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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Song Poem ... In The Air Tonight, By Phil Collins..

I heard this song on girlajustami blog, accomplishing a wonderful short story,
Which sparked my version in an Prose poem form...
Check my friend out at  for a great read...
(Truth or Dare, 6-21-12)

Push play, poem was written in the slow beat of the song:
A slow read folks...

Summer, warm breeze, floats through the black window screens,
Followed by the hue of red, blue, and bright yellow, of the sun rays running away, from the dark that surrounds the glow of the moonlight

Torment my inner feelings,
As friends prepare to become forever lovers

Kids that played cowboys and Indians,
Me, always the cowgirl tied up to the tree,
You, always the cowboy, coming to my rescue

I remember, the first time we met,
You, the new kid on the block, running down the street,
Me, running towards you, acting like I didn't see you,
Head on, we met, and we both lost our two front teeth,
Not knowing that at that moment, life had brought us together, to become more then just friends

I remember,
Two friends, who bedrooms faced each other,
Two friends, who stood at their windows, and shared the moonlight bright glow, in the still of the night,
Two friends, who kept each other company at the windows, as the thunderstorms shook their homes, with all its might,
Two friends, who loved the feel of the cool summer night breeze, as it gently flowed through their window screens, onto their tiny faces, as they shared a smiling, stare of friendship

But now,
Boy, is a full grown man,
Tall, sleek, muscular, gentle,
Embraces the soft flesh of a woman, whose once straight girly figure is now full of womanly curves, whose short curly hair, now flows over the shoulder of a idealistic woman 

Tonight, the moment has come,
A moment, I have waited for such a long time, 
A moment, where we become more then friends,
A moment, of a start of a new life together,
A moment, I have dream of most of my life,
Where you and I, unite as one

Shaky fingertips, ease over washboard stomach,
As unsteady fingers, stroke over bare round breast flesh,
A deep soft kiss, steadied our nerves,
As a rush of lust, gathers in our loins

Hearts race,
Bodies, presume the missionary position,
Penetration, is followed by a memorable pain,
A pain, that turns into an unforgettable pleasure,
As the thunder of love, passion, and lust, rushes through our souls

I've been waiting for this, for such a long time,
Waited, all this time, to make love to you,
Waited, all this time, for you, to make love to me

Summer breeze gradually blows across our bodies,
As we lay close to the window,
Fingertips mesh as one,
As bodies intertwine, 
Gentle deep strokes fall slowly in my mist,
Sensations of wants, grip my soul,
Whispers of love, seek my ears,
As strokes of a genteel friend, slowly falls between my legs, with the passion of a lover

A lover, who unites us as one,
A lover, whom like I, has waited for this all his life

Lips urgently greet deeply,
Hips gyrate hard, fast, and furious,
The sensation of his swell penetrating the dark depths inside me sends my body into convulsions

Hips gyrate quickly,
Minds flash of the past,
A tied up damsel, a hero coming to her rescue,
A memory that will last forever, just like this moment of feeling his forth coming

Coming, inside me for the very first time tonight,
A coming, that consummates us as husband and wife,
A moment, we have waited for all our life's...

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Moan Poem.... Conquest ...... Prose Poem ..

She was to be his latest conquest,
So pretty and small,
But like the rest.
She will confess,
He's the best,
And before the night falls
He'll have her climbing up the walls

Her womb swallowed him almost whole,
As soon as the head of his staff rammed past her folds,
Instant heat, a shear grip, quickly envelop his swollen staff pole

Tides had turned, as he was the first, and the last, to moan...

1Manview © 1999 – 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day Poem, Euphemistic Sex .... Prose Poem...

While you were inside me,
I felt your eyes eagerly watching me,
As my body twist and contort to the sensations of our sexual play,
Your hands kneading my body like clay,
Your kisses building a fire in the bottom of my belly,
That's burning hotter, by the second

As one hand holds tightly onto my backside, the other roam the bare sweaty surface of my flesh, all while your hips gyrate of wanting, me,
While your inflated manhood smoothly glide deep into my watery depths

A hushed scream escape my lungs, hurriedly rushing past parted lips, breaking the silence of the dark room, as your length immerse itself inside my wake, like an oil drill rig, drilling for oil deep in the ocean dark depths, lethargically slow and precise,
Enticing moans and groans of ecstasy to flow in the rhythm of your hips vertical impalement of your rock hard manly membrane

Heaving breast, lightly bump into wide chest,
While painted fingernails leave a trail of etched skin on bareback flesh

Legs open wider,
Manhood descend deeper into my wet,
One set of hips buck up, as the other gyrates down,
Deep breaths are pushed out lungs, on each of your hips downward plunges,
Blissful sensations rush into minds,
Leading them to the world of heaven sexual content

