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Friday, February 26, 2021

Saturday seduction: Whisper in the dark - Sensual erotica in prose.

A whispered, "I love you," floats out the dark in the bedroom.

A smile, a whispered "I love you more," is sent back into the blackness of the room.

As I step away from the room to let her sleep in peace, her words draw me back into the dark.

Silently I ease back into the darkness of the room. Once I was at the bed edge, I leaned down and softly kissed the softness of her lips.

Her eyes open as a smile on her face said; I knew you would come back to me.

Captured lips embrace:

First softly with unadulterated love

Then firmly with captivated lust.

Last but not least, with the passion of desire.

Hands roam over the bed covers, pushing them aside.

Finding a soft naked curvy body under my fingertips

(Her voice)

Eyes watched his clothes gradually descend to the floor.

They watch his chiseled body easing between the spread of my shapely legs.

Abruptly I felt the mushroom head of his length push against my moisten haven door.

Opening, it up with a thrust of steady brute force.

One long slow thrust eased inch after inch of his rock-hard flesh down the snug center of the hidden crevice between my thighs.

First penetration sensations possessed my fingers to grasp the satin sheets as his girth slowly opened my soft, pliable womb walls wider.

A gasp,

A moan, 

A graveling groan emerged as penetrating pain turns to love, lust bliss.

Just as I thought my wet walls had enveloped all of his hardness,

more of its length penetrated my womb depths.

He laid still on top of me, letting my tightness accommodate his lustful swell, 

That was when I completely felt his hardened pride.

I felt the large swollen veins on his hardness on my sensitive walls, 

The beat of his heart transfer through his hard as steel shaft,

The heat of his blood seeping into my walls,

The heavy pulses of the head of his thick shaft throbbing on the front of my cervix,

As his lips enveloped mines,

Blissfulness like I never felt before, singe my captive lips.

Another slow, deliberate thrust propels his manly flesh deeper inside me,


Surreal sensations, 

United with the passion of being loved solely, it instantly sent me over the threshold of an orgasm.

(His voice)

Her womb spasm to a tightness that grasps my hard flesh almost to a stop

Her body unexpectedly shuddered then quaked.

Bucking, my body up and down as if it were riding atop of a bucking bronco.

Tightly my fist grasps the sheets to keep my body upright on top of hers.

As soon as I felt my hardness start to slide in her taut womb again, my hips gyrated slow and deep, causing her lungs to scream while the second wave of orgasmic release rushed through her extremities.

(her voice)

He is such the devil. He knew a deep, slow stoke would make me cum once again,

That is what makes him my perpetual lover.

Legs held high on his shoulders, 

His length falls fathoms deep inside my divine,

While his swollen girth width stretches my pink walls to their lateral means, prompting tiny shudders to float through my body extremities as my loins burn hotter than a forest fire.

Hmm, slow measure stokes will make him last longer in my tightness,

while letting me feel every rippling sensation inside my wetness before it rushes up the center of my spine.

I know he's going to bring me to the edge, again and again, then make me climax until my body becomes sexually numb.

All because,  of a whisper in the dark

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Dream Walker - Revision


Last night I had a dream that felt too substantial to speculate that it could only have been a dream. 

A lecherous dream of you and I together.  

Your smooth bare head rising from the security of its shielded blanket,

slowly stretching its body to fullness. 

Your eye searched for the center of my heat, 

under the darkness of the soft green bedsheet.

Once found, like a heat-seeking missile, you centered on it and forcefully opened my closed haven door with your dense bulbous head of armor. 

Immediately pushing the welcoming swell of my pink haven arch open,

Where you abruptly propelled into it and slithered through its central core while elongating its soft corridor with your unyielding girth and length.

Then, your girth thickness slowly rubs back and forth on its tight, tender flesh until it becomes relaxed and yield fruitful feminine lubricant tears.

Your sexual prowess awakens my mind from a silent night dream into the daylight with lustful-passionate screams that permeates into the air.

With eyes and mouth wide open, I lay here on this new dawn day, with my lungs panting and my body slightly trembling.

While you lay limp and tranquil inside, the warmth of the glory residing between the center of my thighs. 

