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Monday, January 12, 2015

Mpnday moaning... Awaken then taken .... Prose poetry

A presence state of mind eluded her,
As she was awakened by the tip of a tongue that softly swirled on an erect nipple
A sleepy gasp float past her lips as his tongue turned and gingerly eased across the pillow softness of her breast flesh,
All while the insistence of two fingertips fingered the soft pliable flesh of her pink domain

Her body writhe in pleasure sensations,
As his tongue tip eased down the slope of her smooth belly flesh,
Licked the encounter of enflamed lips of her sex, 
Until they were mushy wet,
Then pushed into the warm moist center of her sex opening

Legs spread,
Back arch,
Her voice awaken with slurring speech,
As his tongue plunged deep into the wet soft pink flesh of her womanhood

Curvy hips lightly pump in rhythm of the attacking tongue inside her womanhood,
As her inner storm brewed quickly inside her loins

Orgasmic sensations rising from her loins depths, were felt racing outward from her loins,
Its coming..
Its coming, raced through her mind,
Suddenly a quiet scream of contempt overcame her voice,
As in a instant, his hot tongue tip was quickly replaced by the swollen head of his hard throbbing manhood

The first moan from her voice was in contempt of his cock inside her,
Because the removing of his tongue interrupted the flow of her upcoming orgasm,
But the second moan flowing from her lungs,
Was for him to keep trusting his rock hard cock deep down the resistance of her tight pink walls

Deep breath taken,
As the sensations of his swollen endowment invading into the depths of her womb, 
Rushed up her spine,
Then into the back of her mind

Hands resting on the bottom of his buttocks,
Indented deeply into the firm flesh of his butt,
As they pulled on his buttocks with all their might,
To fill her womb with every micro inch of his rock hard shaft length, 
Into the needy greed of her womb depths

Deep breaths elude her lungs,
As slow deep driving thrust,
Drive the bulbous head of his rigid manhood,
Down the center of the pink shealth of her sex

Curvy hips looses control of its gyrating motions,
As a frenzy of surreal sensations crash inside her loins

Back arch,
Chin lifts,
Open mouth doesn't speak,
As her body prepare itself for the massive orgasm about to explode within

Fragment of words spill past her lips,
As her body tense tight then shakes the bed with hellacious tremors,
Feminine voice beg for him to gyrate his hips harder and deeper,
While her body succumb to a continuos flurry of orgasmic releases

Convulsing womb surrounds swelling girth,
As he repeatedly drive his hard cock deep into her taut wet sex,
Until his hot white seed explode deep into her womb

Deep breaths taken,
Eyes open to his loving smile,
A tender kiss is lightly suppressed on her lips,
Followed by a fading good morning, greeting her hearing,
As he quickly withdrew his limp cock from her tender sex,
And scamper to the bedroom

While she laid in the bed with her body in sexual afterglow,
She listen to her hubby hum out of tune in the bathroom,
While her mind thought about how great it was to be in love with a man,
Who knew how to wake you up in moaning..

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