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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Night rider

Softly she walked through the darkness of the bedroom
As she becomes near the bed edge, hush sounds of slumber slowly rose into the midnight air
Its deep docile sound raised the naughtiness of her mind, the lust lingering inside her loins

Light brown eyes fall down on the manly silhouette that's explicated under the satin sheet
Eyes watch his chisel chest slowly rise than fall in a lethargic rhythmic motion
When eyes slowly lower, highlighted by the satin sheets was the shape of his thighs firm muscles, with the relaxed shape of his sleeping giant against it
Not to disturb, inch by inch fingertips pulled the satin sheet slowly down his body length, uncovering its naked flesh

His breath suddenly hitch
All of her movements instantly froze in time, except the wicked smile that eased across her lovely face
Once his chest settle back into its sleeping rhythm, a continuation of exposing his body to wanting eyes glare begin

With manhood exposed, she stopped to admire its shape, visualize its unwavering size once it awakens, visualize its hard heavy mass tucked tight inside the warmth of her womanhood
Her womb walls begin to tingle with excitement, as the thought of it sliding up and down its wet slippery corridor

WIth reactions quicker than a cat, she slipped into the bed and straddle his naked body with the nakedness of hers
Short slender fingertips ease his sleeping giant on top of his stomach than lower the vertical slit of her vulva gently on its girth
Seeping heat from her womb slit seeped into his girth flesh making his body stir, but not awaken

Back and forth
Back and forth
Curvy hips moved in a slow rhythmic rhythm, easing moisten swollen lips slowly up and down the growing membrane beneath her

Eyes open
Face smile
While deep gruntled moans slip past firm manly lips

Once thoroughly teased to hardness, fingertips lead his towering erection to the opening of her internal heat
As surreal sensations of the swollen bulbous head of his cock first-insertion into her tight womb rushed through their extremities,  spontaneous moans fill the quietness of the room
Hips first gyrations entice the first of many sighs that are released into the darkness of the midnight air
Like a sailplane flying high in the calm warm breeze of the blue hue of the sky, her body sailed on top of his
In than out
In than out
Again and again,  his harden flesh ease up and down the center of her pink sanctuary
Enticing it to purposely weep from the immense pleasure sensations bombarding through it

Eyes meet
Lips touch
 While curvaceous hips slowly sway in affectionate rotations

Her lean body leans up than back as she rides his hard mass higher, easing his sizable cock deeper into the wet heat of her love canal
Like a Kiddies roller coaster,  she continuously, smoothly, rode his cock slowly up and down, hitching her hips now and then, then easing back to the lethargic deep hips gyrations that slowly thrust his hard elongated cock deep into the depths of her soft womb  
Suddenly she felt his hands firmly grip her buttocks, pulling her body firmly down while his hips thrust hard into her, thrusting his hard mass into the very depths of her womb

Her voice moaned and squealed as her body trembled in an ultimate release, as his rock hard cock ravaged her womb
Once her body recovered,  her hips resumed its deep slow gyrations
Eyes pierced affectingly into each other while their bodies flesh deeply kissed, as their hips tightly ground together on each rotation 
His body stiffened, his manhood erupted in orgasmic release, spewing its thick white seed into the darkest corner of her womb, covering its pink color walls completely with its color of pure white
While his voice moaned and groaned her hips kept gyrating, enticing the last drop of his thick white seed to concede to the draw of her tight womb walls     

Hips gyrations stop
Her body laid down on top of his:

Out of breath
They laid - bodies intertwine
Resting for the next ride:
Of the midnight rider

(C) 1ManView

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Cock (quickie series)

Like a serpent, you slowly slither inside of me
Twisting, turning, diving in and out the moist walls of my femininity
Bringing me joy
Bringing forth the pain of ecstasy
Until you become overwhelmed
 And cum 


Monday, June 25, 2018

Silent enrapture

Fingertips ease over scenery of mountain face of soft turgid flesh 
Follow slippery curves of its highway
Slide across the cropped top of manicured tress
While surfing over moisten folds...

Quick dips into the warm flowing river current 
Bacon my earth to shutter and tremble...

Fingertips withdrawn
Bring ecstasy of silence


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Go deep... (Love runs deep)

Silent hush of harden flesh, deeply dive into the depths of soft pink haven
Round soft curvature hips, rush up to meet those that are square and firm
Than rescind to linger for a split moment, than rush back up to meet the hard deep thrust again and again
Back arch:
Hips extend:
 To receive every inch of thrusting  harden flesh
To feel the ripples of its stretched velvet soft exterior
To feel its deep throbs of lustful-ness inside the void of her moist center

Seductive lips vibrate from the quiet moan that slipped past its restricted opening
While sharp edges of red panted fingernails, rake open the dark-colored flesh of a back before it
As the pace of passion quickens
Raging thrust, thrust dark hardness deep into pink sublime of feminine wetness

High pitch moan 
Drowns out a low pitch groan
As the grandeur of lust pain rush complete - through complex extremities

Body muscles stiffen
Then tremble in orgiastic enraptured
Enticing hot thick rope of hot white seamen to fill the empty void in one's center 

As one, their bodies lay tightly intertwine
Indulging in the rapture of their love, seeping quietly into their soul
While adoration slowly flow through the soft beats of their hearts ...


Monday, June 11, 2018