Which seems to correlate precisely with my lecherous dream of last night

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Friday, February 19, 2021

Saturday Seduction: Next Breath 3.0 Sensual Song Poem

This is the original Song poem I wrote seven years ago. I thought it made a nice ending to the new ones while letting the new readers read it.  Thank you to all that read them.. 


Because of this song-poem length and the fact I couldn't get the video to auto-play, 😒 you will have to put your cursor over the video and right click your mouse. Click on the word loop, then click on play so the music will play to the end of the poem. 😊

Two figures laid intertwined in the darkness of the moonlit room,while listening to their chosen love song playing softly over and over, in the dark shadows of the room

When the words "I need you more than my next breath" softly flowed out of the darkness, my eyes glare fixate into yours, my thoughts reminisced on You and Me,

As the song continued to play, the sexual Artistry of our love dance employed in my mind:


The hug, of deep embrace

 The kiss, of sweetness,

The deeper, profound kiss, of need,



Profuse sensations of want and greed flush through our bodies raced across our extremities as the words "I need you more than my next breath" slipped out of the darkness once again. 

Shirt gingerly pushed off shoulders,

Pants slowly plunge to ankles,

Bra falls through unlighted air like a single fluffy snowflake is drawn down to the earth cold floor,

Extracted pink panties lay disregarded across the bedspread,

Deep kisses flow like liquid water as tangled bodies come to rest on top of warm cotton bed sheets.

As I heard the soft, sweet, crying tones of the saxophone  

My mind dwell on the feel of your soft flesh under my roaming fingertips, tracing the outline of your full facial lips,

Easing over the smooth, creamy flesh of your taut full bosom,

Waltzing across the flat surface of your stomach,

Tantalizing the sensitive creamy flesh of firm inner thighs

When an outstretched high note softly wailed from the tenor sax, my mind directed to the tone of the quiet, soft cries of your voice, as my fingertips traced the clear of the moisture on your folds, then stumble into the center of its pink origin of wetness.

 Heard-was the saxophone tone dipping down and staying low. My thoughts went straight to my earnest that now was deep inside the tight confine of your sheath. Sliding, gliding in a sexual rhythm that made your voice moan, your thigh muscles shiver, while pointed pink painted fingernails become blood-red as they raked deeply across my neck, back, and buttocks flesh.

 As repetitive notes tenderly flowed out the flute of the saxophone into my ear, 

A vision of our bodies gliding in a smooth, synchronize sexual rhythm flash through my mind,

My mind visualized our bodies easing slowly up.

Then gently down


Then down

Sometimes hesitating on the down-stroke, as I grind my earnest in a tight circle inside the warmth of your sheath,

Lingering sensations of your legs lifting then surrounding my waist, while your heels rode on the roundness of my buttocks, still ripple inside the spent of my loins

Eyes close as the image of the moonlight breaking through the dull of the dirty windowpane, then shining on the glister of the moist flesh of two bodies sexually dancing without urgency, on top of smooth, soft cotton sheets. 

A tenor saxophone wails soft and deep, as my earnest fall deep into your soft swollen depths,

The deeper the sax tone, the deeper my earnest fall into the tranquil warmth of your clear water,

The longer the saxophone holds its tone, the further the repetitive strokes of my hips reach into the dark space of your wetness,

Sloshing, gushing sounds whisper into the air while our hips gingerly collide head-on again, and again, and once again, as heartbeats beat as one-united love

Your hollow space spasm on my hard affiliation, while your body shivers between orgasm waves rushing over your extremities. 

 After your lungs take a deep cleansing breath, your eyes give me the look of you what the position of dominance. I submit to your yearning by roiling over unto my back

Soft firm body straddles my harden length, then centers itself over its bulbous head

Slowly it lowers its center over the mushroom head of my earnest,

As your body gingerly falls, my earnest pushed into the snug flesh of your haven, forcing not only the air out of its pink space but also forcing the air out of your lungs in the rhythm of the voices singing, "I need you more than my next breath."

Moonlight trickles into the daylight, but the intensity of our lovemaking held the sun's morning rays in the time warp of night. 

Swallowed are deep breaths.

As my earnest fall into your hollow,

Resistance - Tug, 

Resistance - Tug,

Was felt on the circumference of my earnest as our hips continuously rock back and forth in the rhythm of, "there are no tomorrows."

