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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thunderstorm ........... Prose Poem .....

Fireplace roaring
Wine flowing like water
Lips caress then hug
Fingertips touching
Sensations swelling
All coming to a head
I'll supply the Thunder
You'll supply the Rain
We'll meet undercover
Where we will combine the two together
Lighting strikes.. as bodies collide
Our private Thunderstorm wails and rage onward
In the darkness
Between the sheets

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wet ... Repetition Poem ...

This Picture is from Joana Blog.. ( My thoughts, were inspired by hers..

Wet is my tongue, touching your face

Wet is my finger, as it ease into your womb

Wet is your womb, as my finger, plunges in deep

Wet is your flesh, as our passion grows

Wet is your desire, as I hold you close

Wet is my tongue in your sweet nectar

Hot is your breath...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The beginning ... Prose poem ........

As the naked flesh of me, eased between the naked flesh of her legs, and our naked bodies impacted, a moan of anticipation escape past her lips

The soft tips of her fingers lay on he bottom of my buttocks, then with a soft touch, ease over their roundness

Slow, almost not touching my flesh, they ease up my spine, sending electrified sensations up into my brain

Slowly the ease over my scapular, then up the back of my neck, stopping to softly squeeze its surface

A soft moan escapes my lungs, moments before I implant a soft kiss on her lips

Her nails gently rake down my back, causing it to arch, the extension of me touches the lips of her wanting womb, causing her to moan loudly

Our kiss deepens, hips move gingerly side to side in a sexual rhythm

My extensions enters her domain, her moan vibrates in my throat, as lips press together tighter

Backs arches, lips embrace parts, eyes look deep into each other, anticipation conquers our minds as penetration of my harden endowment slowly travels down the hidden valley, between her legs...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paradise .... Picture Poem ...

My flower slowly opens

My nectar is taken

Waves of tingling sensations rock my body

Trust after thrust ride in my wake

Deep and deeper, it rides into my abyss of sexuality

Awaking all my senses, putting every nerve ending on edge

Bringing my body to a climaxing calm

As it takes my soul to paradise

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kiss Me There .. Prose Poem

The soft touches of your lips are so essential to me

They control my mind temperament, to my body fulfillment

Because when you kiss me there, my legs go weak

When you kiss me there, my body jerks and squirms

When you kiss me there, my lungs sigh from pleasure

When you kiss me there, my stomach flattens and quivers

When you kiss m there, my legs tremble uncontrollable

When you kiss me there, my body shudders with anticipation

When you kiss me there, I wish you were kissing me here

And when you finally kiss me there... I.. EEee.... Aaagggg....

Consummation, of sexual satisfaction…

Monday, June 15, 2009

Energize Me .... Prose Poem

She thought about it all on her way to work
She couldn't concentrate on her work at all today
She wanted to do it before she left home this morning, but she got up to late
Now she'll have to daydream about it all day
She thought of its long-ness, the girth of it in her hand, the texture of its outer layer, the smoothness of its head
The feel of the ripples on its sides, and how all so good it felt as it slid in her hot womb
As soon as work was over, she rushed home to get it
She was yelling for her baby as soon as she opened the door
She yells for it as she quickly walks toward the bedroom, baby, are you ready, she yells as she walks into the bathroom
Now before her its stands tall
She can fill the moistness between her legs as see gaze upon it
She gently grabs it by the shaft and again is reminded of its girth
Her head leans down as her hungry lips open wide
She flips her tongue around its crown, getting it all so wet
Now she's massaging it slowly, in and out between her lips
She now has it like she likes it, hard and wet
Mmm she whispers, I've waited all day for this moment, I want it now
She lays down in the bed and spread eagles her legs, and then guide it into her pink inferno
As the head penetrate her outer door, her back arches, a gasp, then she whispers, come on baby, you can take it deeper 
Deeper it travels, up and down, in and out as she loses all control
Faster baby she moans, faster
The pace quickens as her womb oscillate from the sensations 
Faster d-eeper, fa-ster she moans
Yea, yea, oh yes baby yes, she screams
Her hips rock in time with its strokes, as her wetness creams over the sheets
I'm coming baby, faster she whispers, Aww-Yea... Aww-Yea...Thump!
Oh.. D*%... I knew I should of bought those energize batteries 


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Proposal (Let Me) ... Repetition Poem

