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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Aspire ..... Repetition poem ...... (Valentine poem)

I used to wish,
That someday, I would have a best friend,
Someone, I would look up too, turn to for answers,
A friend,
That I could share my laughs,
Share my deepest thoughts,
Share my sadness,
Share my gladness,
Share the same boundless regions of the infinite, that I have chosen,
Because they truly wanted to share, that infinite space with me

I used to wish,
That someday, I would find that Someone I could converse with,
That Someone, whom I could share my deepest, private thoughts,
And thoughts, which my dreams are made of  

I used to wish,
That someday, I would meet that Someone who would be special to me,
That Someone, who I could hold anytime I wanted too, when I needed too,
That Someone, who I could  kiss hello to in the morning, and kiss goodnight before I would go to sleep,
That Someone, I just had to touch in the middle of the night,
And they would spoon into me without even waking up

I used to wish,
That someday, I would find what true love really felt like,
A love so strong, it would last longer than ever after,
A love that wore my heart like a blanket,
That kept it warm on the coldest night,
Yet cool, on the hottest day,
A love I never wondered if it was true love:
Because I could forever feel its radiant heat, race through my veins, on each soft rhythmic beat of my heart

I wish,
I hadn't wasted all that time wishing for...
Looking for...
Praying for...
That Someone...
Because without realizing it,
I already knew that Someone,
Who was already carrying true love inside of them,
That 's meant just for me,
And that Someone,
Were you.....

1Manview © 2-- 8– 2016

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday moaning... Tasty sweet .... Prose poem ...

Sleepy mind awakens,
Lethargic body sir,
Big brown eyes open, and peep through slit of morning eyelids,
Within a split moment, her legs were spread,
Her back instantly bowed into an arch,
While her round firm breast heaved toward the sky

Eyes widen then glanced downward,
Top of his head was seen slowly gyrating between the center opening of widespread legs,
Surreal sensations of his tongue dipping and swirling deep in the wake, of her quivering pink sex, rushed through her extremities,
Leaving her body with the imprint of goosebumps and body shivers

Deeper, faster he licks her sex,
Enticing her hips to gyrate in his tongue quick motion,
Her right leg tightly hug the back of his head,
Pulling his tongue deeper into the void of her wetness

Oral assault hesitates,
Her sweet clear nectar is tasted then swallowed,
Soft voice moans her approval

1Manview © 2-7-– 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy humpday.. Smile ....

Shake your booty
   It's Humpday .... :  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday moaning ... Behind me ... Erotic prose poem

Manly hands,
Grab the curves of my hips
With a death grip

In a rush,
Hips clutch,
Penile spears,
Sharp sensations shear

Enticing my lungs to softly moan,
His to audibly groan
As his size deeply penetrate,
Into the heat of my wet space

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