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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Missing you ... Thoughts of the Pandemic

Window shade entirely pulled down
Curtains not drawn back
Eyes open to a new day of darkness

My hand reaches over to caress the softness of your flesh.
To follow the definitions of your body.
But all that my fingertips touch, was a memory of the past.

Just like a thought flowing down memory lane
Tears flow down the side of my cheeks.
Following the path, it has followed since the second you left me.

It was sudden, as a ragging thunderstorm turning the blue sky black.
One day a dry cough, a week later, you were a memory forever itched inside my consciousness.
It was not a suffocating ordeal that lasted for weeks or a month
It was as quick as a heartbeat inside my chest.
Now I lay in the darkness of the room crying from missing you.
Crying because you are no longer by my side to share the wonders of life with me

You were a person that was funny and bright.
With a soul that was so full of God-given life
A person whom I had planned to live an eternity with while sharing the optimum of being loved by someone dear
Who would have guessed, death was lingering so near?

I shall never forget you nor the love we shared
Because every morning that my eyes open, the memory of you will be everywhere
A love that is a mainstay forever within my heart
A love that will not stop
Even when the day, my weeping tears, shall no longer drop
My heart will miss you... 


I wrote this poem in thoughts of all that has lost a loved one to the Pandemic
A prayer was said for all.

Peace and love

Monday, June 1, 2020

Spank Me Red ... Humor cartoon ... A Smile For Ronnie ...

That was for the one you thought I missed...
I know I'm behind, but I'm coming.. With new poems you naughty minded people 
Be well and safe...1ManView

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

When Can I See U Again - Sensual Song Poem (Pandemic)

"When can my heart-beat again?"
"Does the pain ever end?"

When do the tears from being apart, stop overflowing? 

Long-distance has kept us apart.
Enticing the love inside us, to tremendously grow
However, leaving our lonely hearts needing a jump start
Because our hearts have been so long apart

Missed are the sweet soft kisses planted on wanting lips.
The tight hugs of manly strength
The demeanor that resides inside the being of a gentle soul
The tenderness of agile fingertips roaming the nakedness of feminine, soft flesh

However, the way that things are going so far.
It leaves the sense of mind wondering just how much longer our hearts will have to be loved starved.

"When can I see you again?"
"When can my heart-beat again?"
"When can I see you again?
"And when can I breathe once again?"

"When can I see you?"

They say it should soon be over.
Once again, we shall lay together under the cool shade of the tall trees in the park.
While our nostrils reel in the fresh fragrance of Clemson clover
This lonely heart cannot wait for all of this to be over.
"So, "When can I see you again?"
"When can my heart-beat again."

Loudly we hear what they are saying
But they have left out the words that mean; we should be down on our knees praying
So this mess we are in, should not be overstaying
It does not make any sense
How brilliant minds can be so utterly dense

"When can I see you again?"
"Can my heart-beat again?"
"When can I see you again?"
"And when can I breathe once again?"

"And when can I see you again?"
 So our hearts can fall in love with each other all over again.



Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Happy Aniversary

When my eyes first gaze upon you, my lungs withheld its breath
My heart raced
My flesh blushed
My eyes fixated beyond your exterior, to the spirit of your being.
Your voice spoke
My body froze in time in awestruck, as your words filtered into my ear, but not captured inside my brain
Because it was too busy thinking could a woman like you, love a simple man like me
When your hand reached out to mine in a gesture of hello, I was instantly captivated as they lightly embraced
Little did you know, my mind had decided you were going to be mine right then and there
Little did I know, you wanted this shy man just as much as I wanted you
Today we share another of many anniversaries
An anniversary of being one
An anniversary of loving a person not only today and yesterday's
But all the following tomorrows...

Love you LC

Friday, April 24, 2020

Collide .. Sensual Song Poem ... Everlasting love Prose poem

These poems are from my Saturday Seduction poem series

Everlasting love

Push play - Read.
Our love is like two stars traveling through the vastness of the dark sky of our universe
On a course of growing love, that will immensely grow in its travel, until they eventually collide
When they finally collide, the sky will light up in a bright amber glow, as our energy unite as one
Some say the stars will eventually die
Mindset, say it is the start of everlasting love ...  