Up... Down...
Up, Down...
Hips gyrate in sexual sync,
Pushing, pulling, his blood engorged membrane in and out the tight confinement of my pink depths

Right there, right, there,
My softest voice whispers into your ear, as your spacious girth slowly slides directly on the side of my fully erect clit,
Slowly bringing my sexual need closer to closure

A subdued voice whisper faster,
Faster, oh faster,
Then become audible loud while speaking,
Harder baby, harder

Painted nails anchor deep into bareback flesh,
As your hips gyrate faster and dip deeper,
After pulling the head of your rock hard assault out the comfort of my womb, and leaving only the tip of its head in my wake, your hips ram forward with brutal force, slamming your swollen manly membrane deep as possible into my wet

A squealing scream echoes in the room,
While hips bounce off push bed mattress on your every deep stroke,
My graveling voice whispers I'm-m, cumin-n-n, as sharp shear sensations runs amuck inside my loins

Quakes consume my body muscles,
As your forever swelling membrane urgently slide up and down the center of my haven walls

Spasms, followed by tighter spasms, envelop your harden membrane with tightness,
Hips pump harder, to push your swell beyond my haven tightness,
But is soon consumed by its heat and over powering grip,
Which entice your swollen palpitating swell, to spill and fill my opening with white hot seed that is so hot, it causes my haven to convulse, my voice to perpetually moan in ecstasy

Bodies on fire quake and sake to a rumble,
Then to a stumble,
Then crumble,
Into a sexual fumble

Limpness lay still inside my wet core,
Words of deep affection sooth my ears,
A soft kiss, embrace my lips,
Deep affected hugs, envelop my body...

As we lay in the quiet, fingertips sooth your back flesh,
Soft kisses seek the softness of my neck, causing my body to stir and wiggle, my heaven to spasm,
The center of my haven can feel the start of our next sexual dance arising....

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Make me Moanday.... Bully ....... prose Poem

When you let let a big dick-head bully push you around, everybody call you a pussi,
But when you are a pussi, and you let that same big dick-head bully push into you,
 Then It's Ok for you to moan...

Happy Moanday...

Read Poeticestrus Moanday at /

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Song Poem .... Getting Late 1... Prose/Rhyming/Repetitive

A Song Poem: Must use one word, sentence or phrase from the chosen song. It also has to be written in the rhythm and spirit of the song... Song; Getting Late... By Floetry .... Challenge by "NA Poetry" ....

Please press play

It’s getting late,
And I'm afraid

Afraid, to let you make passionate love to me on this night,
Afraid, to let you hold my femininity, close to the warmth of your masculinity,
Warmth, that might make me melt like custard ice cream, expose to heat of the morning day,
Having my offering drip; drip-drip, on the smooth stretch flesh of your hard pulsating enormity

Afraid, of that hungered look in your eyes,
A look that look like you will sexually eat me completely alive, if I let you feast between the silkiness of these soft thick creamy thighs,
Afraid, of that long pink slithering tongue, that look like it will flicker all so silky smooth between the folds of my heated wet,
One second lapping up the creamy of my cream, 
The next, making my lungs audibly scream,
Until all my clear nectar is nothing more then a dried up dream

It's been so long, since I've had a man that looks so sexually mean,
With eyes wide open while looking up between my seems,
To satisfy all my erotic needs

So yes, 
I'm afraid

Afraid, to let you feast on the wet triangle between my legs,
Afraid, of the big prize pulsating between your muscled, bulging thighs,
That might sexually hurt my mind, 
With shearing sensations that would make it go blind
With lust trust,
Afraid, its size might stretch my womb pliability beyond its endurance,
Push so deep into my wet, its head slap on my cervix as my womb envelop your harden meat from head to base,
While your big brown eyes fixate,
On the sexual pleasure distortion on my face,
While my heart beat faster then a thoroughbred horse can race

I'm still afraid

Afraid you'll make me beg,
While your granite hard dick is spoon fed,
Deep inside my wet sweet bread,
Enticing my lungs to audibly moan out your namesake,
Then you leave me, in a sexual desired strait

It's getting late, and you are still thrusting deep inside my treasure,
Leaving sensations of ultimate pleasure,
Rushing throughout my measure

Hips in a rush,
To stick my womb with another one of your dick long deep thrust, 
Making my womb weep of feminine seepage,
My eyes cry with passion weepage,
My booty quake, while the rest of my body shake with epileptic fervor,
While your hard membrane strokes fast and deep in my hot wet server

I'm afraid

Of feeling the passionate rhythm of your hips,
In complete sync with mines,
As sweat pours down my face,
My Breast,
Off your chiseled chest,
While collecting collectively inside my wet, 
That's making wet sloshing sounds of suction,
Of my womb complete destruction,
From the smooth rhythmic strokes of your hard membrane induction, 
Profoundly inside the fathoms of my pink production

So yes, 
I'm afraid

Afraid if you keep making passionate love to me this way,
I just might ask you too... 