My eyes watch the writhe on your face, as my length disappear into your depths, 

They watch the bounce of your firm lavish breast as your body levitate in the rhythm of the measured deep strokes of my hard flesh,

They fixate on the sexual sway of your curvy hips while you ride slow and gracefully on top of my body,

A visual that Intensify the lustful sensations rampaging deep inside my loins

Quiet moans roar,

Deep groans soar,

Docile movements of your hips are no more,

As they become wide and pronounce


Your hollow swallow my length hold,

As your voice pleas for more,

From your center out, your orgasm starts,

From my center out, my wet orgasm pours into yours,

Releasing every ounce of my seed from my loins core,

While our bodies mutually shake,

Unmercifully quake


Bodies rest intertwine in the quiet of the room.

From the dark of the room, the voices of the music sing out.

"I don't think I never, ever really told you how much I need you. I need you more than my next breath. Never will I ever leave you because, honey, I need you more than the next breath I breathe. "

Head lies on my chest,

Listening to the soft beats of my heart,

While your fingertips softly strum across the nakedness of my flesh,

While our minds bask in the afterglow of lovemaking


Whispering voice articulate,

"I (have fallen) in love more than once

But every single time, it was with you."


Your body gradually turn and spoon your buttocks deeply into my body flesh,

My hips retaliate by slowly grinding my pliant affection against your buttock's flesh.

Once my affection becomes resolute, I follow your lead into the next dance in the sedated rhythm of lovemaking. 


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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Aspire ... Happy valentine letter

I used to wish,

That someday, I would have a most selected friend,

Someone, I would look up to, turn to for answers,

A friend,

That I could share my laughs,

My sadness,

My gladness,

Share the same boundless regions of the infinite that I have chosen,

Because they genuinely wanted to share that endless space with me


I used to wish that someday,

I would find that Someone I could converse with any time I had something to say.

That Someone, whom I could share my most profound, private thoughts.

Thoughts that made up most of the intimate dreams I had about that Someone who would share my life with someday.


I used to wish,

That someday, I would meet that Someone who would be special to me,

That Someone, who I could hold anytime I wanted to when I needed to,

That Someone, who I could kiss hello to in the morning and kiss goodnight before I would go to sleep.

That Someone I just had to touch in the middle of the night,

And they were so entuned to me; their body would spoon into mine without even waking up.


I used to wish,

That someday, I would find how true love felt.

A love so strong, it would last longer than ever after.

A love my heart wore like a blanket,

That kept it warm on the coldest night,

Yet cool, on the hottest day.

A love I never wondered if it were true love because I could forever feel its radiant heat race through my veins on each soft rhythmic beat of my heart.



I wish,

I had not wasted all that time wishing,


Praying for-

That Someone.

Because without realizing it,

I already knew that Someone, who was already carrying true love inside of them, that was meant just for me.

And that Someone,

were you and only you.

With all my love


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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Head Day ... Red Riding Hood ... Limerick poem

 Alone came Miss Red Riding Hood,

Calmly walking up to the apple tree where the big bad wolf stood,

Miss Hood suddenly dropped to both knees,

Sucked the big bad wolf cock so deep his voice pleaded, "Don't ever stop please,"

Today they call that particular tree sweet applewood.

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limerick is a form of poetry,[1] especially one in five-line anapestic meter with a strict rhyme scheme (AABBA), which is sometimes obscene with "humorous intent." The first two lines rhyme with the last line, and the third and fourth line rhyme, and they are usually shorter.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Saturday seduction: Next breath 2.0 .. Sensual Song poem 2

Because of this song-poem length and the fact I couldn't get the video to autoplay, 😒 you will have to put your cursor over the video and right click your mouse. Click on the word loop, then click on play so the music will play to the end of the poem. 😊

Quietly I slip out of bed and ease through the darkness of the room. Gingerly I wrapped my arms around my man's firm chest and pulled us into an intense body kiss. When he turns around, his hardness greets me. We smile at each other then I instantly lean down to bended knees. My eyes were now staring at the wonder of his thick, long manly flesh.