Let me in your mind, and I’ll prove I'm worth my weight in gold
Let me look into your light brown eyes, so you can see into the depth of my soul
Let me hug you so my body can feel your softness next to me, as my nostrils inhale your essence
Let me hug you tighter, so you can feel the strength in my arms to protect you
Let me kiss your lips softly, so you can see my gentle side
Let me kiss you harder, so you can feel the inner passion that lingers inside of me for you
Let me lay my hand between your breasts, so I can feel your heartbeat faster, as my nose rubs gently on yours
Let me cup your firm derrière in my hands, so my fingertips can feel the tautness and roundness of its texture
Let me run my hands up and under the back of your blouse, so the sensation of the softness of your flesh, lay on my fingertips
Let me unfasten your blouse, so my eyes can fixate on your harness breast
Let me slip off your harness, so I can release your breast from its captive
Let me lightly touch and massage, around the curvature of your round breast, as my eyes watch the pinkness of your nipples rise from the gentle touch
Let me take your erect nipple in my warm mouth, to protect it from the cold
Let me glide my fingers gently on your back, to awaking the passion that's sleeping deep inside your soul
Let me sweep you into my arms, to lie you down on the bed so, my fingers can easily touch every ounce of your creamy soft flesh
Let me remove your skirt, and expose your curvy legs and firm thighs to the sights of my hungry eyes
Let me touch your legs and thighs so soft, every inch of their flesh feels like it's electrically charged
Let me run my fingers over your panties, to make your hidden, moist, soft, lips swell
Let me remove your now wet panties, so my eyes can see your wet, swollen sex 
Let me remove my clothes, so my body nakedness can feel your body nakedness
Let me touch your wet, swollen sex, and wake up your passion to it's fullest
Let me lay my head between your legs, so I can make you moan and groan from my kitty like licks and kisses on your sex
Let me raise your legs, so I can fill the sensations of my manhood being surrounded by the tightness of your taut, hot, wet, haven as its hardness, sinks into the abyss of your darkness
Let me hear you gasp, as my hardness rides in the abyss of your haven, while slowly gyrating in and out its wetness
Let me see the passion on your face, as my hips gyrate faster and deeper inside the hotness of your sweet sex
Let me feel you finger nails rake and claw across my back, as the steadiness of my swelled manhood, riding deeply up and down your over-stretched haven walls
Let me hear, the grunts, the moans, the groans, the bab, bab, babbing sound of my sacs hitting your round derriere and the slurping sound of my hard manhood being tugged on, by your taut love tunnel as my manhood ravages inside you
Let me first, before we do all the things above, get married to you, so you can be my loving wife, and I can be the father to our children, and we can have a happy ending to this sexual tale

Repetition Poem: 
Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem

Monday, June 8, 2009

Morning Kiss ... Picture Poem

MY Dearest Love, please hurry and read this note...

Let's turn off the lights, light some candles, turn on some romantic music and hurry into the shower 
We will step into the gentle spray of steamy warm water, spraying on us both 
You will turn to me with a smile and hand me a bar of your sweet smelling lavender soap 
After taking the soap, I will lather my hands, then glide them along your soft creamy skin 
First, I'll start at your neck and shoulders, then slowly work my way down, lingering on your soft round breast 
By then, my manhood will be long, hard and pulsating, craving your warmness, but you will urged me to continue, as I will 
I can vision my soapy hands sliding along your breast, circling your erect nipples, teasing them with a light, circling, touch with the palm of my hands 
My hands will continue its travels down to your stomach, while continuing to slide to the front of your soft thighs 
My hands will continue it's downward flight to the most inner side of your thighs, where I will thoroughly lather both sides with my loving precision of pleasure 
After a quick rinse of my hands into the steamy water, my fingers will start its search for your outer lips of your womb 
Once there, I know I will find them swollen, warm and wet as my fingers seek their tender sweet spot 
Finding it, you will lower your head and sigh 
Seeing the pleasure on your face will heighten my passion within 
Leaning forward, I will let my lips glide on your feather soft breast, then inhale your nipples and gently suck them in my mouth, while my fingers caress your womb's outer door 
In my mind, I can feel your body quiver as my tongue plunge slowly downward, stopping next to my fingers 
Now I will replace my fingers with my wet, rigid tongue 
It will start to circle your womb's outer door, gently sliding up and down, up and down, the small slit's opening 
Your upper body will lean back against the wall; your legs 
will open wider as my tongue plunge inside your pink flesh 
I will use my left arm to hold and caress your backside, as my other hand roams, tease and caress your front side 
I’ll taste you steady and slow, bringing your pleasure slowly up from inside 
I will suck your nectar like it was made of gold and lick your velvet, pink flesh, gentle but thorough 
My tongue will tease your pearl until it opens up your floodgate 
Then I will ravish your pink flesh like a passionate starved man 
I can vision your body quivering all over, as I taste your womanly honey as it floods my mouth 
I can hear the echoes of your scream as your orgasm rules over your body, over your will 
I can feel your pink flesh vibrating on my wet rigid tongue 
Can you see it my love 
Can you feel .. Mmm... The warm sensation of water tingling against my flesh, the sight of your orgasmic release, the feel of your body being next to mine has made my manhood stiffen harder than granite and it pulsates so hard; each beat of my heart, it's painful 
With a gentle loving turn, I will turn your body around while bending you slightly over 
Your hands will fall to your side as you grab the front of your thighs 
You will scream as I passionately thrust my long hard membrane deep inside your oven hot womb 
Each passionate stroke will be deeper and more violent than the last 
I will grab you by your waist with both hands and wail my manhood with all my might inside your soft pink flesh with a flurry 
The steamy water runs down your back on to my lower extremities 
The sensation of it, the moans in the air, the violet clash of our sex organs has brought a hot violet release from the depths of my loins 
The feel of my hot release against your delicate pink flesh will trigger another orgasm deep inside you 
We will grind our sex organs together until we are both are spent 
Afterwards, we will quickly towel each other off, because my dear, we both will be late for work
Hurry, I'm waiting for you my dearest love 