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Humpday pic and poem... Head ....

I love,
The feel of your firm shaft, as it push up against the softness of my lips, 
I love,
The taste of its smooth texture, as my tongue licks it from its tip, down to its head,
I love,
The feel of my mouth feeling full, as it rolls slowly back and forth inside my mouth moist heat, as I wet it sides while its girth glides back and forth over my tongue, leaving its flavor behind for me to savor,
I love,
The feel of its inner heat, as it smoothness ease over my palate, then down my throat, leaving me with a calm...
I hate,
None smoking areas...

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Moan, pic and poem... Repetitive Poem

When my ears heard the sound of my zipper tumbling downward, my mind became enticed

When she tugged my flaccidity out into the open air, my heartbeats quickened

When she pressed her nose against my manly flesh and deeply inhaled its scent, my mind raced with excitement

When she laid down in front of me on the couch, my mind became intrigued

When the warmth of her tongue licked, taste, then wrapping itself around my growing pain, my breaths became stuck, in my throat

When my harden flesh pressed past the softness of her parted lips, my breath was taken away

When the head of my engorged shaft, fell completely inside the moist heat of her wanting mouth, my lungs audibly moaned...

Happy Moan Day....

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Head day poem... Song Poem Challenge ... Butterflies .... Repetitive Style ...

A Song Poem: Must use one word, sentence or phrase from the chosen song. It also has to be written in the rhythm and spirit of the song... Song; Butterflies By Michael Jackson.... Challenge by "Poetic Estrus" ....

Please push play...

Sweetness of your lips sink into mine,
A hesitant before lips intertwine,
That causes a sigh, and sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings, 
To reside between the thick, of my thighs  

Fingertips grip deeply into my hips,
As contemplated thoughts in my mind dip,
As lips sip,
The sugary sweetness of a deep genteel kiss

Naked neck flesh suckled,
Knees buckle,
As sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Reside between the thick, of my thighs

Breast heave forward to soft kissing, licking, and tender suckles,
As soft firm lips, roams its domain, 
As sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Reside between the thick, of my thighs

Suckled nipples, suddenly impale past parted lips,
Into the warmth of his wet wanting mouth,
As sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Reside between the thick, of my thighs

Stomach muscles flex to soft kisses,
That's mixed with trailing tongue lashes, 
That dashes,
Into a downward spiral,
As sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Reside between the thick, of my thighs

Legs parted,
Then lifted onto wide shoulders,
Kisses of velvet mist on my thighs internees,
Faint moans slip past parted lips,
As sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Reside between the thick, of my thighs

Tongue lashes,
On folds that's swollen with desire,
As sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Reside between the thick, of my thighs

Tongue flick,
Then dip,
Tasting the offering of pungent clear nectar before it,
As sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Reside between the thick, of my thighs

Ripples of vibrations rush into my loins,
As his tongue slowly submerge into the clear wake of my wet,
As sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Reside between the thick, of my thighs

Suckled squashy lips, ease a indulgent scream out my lungs,
As my chest heave, stomach muscle reflex, hips jerk, then slowly gyrate,
Into the rhythm of the deep lashing of his hungry tongue dips, that falls into the rising wake of my wet,
As intensified sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Reside between the thick, of my thighs

Right leg locks behind head,
Fingertips intertwine into pulled hair,
Urgent dance of hips gyrate deeply,
As sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Turn into intense surreal sensation of humming bird wings,
Fluttering deep in the wet, between the thick, of my thighs

Persistent quakes and shakes vibrate through my extremities,
While the steadfast dip of the tip of his tongue dive into the pink depths of 
my wet,
Hips flail in an orgasmic rhythm,
Causing suffocating breath like sounds to gurgle from his lungs,
While his tongue taste the extra sweet cream of my orgasmic release,
As intense sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Reside between the thick, of my thighs

Eyes open,
His body resides at my side,
His fingertips softly caress the outline of my oval shaped breast,
The feel of his rawness swell pulsating on the side of my thigh, send sensations of soft flutters of butterfly wings,
Deep into the wake, 
That resides, 
Between the center of my thighs...

Poetic Estrus, you have been challenge to write a reprisal to this poem ....
(I used some gif's, now are you happy?...)

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