© 1ManView

A Song Poem is a poem that is written from a song; using a phrase, word or sentence from that song. It also must be written in the melody, rhythm, or spirit of that song. (Words are colored in red)

Collide by Tiana Major9 & EarthGang
..... Note- My poem was longer than the song -You have to press the second video box once the sound has ended to continue in rhythm...

Press play-Read

Dark whiskey-colored eyes draw me like a digital camera taking a picture
First in a black outline

Then slowly fill me in with living color

My steps are measured slow as I walked to him like a soft ray of moonlight flowing through a windowpane
Letting his eyes only see a slim ray of me at a time
When the last step was taken to the bed edge, his strong legs slowly spread
Giving my sight a presentation of his arousal, that was reaching out to me

White nightgown falls slowly down my slender body
Its soft fabric mimics the soft touch of his fingertips
After it gingerly flow over the width of round hips
It loses grip, and slides quickly down long slender shapely legs
At that moment I heard myself pray
Oh lord, I thank you for this day

With loving eyes wide
Gracefully my body glide between manly thighs
His lips met mine with a soft kissing embrace
A kiss so soft and sweet, in my mind memory it will never be erased
Never has he been so tender in his touch
A touch that has no hunger, no lust, no rush
A touch that made me feel safe in his arms
A touch that followed the curves of my body attentively
Even after we have waited for this moment that seems to have been an eternity

A moment true love has brought us together
A love of one another that shall last between us forever

Slowly he turned my body over
Eyes taking in what was now his to take
Tender cotton soft kisses slowly rain across the nape of my neck
Enticing my body to vibrate in a shaking effect

Firm soft lips rain kisses on the top of my bosom
Gently suck on the bottom of its soft-firm flesh

His tongue enticed my voice to articulate low moans as it swirled over the tip of erect nipples, then slowly lay a wet trail down to the center of my sexual being
Body lightly shutter as his tongue slowly slither, up the center of mushy swollen folds

Back arched, voice becomes silent, as his tongue tastes my femininity for the very first time
Waves of pleasure washed through my body
Causing a reaction of clear feminine wine to wash past swollen folds unto his tongue
I can hear him swallow what was clearly mine, given to him
A deep lick left my body quivering for more. But instead, his body rose and eased between the spread of open thighs

His hard-compressed flesh was felt resting against my sex opening
A grunt, a soft gasp, followed by a forceful slow steady thrush eased his harden flesh swollen-head into my womb opening, then gingerly down the center of my sex soft pink flesh
Sharp red painted nails suddenly jab deeply into his buttocks flesh, drawing blood that was red as my freshly painted nails
A vociferous gasp was followed by a deep groan as sensations of first penetration ran amok, through our extremities. His strokes were steady-slow and loving
Press play again to continue

Whiskey colored eyes attentively watch mine. They watch my facial expression; they watch my body reactions to measured strokes that were plunging profoundly inside my haven. Once the pleasure-pain subsided, my hands grabbed his firm round buttocks tighter, inviting his strokes to thrust faster and intensity deeper

Sensations of rain inside my haven running down my butt cheeks were felt, as his manhood smoothly glided back and forth inside the pink aperture in the center of my sexual being. There was a time I thought I knew what the meaning of the word erotic was. But not until the sound of wet suction flowing into my ear as our hips finally collide for the very first time, I surely knew

Legs involuntarily lifted; hard-engorged flesh fell ever deep in the depths of my haven. Words of unconditional love eased into my ear as his hips collide into mine repeatedly. Love flowed through my veins like water flowing down the side of a mountain. It pumped slow and steady through my heart, seeped through the flesh of my body into my spiritual soul

Face intensely contort, manly hips slowed with concern. Slender fingers firmly pull on his round romp, enticing his hips to continue its quest of enrapturing

Harden flesh filled my womb as it slid rapidly between sensitive walls. It felt so good, misting tears filled my eyes as the sensations of his actions breached my soul. Without warning, tears erupted from my eyes, blurring my newfound vision. An unheard high-pitched victorious scream trumpeted from my lungs as my world seem to quake under me. Hips collide in a harder and faster pace as he brought the swell of big thunder to my rainstorm

After an audible groan, a quick hard-deep stroke brought in the lightening, as his white-hot seed furiously spewed into the darkness of my womb depths. Hips collide one last time, before my new-found world slipped into the vastness of darkness

Our hips collide-when I crashed into you, it was a beautiful disaster, on our wedding night. 