Softly my lips cupped the left side of his scrotum and lightly suckled on its smooth surface. A lung release moan levitated into the air. Hands resting on top of his firm thighs felt them tighten as my lips sucked harder on his scrotum flesh. 

I never wanted to feel his cum fill my mouth with his hot, thick seed as I did this moment. Just the thought left erotic thoughts running amuck inside my mind. The visual image of the velvet-soft flesh of his hardness, sliding past the resistance of my soft pouty lips while easing deep inside the moist warmth of my greeting mouth, made my body shudder in wanting. My mind delirious

 After my lips surrounded his hard girth with firm pressure, my head weaves back and forth, forcing a manly gruntle-moan to lift into the air. The sensations of his girth velvet-soft flesh repetitively sliding back and forth on the soft surface of unpainted hungry lips entice my womb flesh to weep. 

A sighing moan erupts into the air when I pop his manhood out my mouth. Then he gasps as my tongue swirl on the sensitive ridge on his shaft. My tongue thoroughly wet his thick shaft so I can slide more of it deeper into my waiting mouth.

Inch by inch, his unyielding flesh fell into the darkness of my mouth. Once I felt it touched the front of my throat. I bob my head higher and lower on his shaft. Quickly, I found the rhythm that made his baritone voice moan while his legs shivered. As his hand pulled on the back of my head, it eased his hardness further into my mouth. My actions and thoughts become engage in giving him maximum oral pleasure by putting his orgasm on-the-edge and keeping him there. Not only to please him with optimal satisfaction but to please me also.  His voice moans adjectives and naughty adverbs into the air while his hips pumped in the rhythm of my head bobs. But I am not letting him off that orgasmic cliff edge until I know the fire in his loins is burning red hot like the fire that is feverously burning inside my womb.

My right hand quickly drops between my legs. My fingertips vigorously swirl on my Clt. I can feel my womb lubricates breeching past my vulva lips as an orgasm promptly builds. While at the same time, goosebumps rush across my flesh as my body muscles start to tremble lightly. The light taste of his precum spills on my tongue palate as I embrace the best of both worlds. 

Head dips deeper and steady fast. His breath breathes quicker, exhausting faster and more profound. His left-hand, long fingers grip tight on my shoulder, as his right hand cupped the back of my head while pulling it closer to him. My left hand reached out and grabbed the bottom of his firm buttocks to steady my body. Rigid manly fiber slides firmer into my mouth as his voice hitch, his slim-yet ripped legs shivered, while his loins exploded in a rapid-firing ejaculation. That fills his fast-emptying loins with rapturous burning sensations.

My body quiver and shiver as his orgasm instantly triggers mine. My orgasmic moan is pushed back into my throat by rope thick white sperm that was spewing hard and deep into my throat. But I keep swallowing his thick substance while fingering myself to an end.

After not wasting a drop of his life-giving seed, I slowly stood up. My legs lightly shivered from the aftermath of my razor-sharp orgasm, but I quickly gathered myself, so I could see in his eyes if he were pleased with how my lips made his mind, body, and soul submit to the touch of my soft lips. His firm body embrace that took my next breath away answered that question.

 After our embrace, his loving kiss enticed my eyes to close while taking my" next breath away." When my eyes opened, I was looking at the man who loved me as much as I loved him. A smile spread crossed my face as we exchange loving glances and thoughts of his quote that infuse my heart while his love waltz through my mind. "I (have fallen) in love more than once, but every single time it was with you." And every time it was him whom I fell in love with again.

 His strong arms lift my thick curvy body as if it were light as a feather. He took me to the bed edge and laid me down as if I were as fragile as a freshly laid egg. We cuddled and let our minds drift into slumber while our never-ending love covered us like a blanket.

When I awaken, he was lying by my side. What was supposed to be a stolen, soft, loving kiss turned into a deep affectionate kiss that must have awakened the beast within him. Because when I lifted my head, his eyes were wide open searching for mine, while his long manly fingers cupped firmly around my right breast. The thought of what we did last night is a never-ending thought that made the center of my being instantly wet.

A song-poem is a poem written in a preferred form of poetry, from a chosen song. It must use a phrase, sentence, or directive word from that song. It also has to be written in the melody, rhythm, and dictated spirit of that song...

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