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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

That look ... Erotic prose poem

Eyes sensuous glare
Undress the contour of my curves
Touch the sensitivity of my flesh
Rape my being 
Taste my very essence
With that look  of hungry desire......


Monday, October 9, 2017

Dripping ... By Wet Bliss .....

Thoughts of your burning desire permeates my mind
Fingers attempt to recreate exquisite feelings
Visions of you breathing heavy between my thighs
Coaxing out every little sigh, capturing my eyes

Heaviness that pressed firmly above me, so sweetly
Demanding my full attention and control relinquished
Solidity of you stretching, filling me completely
Strength exuded though your every action discreetly

Celebrating our time together through reflections
Freeing the heavy black lace finding my release
Panties are dripping-wet weeping for your affection
Missing your familiar possession and perfection

Poem by Wet Bliss..

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Delicious .... Prose poem....

I stole this image from Ronnie blog,
 I see why see loves black and white images
Here's a quickie poem I make from it

Like home-baked bread
Visions of you sitting in that chair, makes me hungry
The aroma transmitting from your body is intoxicating to my being
The sweeping curves of your body is enticing
The texture of your flesh is moist and soft to one's fingertips touch
The plump fold of your lips are inviting
The taste of the void between your thighs
Is darn right delicious .....

(C) 1ManView

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Disinclination (Stay) .... Sensual Song Poem ..

Please press play....

Bodies deviate closer
As soft words of love, whisper into the calm of the air
Fever of passion beckon, our lips together
A cold sweat race through my extremities, as the sweetness of his kisses
Saturate my lips

Undressed my clothes
Undress me complete, and whole
All the way down to the sanctuary of my soul
With indulging caresses, that eventually caress the mushy swell
Of my tight folds

My body dared
His caresses didn't care
As his docile touch made my voice quietly moan and  swear
While his tender touches, touched me intimately everywhere

His hips gyrate
Their steady motion measured me
They measure the perception of my pleasure
They measure my body needs
Its insatiable greed
  They measured my indulges of the size of his prize
That rode fathoms deep, in the center space, between my thighs
They measure the willingness of my heart 
To give...

Fingertips, hold onto the flight of rotating hips
Deep breaths exhale, through open lips
As uninhibited sensations crash inside me
Leaving me with feelings of wanting

As he rides steady and smooth inside the precipitation of my ocean
My body followed his body every rise and falling motion
Wave after wave of sensations rush toward my shoreline
Making my mind wish one day, he would permanently stay mine
Each vigorous thrust of his hips, pushed my waves closer to the edge
Each passionate kiss, have my waves clinging to the edge ridge
Until my waves crest, and roll into the orgasmic climax of my...

A Song Poem: is a poem that is written from a song, using a phrase, word or sentence from that song. It must also be written in the melody, rhytmn or spririt of that song... 
1Manview © 1999 – 2013

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sweeter than... Sensual poem ...Thoughts series ....

Busy time so I'm posting a poem from my thought series from my other blog...  I really like this image so I used it for this poem also... :)

After forcing her way into the fold of my arms, she whispered into my ear " hold me"
As a soft cheek press against my cheek,  she took a deep breath in to smell my essence
With a smile on her face, she caress the back of my head and pulled my lips into a kiss that was softer than cotton, deeper than the fathoms of the ocean depths, sweeter than any candy made of sugar
A kiss ... That tasted like ... Felt like... Love....


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I ... Erotic Repetitive poem

I can feel your want  in the urgency of your touch
I can feel your need  throbbing against the firmness of my thigh flesh
I can hear your wishes  from the quiet whispers entering my ear
I can feel your desire  in the hard beats of your heart inside your chest, that's beating next to mine
I can feel anticipation exhilaration sensations from first penetration, that's making my body tremor under your naked body

I just heard  somebody scream

(C) 1ManView