hitch
My hips lift
My lungs than exhaled a soft deep guttural moan
Welcoming your elongated hard being
Into the beginning
Of my erogenous zone...


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday seduction.... Within.... Picture poem ....

Eyes glance up.
Nostrils slightly flare,
Lustful passion is introduced to his loins by her sighting... 

Naked, and caught off guard
She quickly hides the smooth naked flesh her body wears
Even now it has been years that his long fingers have eased over every curve of her slender body,
Over the top of her firm breast and erect nipples

As his lips kissed every inch of her cotton soft flesh
While his tongue weaved a warm moist trail from one side to the other, on her bare skin,
That always leave her body in wanting for....

Yet, once caught in the moment, her eyes still look down
Her face still blushes like a newly wed
All while she tries to hide her outer beauty 
As if her shapely body was not worthy of being seen by his eyes

Which just shows that her true beauty, comes from within,
And it's that beauty, that has entrapped his heart.... 

(C) !ManView