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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Moanday Haiku ... (Spank Sexkus)

A American poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five
Continues Haiku is when the last line of a Haiku is used to start another one.
These Haiku's were started from my vision of this picture...

Continuous American Haiku's:

The color of red
Shades, the bottom of my butt

I've been a bad girl

I've been a bad girl
Bend over for me kitty

Head down, ass is up

Head down, ass is up
Rosy red cheeks remind me
How much I love her

American Haiku's:

I need a spanking
To feel the pain of release
I know, he loves me

His hand touches me
Leaving a warm pink trail
Moisten affection


Monday, June 3, 2019

Moanday Naughty Poet .... Rhyming Poem

When passion lust grips your soul, sometimes you just have to:

Have all holes barred, but one
But once you come, you can do the others just for fun

No hitting it from the backside 
Nor turning her over on the flip side

No spoonin',
No form of droolin'

No Cowgirl ridin' the hell out of his long thick hard cock
Until he explodes in a death defying stop

No fancy sexual positions
Just straight missionary dickin'

Just him stroking furiously between those thick juicy thighs
Bringin' a fountain of water from your crying eyes
With ear shattering moans and audible passionate cries
Which makes him wonder why oh why
He waited so long to give carnal lust another try

Bodies shivering with sensations of
It feels so damn good; there must be a heaven up above
As strokes of passion slips between folds smooth as white feathers on a dove 
They envelop your dick like an pair of expensive black leather gloves

Swollen dick dive deep like a Titan Submarine into your wet stormy sea
He's stoking you deep and hard, just like you want it to be

Making loud slurping sounds
While wide hips gyrate round and round,
In rhythm of your balls slappity-slap tapping on that round ass
While hips pump ultra fast

She rockin' your sexual world
With wide hips she definitely know how to twirl

Body jerking from his hips hard thrust that's slamin' his unyielding rock hard piece
To the point the muscles of your thighs feel like tenderize meat

Dickin' deep into your stromin' sea with all his might
Until is entire long length is totally out of sight

Meeting your urgent gyrating hips, at the top of its peak
Because unadulterated lust, is what both of your souls seek

Doing it hard on the hardwood floor
Doing it hard against the bathroom door

Doing it on the grass, under the weeping willow tree
Hitting it hard while he's on bended knees

Doing it in the back seat of your new red sports car 
Doing it while the car is still in the garage, because hot passion lust, didn't let you drive very far

Doing it over the back of the "once we had a babies chair"
Doing it while her long slender legs were high in the air

Doing it wherever you just happen to be 
Doing it because it feels so good to the we

Doing it because she has a body he can't ignore
Doing it because in the bed she works it like a whore

Doing it hard because making sweet passionate love is really passing the buck
Especially when, "You just wanna FUCK"...

(C)1ManView 2012

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Monday moaning .... Breathe ... Picture poem (Repetitive)

When his strong hands gently pulled my body into his,
meshing the soft flesh of my breast, into his chest

When his lips captured mine in a deep sweet kiss,
while his fingertips slowly traced the curvature of my spine

When his hand first slipped past the skimpy lace of my panties,
and traced the smooth flesh of my ass

When his finger found my moist center opening,
and slowly fell into the warmth of its wet depths

I had to remember,
 Too breathe

(C) 1ManView

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

My Kitten - Picture short erotica ...

Body of mine basked in the living room while scampered across the big over stuffed lounge chair, dazed at the wall while the TV gave my ears company...
Suddenly a glance of my kitten completely exposed body streaking across the open bedroom door appeared for a split second...
My voice pleaded for her to come back and stand again in the door opening, but only an array of chuckles emerged from around the corner…
Using a softer sexier tone, my voice whispered, my little sweet kitten, please present the softness of yourself before my eyes...
More chuckles appeared, then a no time to play babe!
Sobered, I send a begging p-l-e-a-s-e her way...
After a moment of silence, I felt a pair of big eyes peeping around the door at me,
I smiled and said, come here my little kitty cat, come to daddy...
She walked out from around the corner and posed a playful stare my way,
Softly I whispered, "Come here sweet heart, come play with daddy"...
Her head turned to one side with that why look, then she walked precariously up to me...
Once by my feet, she leaned down and purred softy as she leaned against my leg, when she was finished rubbing against both legs, she slowly worked her way up into my lap...
Once there, she wiggled her soft body into mines until she made herself comfortable between my legs...
As her big eyes stared into mine, my fingertips massaged the soft curvature of her back, the nape of her neck, and as my fingers traced around her ears, I could hear soft cat like purrs floating in the air...
As her head leaned up into my chest, my arms pulled her body into a soft embrace,
She return the embrace with a soft cheek to cheek touch, then she suddenly broke away and headed playfully back to the bedroom...
As she eased away again, I called out her name, she stopped for a split second, turned her head around and blinked her eyes at me, then strolled into the bedroom with that stroll that said, if you want to play with me, catch me...
My arms quickly pushed my body out the comfort of my big soft chair, my feet moved quickly but quietly as possible to the bedroom door, as my head appeared around the corner, my eyes feasted on the two pussies I was about to play with...


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Dulcet ... Sensuous Repetition Picture Poem

Soft_is the moonlight_shining in the window
Soft_to the touch_is your lips_embracing mine
Soft_is the feel_of your body flesh
Soft_is the texture_of your hair
Soft_is your loving touch 
Soft_as a pillow_is the outer layer_of your taught breast
Soft_is the wet kisses_I lay on your flesh
Soft_is the suction_of my lips_ suckling on the tip of your erect nipples
Soft_is the reflex of your stomach muscles_as my moist tongue gingerly glides over it
Soft_to the touch_is your outer womb lips_to the head of my extension_ as it slowly penetrate past them_than intrude into the darkest space of your womb 
Soft_is my strokes_as I thrust steady and deep_inside the warmth of your womb walls
Soft_is the velvet feel of your taught walls_on my extension flesh
Soft_is the sweat_that fall off my forehead and chest_unto yours_as each thrust forge our beings closer together 
Soft_is the warm clear nectar_that's slowly oozing down your thighs
Soft_is your breath_as you whispers my name
Soft_is our love_as our souls intertwine
Soft_is the color_of your brown eyes_as my eyes glare deep into them_as my hips thrust my harden flesh gently down the center of your wet haven
Soft_is your fingertips_as they deeply curl into my back flesh
Soft_is the firm grip_I have on your hips_as I deeply mesh our bodies into one
Soft_is the ocean_that my white seed sail in_ as it gathers_for its great escape
Soft_is your moans_as your body prepare for your harmonious release
Violent_is my release_as my seed ejaculate intensely into the dark void of your womb
Violent_is your body tremors_as your release comes from the depths of your womb darkness
Vulnerable_is our souls_as they hover on the warm dulcet air of love
Soft_is my extension_as it lays flaccid on my leg
Soft_is your body_as your body repose on top of mine
Soft_is the new day_of sunlight
Soft_is the love_you have showered my being with
Soft_is our love_that will outlast_an eternity

(C) 1ManView