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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A to Z .. E is for Erect clit ... Monday moaning

Trembling thighs
Are gently pried
Open wide

Gently dip
Inside moist swollen lips

Head slide
Between firm thighs
Causes a anticipated sigh 

Moisten lips
Softly sip
On pink erect clit

Hips gently buck
As lips lightly suck
While surreal sensations run amuck

Monday moan
Becomes full blown
As lips suckle, on her erect pink throne

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Randomness By poetic guest NavyPoet

The cotton sheet grazes
Emboldened peaks
Sweet juice drips
On collarbones
Drops that slip past
A tongue raked over
Sticky hands
It is not done this thing
This closed eye savoring
Of newly made memories
Lips sipping on smells
That defy tasted skin
And then there is you
Resting on open palms
Stabilizing the breath
That threatens to burst
From the exertion
Heartbeats slow words
Until they are no longer necessary
In the raw humidity of
The moments passing
We enjoy the echoed music
Of the evening 
NavyPoet © 9-11–2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy head day... E is for Ejection of erection ....

Soft lips,
Covering smooth velvet soft flesh,
That covers his rigid sex erection,
Ease slowly in a up and down direction

Soft draw,
Causes her cheeks to hollow,
His throat to swallow,
His chest to slowly rise,
His voice to release a moan like cry,
While the warmth of her body, straddles tightly between his muscular thighs

Legs quivers,
Thighs shiver,
Breath draw then hitch,
As her head take a ultra slow, deep dip

Then out,
Then out,
His shaft slip,
Between the firm tight grip,
Of her soft suckling lips,
While her head repeatedly dip,
Down the hard swell of his sex girth

Big brown eyes try to watch, the hard surface of his sex,
Slide in and out the moist heat of her mouth,
But watching the visual stimulation,
At the same time feeling the sharp bursting sensations, 
Swirling, twirling inside his groan,
While building orgasmic pressure in his loins,
Became too much for his mind to bear

Eyes close,
Lips part,
While deep breaths elude his lungs quick draw,
As her lips deep sucking pulls on his shaft flesh like a steel claw,
That leaves his nervous system in contemptuous awe,
His sex tip red with raw,
While leaving his body powerless,
From her ultra slow fellatio prowess 

Sensations of your hard wet sex,
Sliding quickly past my lips taut grip,
While my hand squeeze tight around your sex full sac,
Causes your head to suddenly real back,
Your loud deep breathing to become totally incorrect

Hot white sperm ejection,
Expels form your sex rigid erection,
Deep Into my throat collection,
Of your white satisfaction 

1Manview © 9-10 – 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Monday Moaning... Morning erection ....

Eyes spy on morning erection,
That's pointing straight at my eyes direction,
While in desired need of stimulated correction

Covers carefully removed,
Lips drool,
For a taste of his white liquid fuel

On the tip,
Of leaking phallus

As my head bob and weave,
His body awakens in sexual greed,
That soon turns into wanting need

Tasty white clear creamy pre-cum,
Leaks heavenly on tongue,
As soft lips slid on the run,
Down his shaft flesh, that's harder then the steel barrel of a gun

Cheeks become hollow,
While my mouth swallow,
The complete collection,
Of the length of his hard morning erection

Script is flipped
As his erection pushes pass moist plump lips,
Between my wanting hips

His erection thrust are slow and measured,
Giving me the feel of every inch of his shaft pleasure, 
While it thrust deep into the wet swell of my pink treasure

Walls clench,
Hard girth flitch

Monday morning moans,
Are soon gone,
As my hips correction,
Of his shaft wrongful direction,
Ends in his creamy white seed ejection,
Into my womb warm reception

1Manview © 1999 – 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A to Z Erotic poem challenge . D is for Deep thrusting dick

Breeching bulge,
Stress plaid dainty shorts seems,
Beyond their stretching means

As hungry eyes spy,
Its outline entice my mind,
Enflame my loins,
Ignite my fire of desire,
With its vivid visual presence

Shorts removed,
Lips drool,
As eyes watch his hard long size,
Throb while standing tall between thick muscular thighs

My mind fantasize,
About all the sexual things I want to try,
With the enormity of his engorged hard pulsating prize

Lips lick,
Off the clear creamy residue that's tangy sweet and thick,
Oozing out his sex head small horizontal slit

Body quickly flipped over,
Within a second, his hard mass was deep inside my pink clover, 
He push his hard mass deep into my wetness in a haste,
Taking me deeply without a wait

Deep slow hard thrust,
That fall deeply into my womb wet soft pink crust,
Make my lungs moan out in deep desire lust,
While my soft tender womanly sex, felt as if his deep hard strokes was going to bust

Legs lift,
Hips tilt,
The base of his thick shaft rode dead center on my sensitive pink clit

In and out,
In and out,
Repetitive slow deep measured strokes make my voice audibly shout

Hips thrust suddenly stop,
Strong hands flip my body over on to its stomach like a rag mop,
Then his harden sex drop, 
Into my honey hole with a girth that felt harder then granite rock

Long hard cock,
Hits my sensitive sweet spot,
Making my body hop,
My voice to beg him not to stop

Faster, harder, his cock rode inside my wet swell,
Giving me an orgasm of gigantic pleasure,
While his thick hard meat, rode extra deep inside my soft pink treasure

Just as my pleasure becomes full,
His baritone voice bellow like an old angry bull

My walls spasm tight around his palpitating girth,
Milking his hot white seed for all it was worth,
His body uncontrollably shook with orgasmic release,
Until his sex last palpitations ceased

Sexually spent bodies collapse into a sexual heap,
Then quietly fall into a deep afterglow sleep...

1Manview © 1999 – 2014