Monday, April 6, 2020

Monday moan... Monday sucks.. Short erotic story in prose

Another Monday morning wakens us
We get up to get ready for the beginning of another week of work
As always, I'm last to get up.
After dragging myself to the bathroom, I finally get close to being ready for work. My head swiveled around to see what my man was doing.
There he stood in the middle of the full-length mirror adjusting his new dark blue tie, that accented his new light grey suit. He looks so sexy in the color gray, raced through my mind.
I walk up behind him dressed only in my pink panties and bra and my hair looking like it was flowing in the four winds, to get a closer look at my man.
He looked up and saw my reflection in the mirror and smiled.
I wrap an arm around his waist and pull his manly body tight into mine.
Once I inhaled a deep breath, the fragrance of his cologne filled my nostrils, enticing the naughty in me. As his body leaned harder into mine, I could feel the thrust hold of lust building inside my thighs.

You smell good, whisper into his ear.
 A playful thankyou mam was his reply.
You look very sexy in gray.
Thank you again, mam said with a smirk on his smiling face.
And you look - Ahhh, delicious half-naked, he whispers back to me.
As I pull him around to face me in my sexiest voice I whispered "I think you are going to be late for work."
With a curious look on his face, he asked, "Why is that?"
I answered him with the sound of the zipper of his suit pants ripping into the air.
Quickly my cold hand grabs the limp cock that was hiding in his shorts, he gasped, "woman your hands are freezing!"
Freezing or not, after two full pumps of my hand, his cock grew to full length.
Are we about to be naughty this morning, a buoyant voice remarked as the palm of my hand slowly eased up and down the length of his throbbing thick shaft.
"Yes I whispered," just before I dropped to my knees and licked the head of the pulsating hardness in my hand.
His body twitched as my tongue slid around the head of his cock.
A loud gasp shoots into the air as his cock swollen head slid into my waiting mouth.
"Ahhh" he groaned as his cock eased deeper into my mouth moist heat.  
My head bobbed in the rhythm of fisted hand that eased up and down his swollen shaft. Soon I felt his fingers press into my shoulder as his body balance itself on its tiptoes.
My eyes look up into his, but his eyes were busy watching his hardened flesh. They seem to be hypnotized watching his cock slip and slid again and again between my full lips.
Once I sucked harder his eyes blinked, his voice moaned, then his big brown eyes finally looked down into my loving eyes.
Image from TUSHY.COM
A stuttered breath whisk into the air as my left hand firmly grasps his scrotum flesh. My eyes watch his body slightly dip, followed by his cock impelling deeper into my mouth.
Wet slurping sounds ring into the air, as my head weaved faster, my lips grip tighter, as they eased up and down his wet slippery shaft.
Long fingers grasp deeper into my shoulder to the point of discomfort just before his deep manly voice moan - "Ooh-yes baa-by -oh yes I'm coming." Which was barely heard above the noise of my voice loud humming, while I administrated one of my best sloppy wet blowjobs on his rock hard cock
Manly hands were now on the back of my head pulling it forward, his hips begin to gyrate in the steady rhythm of my head bobs, thrusting as much of his rock hard cock length into my mouth it could accommodate. His body suddenly hitched, his mouth open wide with a mimic sound of a wounded dog howling into the air as his hot thick jive spews deep into my hungry mouth.
Tight lips grip his cock harder, while my head steadily weaved back and forth while I swallow every drop of his thick hot tangy offering.

Hot white spunk dripped down my face because I couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up with his enormous eruption. After his orgasm resided and his shaft became flaccid, like a good girl I lick his cock clean. After a deep cleansing breath cleared his lungs, he whispers "you are so naughty." But I love you anyway. When I leaned back detaching my lips from his limp cock, he could see his shoes covered with saliva, his suit pants were slightly wet. His head leaned up as he quietly cursed under his breath

After giving him my biggest devilish smile, I said, "My turn"...
He looks at the clock on the wall than says, "Sorry babe," I don't even have time to change my shoes, but I have too, and my suit pants hopefully will be dry by the time I get to work. Somebody forgot about that big meeting today, and I'll have to drive like a crazy man to get there on time.
.My smile drops, as the "I forgot" ease pass frowning lips.
After a slow deep breath was taken, an audible Monday Moan bounced off the bedroom walls.