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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Song Poem ... In The Air Tonight, By Phil Collins..

I heard this song on girlajustami blog, accomplishing a wonderful short story,
Which sparked my version in an Prose poem form...
Check my friend out at  for a great read...
(Truth or Dare, 6-21-12)

Push play, poem was written in the slow beat of the song:
A slow read folks...

Summer, warm breeze, floats through the black window screens,
Followed by the hue of red, blue, and bright yellow, of the sun rays running away, from the dark that surrounds the glow of the moonlight

Torment my inner feelings,
As friends prepare to become forever lovers

Kids that played cowboys and Indians,
Me, always the cowgirl tied up to the tree,
You, always the cowboy, coming to my rescue

I remember, the first time we met,
You, the new kid on the block, running down the street,
Me, running towards you, acting like I didn't see you,
Head on, we met, and we both lost our two front teeth,
Not knowing that at that moment, life had brought us together, to become more then just friends

I remember,
Two friends, who bedrooms faced each other,
Two friends, who stood at their windows, and shared the moonlight bright glow, in the still of the night,
Two friends, who kept each other company at the windows, as the thunderstorms shook their homes, with all its might,
Two friends, who loved the feel of the cool summer night breeze, as it gently flowed through their window screens, onto their tiny faces, as they shared a smiling, stare of friendship

But now,
Boy, is a full grown man,
Tall, sleek, muscular, gentle,
Embraces the soft flesh of a woman, whose once straight girly figure is now full of womanly curves, whose short curly hair, now flows over the shoulder of a idealistic woman 

Tonight, the moment has come,
A moment, I have waited for such a long time, 
A moment, where we become more then friends,
A moment, of a start of a new life together,
A moment, I have dream of most of my life,
Where you and I, unite as one

Shaky fingertips, ease over washboard stomach,
As unsteady fingers, stroke over bare round breast flesh,
A deep soft kiss, steadied our nerves,
As a rush of lust, gathers in our loins

Hearts race,
Bodies, presume the missionary position,
Penetration, is followed by a memorable pain,
A pain, that turns into an unforgettable pleasure,
As the thunder of love, passion, and lust, rushes through our souls

I've been waiting for this, for such a long time,
Waited, all this time, to make love to you,
Waited, all this time, for you, to make love to me

Summer breeze gradually blows across our bodies,
As we lay close to the window,
Fingertips mesh as one,
As bodies intertwine, 
Gentle deep strokes fall slowly in my mist,
Sensations of wants, grip my soul,
Whispers of love, seek my ears,
As strokes of a genteel friend, slowly falls between my legs, with the passion of a lover

A lover, who unites us as one,
A lover, whom like I, has waited for this all his life

Lips urgently greet deeply,
Hips gyrate hard, fast, and furious,
The sensation of his swell penetrating the dark depths inside me sends my body into convulsions

Hips gyrate quickly,
Minds flash of the past,
A tied up damsel, a hero coming to her rescue,
A memory that will last forever, just like this moment of feeling his forth coming

Coming, inside me for the very first time tonight,
A coming, that consummates us as husband and wife,
A moment, we have waited for all our life's...

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  1. oh my god!!!!
    grrr! grrr! grrr!

    i LOVED this!
    the music was the perfect background to your
    gorgeous words. nice!

    1. Again you put a big smile on my face. Thank you lisa..


  2. I love that song and now I love it even more after reading the words you put to it. Thanks IMV.


    1. Much appreciated comment Ronnie. Thank you :)

      1ManView ..

  3. Palavras perfeitas, ao ler é como sentir...
    Good post

    1. Obrigado Sofia, eu aprecio o seu comentário ...


  4. This kind of intensity is breathtaking. Gorgeous, 1manview...

  5. A humble smile and a big thank you Cheeky Minx...

  6. I love the history and build-up in this poem to the best part in the end.

  7. Thank you sweets, i had missed this comment so how. Always a treat to see you...