... 1manview ...

Monday, June 1, 2009

HE.. An Act Of Surrender PT4..

He became rock hard faster the a light brightens a dark room

After grasping my head and forcing his enormity into my throat, "HE" pulled it away from my lips grip and stood in silence

My eyes was staring at "HE" hugeness, which its head was now a pretty pink –red in color, as it waved up and down in the air

With no words spoken, "He" puts a finger in my eyes view, then pointed at the floor, my body quickly got back in the doggy position

Quietly he steps behind me and kneels down, I feel the mushroom head of his enormity sliding up and down my wet slit, “HE” circles it directly on my clit and a small orgasm smarts between my legs, it takes all my will to keep still as the orgasm spark through me

A quick thrust push the mushroom head of his shaft inside my pink walls, my lungs quietly moans as he holds it there for a few seconds, then withdraw it

Now the feel of "HE" lubricated enormity is felt pushing up against my darkest hole opening, “HE” lays his enormity on my darkest opening, and thrust it forward with a slow constant thrust

"HE" slick mushroom head ease into my anus tight opening, the pain from it shoots up my spine, but as my mind concentrate on relaxing my sphincter, the split second of pain turns to pleasure, as "HE" large mushroom head paves the way for his shaft girth

As "HE" huge girth stretches my tightest hole wider, I can feel his shaft thick blood filled veins as it slide into the tightness of my anus canal

The beat of his heart pulsating his thickness against my anus walls is felt, the sensation of first penetration of my tight dark hole rips thru me, causing an audible gasp to rush out my lungs into the air

After partially filling my anus cannel, "HE" gyrates his hips in a slow push-pull movement

The gyrations are soft, slow and smooth, as "HE" ease more of his enormity inside my black hole, blissful pleasurable waves floats inside me, as my black hole starts to feel full

Deeper, deeper his enormity sinks down my anus canal until it enters in my rectum

Back and forth "HE" pushes and pulls his enormity in and out my anus cavity like a large long Tootsie Roll 

My body wants to vibrate in pleasure, my lungs want to scream in passion pain, my fingers want to ease over my clit again and again until my body quake in orgasmic pleasure, as the smooth strokes of "HE" penetrates my anus deeply, but I remain still and silent as "HE" pleasure himself to the maximum

"HE" scrotum lightly taps my red flesh as his fingertips grips tight into my waist, anchoring my body completely still, as his enormity glides in and out the tightness of my anus opening

The rapture of "HE" vigorous strokes makes my breast bounce back and forth like a pendulum 

"HE" body raises up, "HE" slap my butt hard as his enormity raged deep inside my anus, the lustful slaps pushed both of our sexual lust even higher

My anus fills full as "HE" enormity voyage through my canal with strong smooth strokes, sending my orgasm over the edge

My lungs gasp, my legs tremble, as my orgasm raged through me like a bolt of sizzling hot lightning

"He" bents over and grabs my swinging breast, "HE" fingertips lightly clasp my harden nipples enhancing my already raging orgasm

As my body exhaled in orgasmic release, my sphincter tighten on "HE" enormity flesh

"HE" arms vibrate, his breathing becomes erratic and gasping, the smoothness of his strokes has become jerky, as he pushes his enormity in as deep as possible on each thrust of his hips

His thickness is pushing tighter on my anus canal walls, oh she-it, oh she-it whispers into the air, as his hot white manly seed shoots and burns deep into my bowels

Again and again, "HE", thrust his palpitating enormity between my butt cheeks, again and again his hot white seed ejaculates deep into my bowels, just as my mind thinks it won't end, "HE" body collapses on mines

As "HE" spent body leans heavily on mines, the last of his enormity palpitations pushes on my anus canal walls, and the last of his milky white-hot seed ejaculate into the darkness of my bowels

The complete surrender of "ME", has completely satisfied the animal lust of "HE"

THE END.....

This Poetic story was written from Complicated Kitten remark (on several occasions), I wish he would spank me and fill all three of my holes...  That is such an erotic thought, went through my mind..